Sacred Love (Episode 5)


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Sacred Love Episode – 5
The episode starts wid Pranav breaking the hug and looks at her…
Pranav – Why did u give me this punishment???
Sriya – (arrogantly) For what u have done…By the way I came here on Hari’s insistence only nt for u…
Pranav – what is my mistake which I have done?? Please forgive me…I don’t even knw what I have done but I am sorry..
Sriya – Sorry??? You knw how ur sorry is..
(She goes to a mirror and and breaks it…and the mirror gets cracks and is abt to break into pieces. A small piece hurts her…Then,

Pranav –(in a serious tone) Sriya Stop ur childishness and come to me. Wait I will get the first aid box.(he goes)
Sriya breaks down. Just then Pranav comes inside..
Sriya – Stop their !!! Give the box here I will do it myself…
Pranav quietly gives it…
Sriya takes the bandage and puts it on the mirror where all the cracks start.
Sriya – (pointling towards the bandage) This is ur sorry…
Pranav – But what is my mistake???
Sriya – Don’t act smart Pranav….Around 8 yrs ago….I guess there was a girl called Pranathi in ur life….How u misunderstood her….
Pranav – That was past and now I really love you and will promise u dat I will never leave u wat ever the circumstance is…
Sriya – How can I believe you now??? You left me when I needed you the most…
Pranav – So wat u wanted me to do?? (In a sad tone)
Sriya – I will stay wid u only but in a separate room and until I speak wid u.. u shud nt speak wid me…Ok??

Pranav – Ok..But for how many days???
Sriya – I cant say till my anger cools down…May be for life time also…
Pranav gets sad listening her words and gets teary eyed…
Sriya goes to the other room and closes the door and starts crying…and same happens wid Pranav he breaksdown…
Pranav – (soultalk) Why?? Why did u do this to me Pranathi??I love u soo much Pranathi…I will do anything for u
Sriya – (soul talk) I am sorry Pranav I really am….I love u soo muck I cant live widout u…I just want u to realise ur mistake…I am sorry..

Both r lost in their own thoughts…They sleep like dat only.
To be continued..

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  3. Nice I just started reading it and liked it go pre u post soon

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  4. It’s not fair,why so short?Feel srry 4 them..Update soon plz.

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