Sacred Love (Episode 6)


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Sacred Love Episode – 6

The episode starts wid Sriya coming to Pranav’s room and is caressing his hair and stares at him lovingly.
Sriya : (in her mind)Good mrng
And then silently goes out of her room. She goes down and starts doing some work in the kitchen. She prepared coffee and put it near Pranav.
And starts preparing break fast.Meanwhile Pranav comes down and sees her doing the work alone . She was in deep thoughts . Pranav was observing each and every action of her.She was cutting vegetables and was abt to cut finger. Pranav observes this and was abt to call her but stops thinking abt her words SO he throws the coffee cup down and she comes back to her senses.
She stares at him angrily and continues her work. He somehow manages to clean all those glass pieces quickly. He then takes his ph and does smthg. Suddenly Sriya gets a msg. Which says
“May I Help You???You don’t need to speak to me but just look at me . If no then Ignore this msg

She lightly smiles looking at the msg and Pranav doesn’t notice dat. She looks at him and he comes and starts helping him. She gives him onions to cut and he starts cutting them . And tears starts falling down frm his eyes. Sriya notices this and goes somewhere and brings a chewing gum in frnt of him. Pranav gives a puzzled look.
He then takes his ph and sends her a msg, which says
“I am Sorry….But I don’t knw how to cut this chewing gum. I guess it is not required for the food we make…”
Sriya took her ph and starts laughing. Pranav was puzzled. She then sent him a msg,
“It is for u to eat not to cut it or do smthg else…Eat it…U wont get tears while cutting onions.”
Seeing her reply Pranav look at her and gives her a “Fine..” look and continues his work.
Then finally they complete cooking at 10 and have their brk fst but they were not looking at eachother.
Then he goes to office and comes back and goes to his bedroom and sleeps because he had a headache.
Sriya didn’t knw dat he came and was waiting for him. She then goes to his room and finds him asleep. She slowly removes his his shoes and socks so dat he doesn’t wake up and starts massaging his head. He sould feel her touch nd was abt to speak smthg but stops. Sriya notices this and says
“I love u Pranav and I forgave ….i will not leave u…”
Pranav hugged her tightly

To be continued

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. Was waitng for ur story.chewing gum incident was really funny ..please update asap..

  2. Nice ep dear..I loved it..Pranav n Pranathi love is so sweet..

  3. Awesome and so sweet

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