Sacred Love (Episode 8)


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Sacred Love Episode – 8
The episode starts with Pranathi going back to the room without eating completely. Pranav feels that smthg is wrng wid her. Then he looks at Britt who was calmly having her dinner.
Pranav – I am sorry Britt. I should leave now and good night (and smiles at her)
On the otherhand Pranu is crying on wat to do now. So she thinks to inform Pranav about it. Then Pranav enters the room she goes to him and hugs him tightly. Even he hugs her back. She looks at him.
Pranathi – Pranav promise me that u wont scold me.
Pranav – But whats the matter Pranu???
Pranathi – I am scared Pranav…
Pranav – Scared of what???
Pranathi – I am scared Bindu….(saying this she tightly closes her eyes expecting him to be angry but as it was silent for a long time she slowly opened one eye and then the other and saw Pranav who was trying to control her laugh.)
Pranathi – (with tears in her eyes) I am serious Pranav….
Pranav cupped her face in his hands and said.
Pranav – Pranu…she is not like what u r thinking. She is very good and shall i tell u smthg….she is the one who consoled me when i was heart broken that is when i left u…dont think negative dear…speak with her then u will become her bestie for sure. And now I dont want u to strain ur little brain by thinking soo much . Now u peacefully sleep dear . (And smiles looking at her) Then they both slept hugging eachother.
In the middle of the night suddenly Pranathi wakes up with a jerk and starts crying badly. She looks at Pranav and holds his hand tightly. With this he wakes up and hugs her tightly as he understood with her face that she is tensed.
Pranav – Got a bad dream???
Pranathi nods no
Pranav – Then wat happened Pranu???
Pranathi – I remembered my family…( saying this she starts crying. )
Pranav – dont cry dear…ur family is alive in ur heart.
Pranathi – when i see my family’s face then i remember all the sweet and happy moments we spent together….when i remember that i suddenly realise that they r not in this world
Pranav – Cherish those moments Pranu…Acha tell me onething…i knw wherever ur parents r their blessing r always wid u….and they will always see u…if they see u crying like this will they be happy??? And also if they will knw that the reason for u to cry is them then do think they will be happy?? So dont cry dear….(and wipes her tears)
He then made her sleep uin his lap and caresses her hair and she slowly sleeps in his lap. And even he sleeps in sitting position itself.
In the mrng Britt comes to their room and knocks it for sometime but as they didnt open it she opens it and goes insideand sees them sleeping like dat. She angrily looks at Pranathi. She then opens the curtains such that the sunlight falls on Pranathi but not on Pranav. With dat she wakes up and looks at Britt who was angrily staring at her. She signs her to come out of the room. Then she goes out.
Britt – I am hungry plzz prepare break fast for me (and smiles)
Pranathi was boggled. But she also smiles and nods her head.
She freshes up and goes to prepare breakfast.
In the kitchen
Britt – shall i help u???
Pranathi – no no its fine… I can do it by myself…by the way what will u do??? Pranav told me that u dont knw the anything abt cooking???
Britt – i cannot cook but i can surely cut those veggies..shall i plzz plzz
Pranathi – no way!!!u r my guest and i wont let u do any work.
Britt – plzz i want to help u plzzz
Pranathi – acha ok but be careful haa…
Britt – ok u dont worry (and smiles)
And she starts cutting the veggies.
Pranathi – (in her mind) i think i was the one who misunderstood Britt…she is very good and Pranav is right.
Then Pranav comes down and Britt cuts her finger while cutting the veggies seeing that pranav gets tensed and gets the first aid kit and starts bandaging her hand.
Pranav – what was the need to do all this???who asked u to do ah???
Britt – (with tears in her eyes) Pranathi..i told her that i dont know the head or tail abt cooking but she told me that maid r on leave andforced me to cut these veggies so i had to do.
Pranav was angry on Pranathi. Pranathi was unaware of these happenings as she was in the kitchen and Pranav and Britt were in the dining area. Then
Pranav – (on top of his voice) PRANATHI…
Pranathi smiles looking at him
Pranathi – when did u wake up Pranav??could have told me….
Pranav – Pranathi why did u make Britt cut the veggies??
She could sense anger in his voice.
Pranathi – i didnt Pranav…she was the one who forced me….
He cut her in between.
Pranav – Enough is enough Pranathi…..i didnt expect this from u…if i support u always it doesnt mean that u can do anything….ur punishment is that u have to do all the works Vimala(maid) for 2 days…
Pranav has tears in his eyes while saying this. He was abt to cry but before he could he ran upstairs and closed the door tightly.
The episode ends with Pranathi’s sad face.
To be continued

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