Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 11)


Doctor assures Sanskar that Swara is fine now. Sanskar feels guilty and cries holding her to his chest.
Sanskar: (teary eyed) I am sorry Swara! I am really sorry. You could punish me, scold me and irritate me. (Swara slowly wakes up and he makes her lie down. She holds her head)
Swara: ah, ouch! (opens her eyes)
Sanskar: (wipes his tears) Swaru! How are you feeling now?
Swara: Rahul?
Sanskar: (disappointed) it’s me, Sanskar.
Swara: (recalls yesterday night and suddenly sits upright. She clutches blanket tightly) you? (looks at him horrified)
Sanskar: (his heart gets pain seeing his lady love frightened from him and feels guilty) how are you feeling now?
Swara: (humiliating tone) what a girl feels after being raped?
Sanskar: (closes his eyes) Swaru please! I want to make you….
Swara: (stops him with the gesture of her hand) Swaru! I am not Swaru. Don’t you dare call me that? I am Swaru for those people who love me and you (points finger towards him and tears roll down her cheek) you don’t love me.
Sanskar: Swara please! (holds her shoulders) try to…
Swara: (jerks his hand with full force) I don’t want to talk with you. Are you not satisfied with yesterday or you want more?
Sanskar: I love you!
Swara: lie. Again lies. I told you I hate lies. You don’t love me. (pushes him) you have only lust towards me and that’s all.
Sanskar: (enraged) enough. Don’t utter any word against my love. You are my life and you have no right to talk all this non-sense, got it? It was effect of wine.
Swara: oh! How easy is to rape any girl and say that it was effect of wine?
Sanskar: you are not any girl. You are my wife.
Swara: (teary eyed) wife! Huh, do you know the meaning of wife? Wife is your better half and you are her better half. But you know one thing? (shouts) you have become bitter half of my life.
Sanskar: sh! Slowly. Someone might listen our discussion and you will fall in problem.
Swara: don’t act sweet. Till now, I thought that you will be a good life partner. I started thinking about our future, I started thinking of you. I started trusting you but you….(crying) you broke my trust. Why did you do this? Mein kahin bhagi to nahin jaa rahi thi na!(I was not planning to run away). I did not married you to elope. I accepted this relation but I just needed some time to start husband-wife relationship. But you….(wipes her tears) disgusting!
Sanskar: please Swara, at least for your family forgive me.
Swara: (sternly) it is not a small thing. I lost my virginity to you without my consent. It is not that easy.
Sanskar: (holds her hands) I know I hurt you but I did not do that intentionally. Please believe me.
Swara: when trust is broken once, it cannot be re-established! (takes her hands from him and tries to stand up. Her body is paining a lot but she manages. Sanskar is observing her and stands to support her but she stops him.) Don’t touch me. Yesterday night was enough! (walks stumbling and he looks at her helplessly.)

On the other hand, Rahul wakes up with a jerk. He is sweating badly.
Rahul: (holds his head) Swaru! (looks here and there) is she fine? (Maria comes)
Maria: what happened? Why are you shouting?
Rahul: I saw a bad dream. I am worried for her.
Maria: don’t worry, it is just a dream. She will be very happy with Sanskar.
Rahul: my heart is saying that something wrong has happened. I have to see her and meet her. I have to make sure that she is safe. But how?
Maria: beta! Go to her house.
Rahul: no, I can’t. What will they think?
Maria: this is the only way to calm down your heart. (goes from there and paces to and fro in the room. After sometime, he decides to go to her house but time is 7:30 of morning. He decides to go by 9 o’clock. Swara comes out of washroom. Sanskar is sitting in same position. She gets irritated by his gaze.
Swara: what are you doing?
Sanskar: nothing yar! Just seeing how beautiful my wife is!
Swara: (rolls her eyes) oh really! (combs her wet hairs and turns to go but he holds her)
Sanskar: can’t you forget all this?
Swara: (teary eyes) no, never. And don’t expect anything from me.
Sanskar: please Swara! There is a relation between us!
Swara: a weak relation. Listen to me carefully, I will never make an effort to save our relation because trust is the main thing in any relation and you have lost it. (jerks him and goes. Sanskar stands there helplessly)
Sanskar: (teary eyes) I am sorry Swara! I know I hurt you but I will win you back. It is a lover’s promise. (hits his hand repeatedly for hurting her. At 8: 30, Rahul comes to Swara’s house and meets Ragini)
Ragini: Rahul da! You here? Is everything ok?
Rahul: (smiles) yeah! Everything is fine. Actually I was missing doll.
Ragini: (widened eyes) oh! She is in sasural.
Rahul: don’t you want to meet her?
Ragini: (teary eyes) yeah of course!
Rahul: then get ready, you have only fifteen minutes.
Ragini: ok! (rushes upstairs and Shumi comes to him)
Shumi: beta! How are you? Please come and have your breakfast!
Rahul: (he has not taken breakfast but he is not feeling to eat anything due to tension.) no aunty! I am not hungry. Can I go to Swaru’s room?
Shumi: (teary eyes) beta! You love her so much then why you didn’t marry her?

Precap: Ragini and Rahul in MM

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    It is nice dear..
    But swara is also at fault; she never gave her time and attention to sanskar, that she gave to Rahul, so obviously sanskar will feel insecurity..

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