Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 10)


Rahul goes to Sanskar.

Rahul: dude! (holds his shoulders) congratulations. I am very happy for you both. (hugs him) I know that you will always keep her happy but still I request you to never let any sorrow come near her. I have been with her since childhood and I know her completely. She is short tempered and a bit emotional. Please take care of her. She does not believe in love and all that but trust me you can win her love. She will be changed by your love. (teary eyes) I will miss her badly yar. You know I never had any friend except her. I only want her happiness and you will give her that happiness. I love her but only as friend. Our relation is pure and now she is legally your wife. She can bear anything but not a lie. Please take care of her. (hugs him. Swara hugs all her family members one by one. Ragini is crying. Swara comes to Rahul and looks at her teary eyed. Rahul looks at her.)

Rahul: hey doll! You are looking very pretty with the sindoor and mangalsutrah of Sanskar’s name. Always remain loyal to him. You know na how much he loves you.
Swara: yeah, I know.
Rahul: be happy now! (cups her face) I will miss you.
Swara: I will miss you too. (hugs him and cries loudly. He too cries with her and releases from hug)
Rahul: silly girl! You made me cry.
Swara: I am sorry!
Rahul: you should not be sorry. It does not suits you.
Swara: so what suits me?
Rahul: weight losing machine. Don’t each much in your sasural else jiju will wonder from where did he married a bhukkad.
Swara: (hits on his chest) you again started. (laughs)

Rahul: I want to see you happy. Always keep smiling like this. Ok?
Swara: ok! (holds his hands) I will miss you. (hugs him tightly.)
Rahul: (releases her from hug forcefully) what are you doing fatty? Now it is time for you to go. (kisses on her forhead) go!
Swara: come with me. (both come and Swara stands beside Sanskar. He is fuming in anger to see them so close. For the first time, he saw Rahul kissing Swara so….)
Rahul: I am giving my doll to you. Always keep her happy! (Sanskar and Swara sit in car and he walks with the car till it speeds up. Swara looks back and waves her hand to him. He reciprocates. She is crying. After sometime, they reach Maheshwari house. It is decorated fully. Swara looks at him with love. AP takes Swara to Sanskar’s room while Sanskar goes with friends. Swara is sitting on bed which is decorated very beautifully.)

Swara: (thinks) I know that he loves me and I am married to him. But still I am not able to think of him like that. I need some time for this relation. I trust him and I know that he will understand me. (looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. She touches her mangalsutrah fondly and recalls Rahul telling her that Sanskar loves her very much. He will keep her happy always. She clutches the locket given by Rahul with SS clearly written on it.) S for Swara and S for Sanskar! (smiles and feels lucky to get Sanskar as her life partner. She suddenly sees an illusion of Rahul.) Rahul! How you came here?

Rahul: (comes to her and smiles) I will be there, where you are!
Swara: Rahul!
Rahul: sh! Just keep quiet and listen to me. I have given your hand in the hand of Sanskar so that you accept him. Keep him happy. Perform your duties as his wife. Ok?
Swara: ok!
Rahul: I love you.

Swara: I love you too! (runs to him to hug him but illusion disappears and she looks here and there.) Rahul! (realises it was her imagination) ah! It was his illusion. (sits on bed. On the other hand, Sanskar is sitting and drinking wine in a lonely place. He is recalling all the close moments of Rahul and Swara. He remembers Rahul kissing on her forehead on the day of marriage. He recalls their fights when they forgot about surroundings. He recalls Rahul telling him that he has given his doll to Sanskar.)

Sanskar: does he loves her? (recalls when Rahul told him that he loves her but just as a friend) no no, he just considers her as friend. Does she love him? (recalls her crying and hugging Rahul. He recalls Swara looking teary eyed at Rahul when he told her to stand up for pheras.) she loves him? No, actually yes. She loves him. Why? What is in him that is not in me? Why she does not see me like this? No no Sanskar, now she is your wife. Just remember this fact. She is only yours. Only yours. (smiles and shouts) Swara! You are mine and only mine. (sees time) oh no! I am late. (rushes to his room. Swara decides to change and wipe her make up before he comes so that she could maintain her distance from him. Just when she gets up, Sanskar enters and sees her. Sanskar smiles towards her and she sits on her place.) Swara! You are looking very beautiful. (cups her face) I always kept your photos all over but today I removed the photos because you will yourself come here for whole life so what is the use of keeping your photos. Tomorrow onwards, pictures of both of us will cover all the walls of my house. (Swara smiles) your smile makes me complete. Look what I brought for you? (shows her the bangles made of gold and diamonds fixed on them)
Swara: (takes them and looks at him amazingly) these are very beautiful but very costly.

Sanskar: not more than you.
Swara: ok! I will wear them! (Sanskar holds her hand)
Sanskar: may I?
Swara: (worried) yeah! (Sanskar makes her wear the bangles)
Sanskar: these look very pretty on your hands. (kisses her hands)
Swara: (immediately takes her hands) I will change the dress. This jewelry is very heavy. (stands up but Sanskar holds her hand)
Sanskar: I will help you with it. (makes her sit in front of mirror and starts taking off her jewelry. She looks at him tensed and gets the smell of wine but keeps quite while he is busy in taking off her earrings. He is telling his feelings to her) it looks like a dream to me. I have imagined you here many times. I love you so much Swara. I love you. Can I call you Swaru?
Swara: (recalls Rahul calling her as Swaru and gets teary eyed) yeah!
Sanskar: (wipes her tears) why are you crying? Are you not happy?
Swara: no, I am very happy.
Sanskar: ok! (removes all her jewelry and moves close to her. He kisses on her forehead, then eyes and brings his lips near hers but she immediately jerks him)
Swara: (composes herself) I need to change the dress.
Sanskar: (holds her hands) we are husband wife now!
Swara: yeah, I know but I need time for this.
Sanskar: time till our marriage was enough.
Swara: please!
Sanskar: (holds her in his arms and places her on bed) I have waited four years, three months, 14 days and 16 hours for this time. I cannot wait anymore. I am tired of this waiting. (moves closer to her.)
Swara: (tears roll down her cheeks) I thought you will understand me.
Sanskar: (disappointed) I thought the same but you don’t understand my feelings. (wipes her tears) don’t cry! I hate your tears.
Swara: please!
Sanskar: swaru please! (kisses her lips gently and then starts sucking wildly but she is not responding. Tears roll down her cheeks one by one. Sanskar leaves her angrily) why are you not responding?

Swara: I don’t want all this. I need time.
Sanskar: I will make you mine!
Swara: please! I beg of you. (Sanskar again starts sucking her lips and she tries hard to push him but fails. He holds her hands tightly and intermingles his fingers with her forcefully. She moans because of pain and he bites her lower lip. She opens her mouth and he gets more wild. He leaves her after sometime) (shouts) you are an animal!

Sanskar: it is my right. (again kisses her and she tries her best to protest. He lays her down forcefully and removes her dupatta. His hands are running all over her body. She pushes him and he holds her hands tightly and comes over her. now she is in full locked position and cannot move even an inch except her head. He is giving wet kisses on her neck and she is pleading him but he does not listen. He unties the Dori of her blouse and she is now lying in opposite direction with her back full naked. He kisses her back and neck and she tries to resist. He removes her blouse and she covers herself with her hand and cries. He again holds her hands and continues his romance. After sometime, he removes her ghagra and now she is completely dress less. She is crying bitterly and pleading him to leave her.)

Swara: Sanskar please! I beg of you. I will do everything but not this. (he does not listen and continues what he was doing. At last, he enters into her and she cries in pain) ah! Ouch! Don’t you have some humanity? (hits continuously at his chest. Now his body is full of scratches because of her resisting. He again sucks her lips and she cries. When his desire is completed, he falls asleep on her chest. She hits him and he falls on other side of bed but does not wake up due to the effect of wine. She cries bitterly after being raped by her own husband. She looks at him with hatred and thinks) for the first time, I trusted someone else and see what is the result. He is an animal. He does not have any humanity left in him. He was a liar. (shouts) you liar! I hate you! (gets up and covers herself with bedsheet and rests her chin on her knees and cries. At morning, Sanskar wakes up holding his head.)
Sanskar: ah! It is paining a lot. (recalls that his wedding was yesterday and looks at his side. He sees Swara sleeping while covering herself with bedsheet. Scratch marks on her hands and neck are visible. Her hairs are all messes up and her eyes are swollen. Marks of tears are clearly visible. He gets tensed seeing her in that state and tries to recall last night. He remembers consummating with her without her consent. He looks in the mirror and sees marks on his chest and face due to her resistance. He is worried) oh God! What did I do? I… I broke her trust. Oh no! how could you do this Sanskar. It was not you. It was not you. You love her damn it! Shit! I should not have drunk wine. (goes and wipes all marks from face. Now he is looking alright. He looks at time.) it is 6 o’clock and all wake up at 9 o’clock. I have time of two hours. I will make her understand my situation.

Yeah! (goes to her and shakes her) Swara! Swara! Wake up. Why is her body so cold? Swara it is morning, wake up fast. Wake up Swara! (thinks) why is she not waking up? (shakes her repeatedly but she does not respond. He cries and repeatedly says sorry to her and urges her to wake up. He calls doctor.) Before doctor comes, I have to change her dress. (He goes and opens her cupboard. He shopped many dresses for her before their wedding. He take out a white saari whose design is perfect to hide the marks. He makes her wear that saari. Doctor comes and checks her)
Doctor: Mr.Maheshwari! She is in deep shock that’s why her sugar level and blood pressure is very down. Her heartbeat is very slow. Give her something sweet to eat and she will wake up anytime. Take care of her. (goes and he sits beside her)
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara. I am…(cries holding her to his chest.) I promise I will never do this again.

Precap: Swara: (shouts) I hate you and I refuse to accept this relation. I saw your real face.
Sanskar: (crying) no Swara I love you.
Swara: (shouts) not love but you should say lust! (Sanskar gets shocked)

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