Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 14)


Sanskar is very close to Swara and she looks at him in horror. He feels guilt but composes
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: (sets her sari) nothing. (gulps in fear) what were you doing with me?
Sanskar: I was just taking your hairs off you face and just then you woke up.
Swara: I told you not to come near me. (tears roll down her cheeks) I cannot bear this anymore.
Sanskar: you are misunderstanding me.
Swara: never break any of your promises else I will forget that I have a family.
Sanskar: I am sorry!
Swara: (shouts) your sorry could not heal my wounds nor could it give me any happiness, so keep it with you only. (gets up and goes out. She sits in lounge and watches TV.)
Sanskar: (helpless expression on face) Swara! Please only one chance.
Swara: ok! (goes to kitchen and Sanskar smiles)

Sanskar: (determined face) I promise I will never let you down. (goes to his room and starts preparing for office. He calls his PA and informs him to postpone all the meetings for next three days. He decides to do something special for Swara so he decides to go to his in-law’s home for a day. He calls Shumi and informs her. She gets happy and thanks him. He thinks to surprise Swara so he does not tell her. He comes to Kitchen.) Swara! What are you doing in kitchen?
Swara: (without turning) I am setting these things right.
Sanskar: but it is not your work.
Swara: I know but I am bored.
Sanskar: you should take rest as you are weak.
Swara: it is my wish so please….
Sanskar: ok fine! Get ready. You have only one hour. We are going out.

Swara: (turns suddenly) what? But where?
Sanskar: it is a surprise for you. Come on go! (points upstairs and she stands there confused. He makes her go out) what are you waiting for? Come on! (she goes and looks at dresses. They are very costly sleeveless Sarees with a deep front. She gets irritated and wears a Saree which is better to cover her body than others. She looks in the mirror and sees her cleavage exposed. She gets angry)
Swara: (to herself) what the hell! This donkey! Doesn’t he have any shame. What type of dresses he bought for me? (sets her pallu on the neck so that it covers her neck but her back gets fully exposed due to pallu’s very short width. She feels irritated) and this net stuff is exposing my whole body. He wants me in half naked condition. I will kill him. He is senseless animal! (manages to adjust the Saree and comes out in fifteen minutes.)

Sanskar: (sees her from tip to toe) you will go like this?
Swara: what is the problem in this?
Sanskar: I don’t want anyone to think that you are ill. Wait, I will arrange your appointment in some parlor. And why are you behaving like guys?
Swara: what?
Sanskar: I mean you took only fifteen minutes to get ready. Be ready by slowly utilizing two hours and prove that you are a girl, not a tomboy. (Swara is irritated and he understands) Wait I will call.
Swara: no need of all this. It is so irritating. We are not going to any marriage venue that I need this all.
Sanskar: (comes closer to her) oh really! Then…(starts moving closer and she tightens her fist. Her eyes become full of tears and she gulps in fear.)
Swara: (shaking) What are you doing?

Sanskar: (moves back seeing her condition and thinks) I was just teasing her but see her condition. Why is she afraid of me? I want to re-establish her confidence level but looks like she lost it all. This all is because of me. I should not have done that. Oh God! (to Swara) nothing, I am calling a parlor and will drop you there. I have some work in office and I will pick you up from there after one hour. (calls and gets appointment. He drops her there) bye! Take care!
Swara: (hesitating) I…I don’t want to…. (Sanskar glares at her and she gets afraid) ok bye! (immediately gets down the car and moves fast. Sanskar is stunned and laughs)
Sanskar: so cute! (sees her bag and comes behind her) oh miss fast! Take your bag. I will contact you when I have done my work. Ok?
Swara: ok! (goes from there without looking at him and he wonders what happened to her. She gets inside and the worker makes her sit on chair. The lady comes)
Lady: are you Mrs. Maheshwari?
Swara: yeah!

Lady: oh wow! You are so beautiful. And you have very fair and glowing skin so you don’t need much make up. I will give you a quick touch up and the main concentration will be on your hairstyle.
Swara: (uninterested) yeah! (they start doing her make up. In between she receives many messages of Sanskar. He is sending jokes and smileys seeing which she smiles.)
Lady: Mr. Maheshwari loves you so much mam! See he is not even sparing you for fifteen minutes. (smile on Swara’s face fades and she looks away.) vese mam! It was your love marriage or arranged?
Swara: arranged, why?
Lady: it looks like it was a love marriage for him. (laughs and continues her work. After sometime, her make up is completed) look, you are ready! (Swara looks at herself in mirror and gets stunned. She touches her face. She is looking extremely beautiful in open hairs. She never let her hairs opened but for the first time, her hairs are open and her lips are lined with maroon lipstick. Her eyes are looking gorgeous. She is looking very change from her normal state.)
Swara: very excellent work!
Lady: thank you so much madam but this is not my effort. You are so beautiful that by applying only lipstick, you look like a bride. You are very beautiful. Mr. Maheshwari is very lucky to have you.
Swara: (thinks) but I am not lucky. (her phone rings. Sanskar is calling. She attends the call)
Sanskar: I am coming to pick you up. Are you ready?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: very good. I am coming to you in five minutes. (Swara ends the call. She is tensed)

Swara: (thinks) in next five minutes, he will be here. What to do and where does he wants to take me. What if he again…. (jerks her head) no no, I will not allow him. He cannot break his promise. Why I am feeling afraid? (lady sets the pallu of her saari somewhat below exposing her cleavage and goes. She looks at herself in the mirror and thinks) Sanskar Maheshwari! You got only this Saari to dress me. What the hell. I never wore this type of dress ever. (sets pallu around her neck in the way it covers her whole neck. She feels somewhat relaxed. I will have to save myself from him every time! (Sanskar enters and sees her lost in thoughts and goes close to her)
Sanskar: what are you thinking Mrs. Maheshwari?
Swara: (gets restless by his closeness and moves back) nothing and don’t call me that. My name is Swara!
Sanskar: ok, if you say so…. (looks at her from tip to toe and gets mesmerized. Lady comes)
Lady: hello Mr. Maheshwari!
Sanskar: hello! You are really amazing. You made my day. Ask anything which you want.
Lady: no no, I did not have to make a great effort. She is already very beautiful.
Sanskar: (his smile widens on her last sentence) ok fine, take this. (hands over 15, 000 rupees to her. Swara looks at him open mouthed. The lady also looks on shocked) thank you. (drags Swara with him. She sits on front seat and is tensed)
Swara: (thinks) oh no! his intentions seem to be dangerous. What if he …. No, I should not be afraid. (clutches her saari and closes her eyes) I am bearing him only for the sake of my family.
Sanskar: (observes her) these frightened expressions does not suit you especially when you are looking this much gorgeous.

Precap: Swara happy to meet her family.

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