Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 13)

Thank you so much for the suggestions and support. Always keep me supporting like this. I will try to keep the story upto your expectations. Thanks once again!!!!

Chapter 13:
Rahul thinks to tease Swara so asks her about her wedding night and she recalls all the incidents.
Swara: (looks towards Sanskar coldly) it was a big surprise for me which I never thought even in my dreams. (Sanskar looks down in embarrassment)
Rahul: what? Looks like he gifted you something. What does he gifted? (raises his brows)
Swara: (thinks) I want to shout that he raped me but I can’t do this. How helpless I am? (to Rahul) he gifted me these. (raises her hands and shows the bangles gifted by Sanskar. Sanskar gives a sigh of relief)
Rahul: (holds her hands) wow jiju! You are wonderful dude! Now I am feeling jealous. Really! (he and Ragini laugh loudly. They finish their breakfast.) where are uncle aunty?
Sanskar: actually, they were very tired so they will wake up late.
Ragini: ok jiju! We will take your leave now.
Rahul: swaru! Come here. (takes her to a corner) are you fine?
Swara: (composes herself) yeah but why are you asking?
Rahul: I saw a very bad dream about you, so I was worried. Actually, I came here with Ragini to see you. Now I am relieved. Why are you so sad? Look, Sanskar is a very nice guy and main thing is that he loves you. He will always keep you happy. Please never leave him and trust him. (smile and cups her face) I chose him because I trust him. Do you trust me?

Swara: (teary eyed) more than myself.
Rahul: then forget about past and concentrate on your future with him. I want to see you both happy. Be happy now!
Swara: (tries to smile) yeah! (hugs him and cries) I will miss you.
Rahul: don’t cry Swara! I will come here often to meet you. Ok?
Swara: (smiles) ok.
Rahul: (comes to Sanskar and hugs him) I know you will keep her happy. She is very sensitive but will understand you soon. Always keep her happy. Bye! (both leave and Swara runs to her room. He comes to room and sees her crying)
Sanskar: please don’t cry! I can’t see you crying.

Swara: (glares at him angrily and pushes him) you saw him? You saw how much he trusts you? But he does not know real face of you. And I will have to be in this relation for my family. I have seen your real face and I cannot tell this to anyone even if I want to. How helpless I am?
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara! I really mean it. What could I do to make you happy? Please believe me I love you!
Swara: never take the name of your so-called love towards me. I hate this and you are the only reason. It is not easy to forget. (shows him the scratches on her hand and body) these all wounds will be healed. But what about the internal wounds that you gave? They will never heal! (tears roll down her cheek) I cannot trust you anymore. I could never be happy with you.
Sanskar: please Swara! Please forgive me. Just give me one chance.
Swara: ok! But I have conditions.
Sanskar: I accept all your conditions.

Swara: you will never hurt me in anyway.
Sanskar: I promise I will always think of your happiness before mine.
Swara: you will never force me for anything.
Sanskar: I promise I will never force you for anything.
Swara: you will not expect any husband wife relationship from my side. You will not try to come near me.
Sanskar: I… I promise I will not come near you.
Swara: I will need much more time, could you wait for me?
Sanskar: I will wait for you till my last breath. I promise.
Swara: (teary eyes and weak voice) you will never consume alcohol.
Sanskar: I promise I will never consume alcohol.
Swara: you will never break any promise.

Sanskar: I assure you I will never break any promise.
Swara: ok!
Sanskar: I can accept anything but please don’t leave me ever. I did that because I was afraid of losing you. I wanted to make you mine…..
Swara: no lectures or cheesy speeches. (goes from there and Sanskar thinks)
Sanskar: I know Swara that I lost your trust and it will take time to re-establish that trust but I promise that I will win your trust back. I have full faith in my love. (after some time, whole family comes to dining hall. AP comes to kitchen and sees Swara’s working.)

AP: Swara! (holds her hands to stop her from working) stop all this. You are a newlywed bride. This work does not suit you. Come, we have many servants for all this! (takes her to table and makes her sit beside Sanskar and orders servants to serve her. DP cracks jokes every five minutes to make her feel at home. After breakfast, AP takes her to her room and makes her sit.) you look very tired. Rest here and in case if you need anything, this intercom is here for you. And feel at home. Now this is your house. Don’t worry ok?
Swara: (smiles) yeah! (hugs her and cries) you are just like my mom! Thank you.
AP: (caresses her hairs) you are saying me mom and at the same time saying thanks? Not fair han!
Swara: sorry mom! (thinks) you are totally different from your son. You are very nice.
AP: (notices her crying) why are you crying?
Swara: (wipes her tears) I just got emotional.

AP: ok! Now rest! (goes from there and Swara cries. Sanskar enters and she acts as sleeping and turns her face. She sleeps and Sanskar looks at her. Some strays of hairs are covering her face. Sanskar comes close to her and just when he touches her hairs, she wakes up and sits upright with jerk. She looks at him horrified. He moves backward and feels hurt to see fear in her eyes from him.)

Sorry guys! I know it is short but please bear it. I also know that the plot is getting boring but I will try my best not to bore you. Anyways, thanks to all for the support.

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