Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 12)


Shumi asks Rahul why didn’t he marry Swara if he loves her this much.
Rahul: no mom! Never say like that. I love her but only as a friend, actually more than a friend but not in that way. I only want her happiness and I wanted to see her settled with some good guy.
Shumi: but you know that she only loves you.
Rahul: I know mom that I hurt her but that was for her own good. See, she got Sanskar. He is very nice and he loves her a lot. He can give her everything to make her happy. I know him personally; he is a very good guy. Swara is very special to me.
Shumi: thank you so much beta!
Rahul: for what?

Shumi: for everything you did for our family and especially Swaru. You found about Sanskar and convinced her to marry him. If you have not convinced her, she would never had agreed for this marriage. But I am afraid. What if she does not accept him?
Rahul: no need of thanks. You say me as your son and thank me for doing efforts for you. You are my family and it was all in my duty. And don’t worry about doll. She will understand with time. And I am sure that Sanskar’s love would change her.
Shumi: really?
Rahul: yeah! (hugs Shumi and gets teary eyed) yes mom! This love gives very much strength to everyone. (Thinks) this love is much powerful than anything in this world. See, it gave me strength to convince Swara to marry Sanskar. It gave me strength to see her with someone else. I know it is very difficult to give your most beloved person to someone else for whole life but it was necessary. I could not pull her in my darkness. I don’t want to give her happiness of sometime and then sorrows for the rest of her life. I know she is not happy right now but Sanskar’s love will make her happy and she will spend the rest of her life happily. (to Shumi) Mom! I will visit her room.
Shumi: yeah sure!

Rahul: (rushes upstairs and reaches her room. He closes the door behind him and cries, he recalls all his moments with Swara. He recalls teasing her by calling her fatty and she running behind him. He recalls their sweet moments and their birthday celebrations.) Swaru! (takes her picture from her side table and talks to it) it is much more difficult than I thought. But I have to do it for you, for your betterment. (wipes his tears and smiles) see, I am happy. I am not crying! (Cannot stop his tears and cries) I love you Swara! I love you so much. (Sees her gajras on the side of bed and holds them. He smells them and keeps them in his pocket.) I will come and take some of your things with me so that I will spend some time with them. You could not be with me on the time of my death but your scent will be with me. (Opens her cupboard and collects some of her things. He keeps her bridal dress, her mehndi chunri, her bangles, some of her jewellery and her perfumes in a box and hides it under the bed. Ragini comes and he composes himself)
Ragini: dada! Come, I am ready.

Rahul: ok, you go, I will come.
Ragini: fine! (goes and Rahul again cries and sees whole room)
Rahul: I am going but I will come again. (closes the door and goes with Ragini. They reach Maheshwari mansion.) why I feel so restless here? (both get in. Swara is coming downstairs when Ragini runs to her and hugs her)
Ragini: di! I missed you so much. I love you di! (cries)
Swara: (hides her tears) hey! Don’t cry! (wipes her tears) I am happy here. Don’t worry!
Ragini: yeah, I know!
Swara: you came alone?
Ragini: no, actually I came with Rahul da!
Swara: what? (Rahul runs to her and hugs her and swirls her repeatedly as he did earlier. Sanskar sees him)
Rahul: Swara! how are you?

Swara: (teary eyed) Swara? You made me a stranger?
Rahul: no no, you are my one and only friend, my best friend, actually my everything.
Swara: Rahul! (hugs him and cries loudly. Rahul gets worried and forcefully releases her from hug)
Rahul: Swaru! Hey, don’t cry. It is your first day and you are crying like kids. (wipes her tears) these tears does not look good with you. (Swara starts crying more vigorously) hey! Is everything ok? Are you fine?
Swara: (hugs him and thinks) no Rahul! I am not fine. That blo*dy bastard raped me. I was been raped by my own husband. You chose a wrong guy for me.
Rahul: hey! (releases from hug) I am asking you something!
Swara: (wipes her tears) I am fine. (tries to smile) I was missing you.
Rahul: I thought that you will not miss anyone till Sanskar is with you but here is opposite condition. (sees Sanskar) oh jiju! (hugs Sanskar) how are you?
Sanskar: I am good.

Swara: Rahul! Come and have breakfast with me, I know you did not had your breakfast till now. (sanskar gets jealous but controls)
Rahul: how do you know it?
Swara: because whenever I went somewhere, you did not ate anything till I did not come back.
Rahul: oh wow doll! You remember. Good! (swara makes their breakfast and serves them. She is very silent and Rahul notices it.) hey fatty! Why are you so pale? By the way, this saari suits you. You are looking gorgeous and especially this sindoor of Sanskar’s name ah! It is made for you. Really! You never wore white colour.
Swara: (smiles) I also not like this colour but….
Ragini: wow di! Breakfast is awesome. Sit with us and have it.
Swara: I had it earlier. (Sanskar looks at her surprised because he knows well that she did not anything since last night.)
Rahul: ok, have this only. (feeds her a bite and she looks at him teary eyed and smiles. He notices it) fatty! Use your brains. You know what jiju! That day will be recorded in history when she will use her brains.

Ragini: dada! You again started? Not fair han!
Rahul: everything is fair in love and war!
Sanskar: is this love or war?
Rahul: (realizes what he said) actually, love does not suit us, there is always a war between us but this shows the strength of our friendship. (looks at Swara who has a blank expression on her face. He said this so that she gets irritated and forgets sorrows but he is stunned as she does not react. He thinks) why is she not reacting? I will have to make her understand. (he thinks to tease her again. To Swara) hey Swaru! How was your wedding night? (Swara looks at him in shock)

Precap:Swara decides to give a chance to Sanskar and SwaSan moments!!!

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