Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 16)


Rahul reaches Swara’s house. He does not know that Swara has come. He stands outside.)
Rahul: I came to spend some time with Swara’s memories. (rings the bell and Shumi opens. He takes her blessings and sees Ragini.)
Ragini: dada! (runs to him) how are you? you came on right time. Swaru di is here with jiju.
Rahul: (thinks) how will I face her like this? (to Ragini) I am hungry.
Ragini: come and have breakfast. (leads him to table and he eats breakfast. Swara comes)
Rahul: doll! (smiles and hugs her and swirls her. He feels weak and releases her) fatty! You have gained more weight. See I cannot lift you up.
Swara: it’s okay. (Sanskar comes and sees them)
Rahul: jiju! (hugs him) how are you both?
Sanskar: fine.
Rahul: jiju! I was missing Swaru badly. Thank you.
Sanskar: it’ okay!

Swara: come Rahul! Sit here. (Rahul feels weird by her behaviour)
Rahul: come jiju! (trio sits and they talk for some time. Rahul notices Swara quiet.) Swara! Have you kept mohnvrath?
Swara: no Rahul! (teary eyes) I am fine. Just feeling some head ache.
Rahul: (gets suspicious) ok! (she goes to the room and he sits with Sanskar. After sometime, Sanskar gets an urgent work and goes. Rahul decides to make her understand) doll! (she is looking out from window towards the sea. (just like opening scene of my ff)
Swara: (runs and hugs him and cries her heart out) I missed you so much Rahul!
Rahul: (caresses her hairs) why are you crying? Is everything ok?
Swara: (releases from hug and wipes her tears) yeah! Why?
Rahul: because I feel something different in you. you are behaving very strangely.
Swara: you are mistaken. I am just feeling tired. Nothing else.
Rahul: sure?
Swara: (irritated) yeah!

Rahul: ok then I…(his phone rings and he goes to a corner. It is Karan on other side) yeah Karan!
Karan: hey dude! Where are you? I came to your house and you are nowhere to be seen.
Rahul: chill yar! I am with doll. She and Sanskar came to mom’s place.
Karan: (frustrated) Swara Swara Swara! I feel like she is not a girl but a very dangerous and fatal virus and has infected you. she is just…
Rahul: (cuts him angrily) shut up and mind your tongue. Don’t badmouth about her else I will forget you are my friend.
Karan: sorry yar! But come out of her trance. Think about your life dude!
Rahul: (shouts) she is my life. Understood! I cannot forget her. My world starts and ends with her. I can sacrifice my hundred lives for her happiness.
Karan: ok ok, chill yar, don’t get hyper. And tell me what do you thought about your treatment?
Rahul: (remembers his promise to Swara’s illusion) yeah! I think I should do it.
Karan: (happy and excited) oh my God! Am I hearing, right? Thank you so much dude! I love you so much. I will do all arrangements. You will have to leave for US in two to three days. Ok?
Rahul: (smiles) ok! I am ready. Bye!
Karan: when are you going to arrange meeting with my Bhabhi…oops Swara.
Rahul: don’t you dare call her like that ok? She is not your Bhabhi but someone’s wife. And you will meet her soon. Now bye! (cuts the phone and turns to see Swara standing. He gets tensed and she looks at him with teary eyes)
Swara: Rahul…(cries and hugs him)

Rahul: hey what happened?
Swara: do you… do you…(closes her eyes and says in one go) do you love some one?
Rahul: (gets boggled at her question) what type of question is that?
Swara: (wipes her tears) just answer me.
Rahul: (looks here and there) no.
Swara: don’t lie to me. I heard myself that you were saying she is your life and you could sacrifice your life for her. Do you love someone?
Rahul: (hesitates and after a long silence) yes!
Swara: your world starts and ends with her?
Rahul: (tries to control his emotions and gets teary eyed) yeah!
Swara: oh! But you never talked about her.
Rahul: I don’t wanted to share with you. I thought you will feel bad.
Swara: (thinks) so this was the reason he rejected me. (to Rahul) I will never feel bad. I knew that you always considered me as only your friend. Vese what is her name?
Rahul: (turns to other side and cries) I am sorry Swara! I can’t tell you.
Swara: (feels bad) it’s okay. But don’t you think that you should tell me about her. At least tell me from how many time this was going on.

Rahul: (closes his eyes) from previous eight years!
Swara: (shocked) what? I mean this much long time? Ok leave it and tell me when I am gonna meet that lucky girl?
Rahul: sorry Swara! You cannot meet her.
Swara: but why?
Rahul: because… (tries to control his tears but fails) because she does not know that I love her.
Swara: (hell shocked) what? (shouts) are you mad? I mean you love her from past eight years and you did not told her even once. You are the world’s most duffer person. Seriously.
Rahul: (laughs) is that so?
Swara: (sarcastically) yeah. You escaped from my responsibility by making me marry Sanskar but when are you going to marry?

Rahul: (lost) don’t know. Maybe never.
Swara: you are crazy. Why don’t you propose her? You are very dumb in these matters. Ok, I will do it for you. tell me where is she?
Rahul: (sadly) I don’t know.
Swara: (holds her head) how many more shocks will you give me Rahul? (hits his head) dumbo! But why you don’t know? Anyways tell me her name. I will find her.
Rahul: no doll! You will not find her.
Swara: but why?
Rahul: because I don’t want.
Swara: and why you don’t want?
Rahul: because…. (bursts into tears and hugs her) because she got married. I lost my love of life forever. I lost my world.
Swara: but why you didn’t told her and stopped her marriage?
Rahul: (crying) because I didn’t wanted to spoil her happiness. I can’t pull her in my darkness. I only want her happiness.
Swara: darkness? What are you saying?
Rahul: (wipes his tears) leave it yar, it is confirm that I can’t get her. So, what is the use of crying over spilt milk?
Swara: but you should try to come out of her trance.
Rahul: (lost) never! I can’t live my life with her but I have my memories to live. I see her everywhere and this feeling is very nice. I always feel like she is with me. And this is enough for me. I shared my feelings with you. never tell this to anyone. (wipes his tears) and yeah! I am going to US after tomorrow. For office work. My boss insisted and I can’t deny him because it is the question of my job. (turns to go)
Swara: you can’t live all alone your whole life. You will need someone. Please marry someone and try to lead a happy life.

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  1. Savanshi27

    U outpoured emotions at such a high rate… this was strongly emotional and I must admit that ur plot is something new and a matured one too..
    it’s beyond words…
    just loved it to moon and back…
    u Rocked dear!!!

  2. Awesome dear

  3. In reality they are looking like true lovers may be if swara loves sanskar also he will be in second place only.

  4. The best thing let rahul get well, then swara get to know his love and divorse Sanskar and live her life becoz except rahul she can’t be happy with anyone either her family or anyone or we can say she don’t also becoz her Rahul puran will never be gonna end as well as Rahul’s swara’ puran is never gonna end.
    The wrost thing they dragged someone else in their drama

  5. Abirsha

    Nice i do no whether u r reading the comments or not…. But still i m commenting….. Before swara say this to rahul she should use that for her….. If she cant forget then y did she married sanskar?? She just married sanskar but havent forgotten rahul…..

  6. Very emotional . really true lovers. U r correct sri . rahul is in first place. Nice episode.
    U rocked in every episode dear.

  7. Samehna

    don’t worry guys! I do read all of the comments. don’t be sad as I don’t reply each and every comment of yours. your comments help me and motivate me so never stop doing that. God bless you all!

  8. Vyshu10

    nyc….i just a question? Will swasan ever fall in love with each other truely,sincerely? Love seems to be a very long time goal…but will they ever mend their ways and start truly accepting each other….get to know each other

    1. Samehna

      yeah but very slowly. I loved the way of your questioning!

  9. Mica

    gooosshhhh…soo emotional, ..

  10. SNY

    It was a good epi with lots of emotions…….
    Flng bad for rahul…

    Nxt one soon sam….

  11. Awesome……….

  12. Nice

  13. Arshaanya

    I admire rahul alot for his love his scrfce…
    U shud ve not involved sanskar in it…
    Its jus abt swara rahul only…its getting too much nw… if dey love each other u shud ve not spoiled sanskarz lyf… sorry if i hurt u bt dats wat i feel…

  14. Breathe taking ff

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