Sacred Love (Episode 7)


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Sacred Love Episode – 7
The episode starts with Pranathi breaking the hug. Then they have their dinner and sleeps hugging eachother.
Next mrng Pranathi wakes up and goes and prepares breakfast and then goes to bath and comes back wearing a white saree with red embroidery at the borders. And then she slowly tries to wake up Pranav.
Pranathi – pranav its already 8:30.plzz get up
Pranav slowly opens his eyes and gets up. He gets ready and goes down. (he still has headache) Sriya looking at hin understands that he is not fine…
Pranathi – r u alright pranav????
Pranav – I am fine pranu but still dat headache.
Pranathi – then where r u going haa???change to ur pyjamas and take rest if not ur health will get spoilt…(in a tensed way)
Pranav – i have to go dear…. It is very imp..
Pranathi – nothing is more important than ur health Pranav….
Pranav – ok swt hrt (smiles naughtily) but on 1 condition

Pranathi – what is it???
Pranav – u should give me a kiss
Pranathi was shocked listening to this and starts blushing….
Then she comes near to him and she is very close to hin but………his ph starts ringing…
Pranav – ahh!!! Wat a bad timing. He then goes to speak.
After 5 minutes he comes back.his face shows that he is very happy.
Pranav – yeahhhh my best frnd is coming here…i am very very happy… After a long time we r meeting almost 5 years….
Pranathi was puzzled listening to his words.
Pranathi – best frnd??? Harini and Vinay r here nly and we just met them 15days back and u r telling she is coming and u r meeting her after 5 years???
Pranav – shall i answer now… She is my best frnd Bindu whom i met in USA. Only her name is traditional and old style but she is very modern and stylish…(pranav hugs her)
Pranathi – thats grt if she is ur bst frnd then she will be mine too. When will she come???
Pranav – She will be here in sometime….
Pranathi – i am very excited to see her
They chit chat for sometime and eagerly wait for her to come.

Then a girl with red crop top and white mini skirt enters their house. Pranav is happy to see her. He goes to her and Pranathi follows her. The girl hugs Pranav. He was shocked with her action but he doesnt hugs her back. She looks at Pranathi and smirks who was just smiling at them.
Then Pranav introduces Bindu to Pranathi
Pranav – Bindu this is my wife Pranathi (bindu doesnt even look at her but Pranathi smiles) and Pranathi this is my frnd whom i was telling u in the mrng
Bindu – u can call me Britt..
Pranathi looks at pranav…he understands that she is confused.
Pranav – she doesnt like her name so she changed it to Brittney and we can call her Britt….
Pranathi – hello (and she smiles and and was abt give her a shake hand but Britt hugs Pranathi so even she hugs her and smiles)
Britt – (whispers in pranathi’s ears) He is mine….
Pranathi’s smile fades away…
Then they have their brunch together.
Britt – Pranav why dont we go out 2day???

Pranav – alright Britt where shall we go ??
Britt – long drive..,
Pranav – ok
Then Pranathi goes to kitchen to get water bottle. Even Britt follows her.
Britt – now u r not going to come with us…. understood???? If u come then….this would be someone’s last day (She looks at Pranathi angrily) and goes to the other room. Pranathi gets teary eyed but composes herself and goes to the dining area and puts the waterbottle on the table.
After that Pranathi goes to their room and acts as if she is thinks abt Britt’s words and starts crying. Suddenly Pranav comes to their room and finds Pranathi crying. He worriedly goes to her and asks if she is alright…

Pranathi – i am fine Pranav my head started aching thats why i am crying…u dont worry.,,
Pranav – i guess today we cant go to the long drive…(he calls Britt to their room and she comes) Britt i guess we cant to out today as Pranu is not feeling well…
Britt angrily stares at Pranathi and she gets scared…..
Pranathi – pranav its ok u ppl go i will take rest… U dont need to cancel anything for me….
Britt – if she has no prblm then why cant we go Pranav?? (He thinks for a while)
Pranav – ok we will go and u Pranu have these tablets if it becomes unbearable…if it is serious then dont hesitate to call me..
Pranathi – ok now u both goo and enjoy… (She somehow manages to smile) then they both leave…. Pranathi starts crying holding Pranav’s photo. And dozes off like dat itself.
Pranav and Britt comeback home and Pranav asks Britt to order food and rushes to his room and finds Pranathi sleeping holding his pic.he rushes to her and touches her forehead and gets relaxed. Then he kisses her forehead and she slowly opens his eyes and smiles seeing him and hugs him tightly and he too hugs her back.

Then Britt shout – food is ready… Comedown…
Hearing her Pranav says lets go down…

Pranathi – no pranav u go down i an not hungry u go and have ur dinner…
Pranav – noo even u shud come.. Why r u not hungru haa??? Dont make me angry come down plzzz…
Pranathi – ur happiness filled my stomach so i am not hungry….
Then Pranav lifts her from the bed and carries her in his arms and makes her sit on the chair and brings a chair and sits beside her and starts feeding her with his hands which makes Britt angry. The episode ends with Britt’s angry face.

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