Sacred Love (Episode – 9)


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Sacred Love Episode 9

The episode starts with Pranu mopping the floor and Britt smirking looking at her.
On the other hand Pranav was thinking about what all happened today. He was teary eyed. He thinks smthg and calls a person and tells smthg which is muted and smiles.
Pranathi does all the work patiently even though Britt was spoiling her work. At night everyone had their dinner and went to their respective rooms. In Pranav’s room he was waiting for Pranu to come. It was late but she didnt come. So he went down and was shocked. He found her sleeping in the kitchen. He rushed to her.
Pranav – what r u doing here???
Pranathi – i am sleeping…
Pranav – i can see that…but why here???
Pranathi – Sir…maid will sleep here only no…
Pranav – acha i am sorry….plzz forgive me (holding his ears cutely)
Pranathi has a light smile on her face but Pranav doesnt notice that. She glares at him and starts to walk. But Pranav holds her hand. And she asks him what with her eyes…he says sorry once again.
Pranav – Sorry Pranu… I was very angry in the mrng. It is because i dont want any of u to get hurt. Acha ok I Pranav Kumar, the owner of this house gives promotion to Pranathi frm a maid to wife. So i request her to come here and hug me tightly.
Pranathi smiles listening to this and hugs him tightly. Then both of them go to their room and lie on the bed.
Pranav – I forgot to tell u that i am going to Vizag tomorrow and will be back in 5 days. So take care of yourselves. I have already informed Britt abt this….
Pranathi – 5 days?!?!?!? Pranav even i will come with u plzzz…
Pranav – noo dear if u come with me then Britt will be alone…so u both will stay here…
She keeps a pouty face and says
Pranathi – good night???
Pranav – good night dear (and smiles)
After sometime Pranav wakes up and goes down and arranges smthg and comes back to his room and sleeps.
Nxt mrng Pranav bids bye to Pranathi and goes. After he goes Pranathi goes to their room and takes a nap and wakes up at 8. She goes down and sees Britt reading the magazine. She goes to her and wishes her good mrng.
Britt – I’m hungry!!!!
Pranathi – 10 minutes will make smthg for u…
Then Pranathi goes to the kitchen and prepares smthg and brings.
Then Britt tasted the food and spit it on the floor and threw the plate down. And catches Pranathi by her hair and pushes her so she gets the table corner on her head and it starts bleeding. Then she pulls her to the kitchen and throws the oil down and lights the fire.
Britt – this is ur gift frm me Pranathi..hope u like it…muah….miss u and u dont worry abt Pranav ha i am there for him….
Then the fire starts increasing and Britt evilly laughs. Because of the smoke Pranathi falls unconcious. Then Britt turns back to leave the house and finds Pranav standing back of her. She was numb. She was sweating badly. Along with him there were also police who caught her and Pranav goes inside the kitchen and brings Pranu out who was still unconsious and makes her lie on the sofa. Then he tries to wake her up but fails and he calls the doctor. He then goes to Britt and asks
Pranav – how is my gift??? I even have another one…(and gives her a tight slap)
Britt – but pranav i did not do anything…
Pranav – enough Bindu i put cctv cameras in this area and lied to u ppl that i was going to vizag. I knew that u would try to harm Pranathi in my absence thats why i made this plan…what the hell did she do to you that u r troubling her soo much??? Only because of u i have scolded her…I had a doubt on u the first day itself that there is smthg fishy…then the nxt day even Pranu told that she is scared of u and then all this happeded..inspector plzz arrest this girl and see that she gets life time imprisonment.
After they go the doctor arrives who is also a frnd of Pranav. She bandages Pranu’s head and checks her and smiles lightly and gives her an injection. Whereas Pranav was damn worried. The doctor comes out and says that she is alright and needs rest and a lot of attention and care as she is very weak. I have given her the injection she will get conciousness on an hour. So be careful abt them….
Pranav – thanks doctor…wait a second wat did u say??? Them???
Doctor – yes pranav…ur wife is conceived….hearty congratulations to u dear….( and gives him a friendly side-hug)
Pranav didnt understand wat to do and was very very happy….

To be continued.

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  1. Oh!all happened so sudden? But it was nice.If you have no problem,i advise to end it on one or two parts and start a new one dear..

  2. Sindhuksv

    Dear,do wat ur heart says..if ur plot completed end it..otherwise continue it..Coming to ep..its good…Pranav’s plan n love on pranathi is good…

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