Sacred Love (Episode 4)


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Sacred Love Episode 4

The episode starts with Vinay asking everyone to take rest. He along wid Harini go to Sriya’s room. Then Pranav tries to open the door but found it to be locked. Then Vinay asks Harini to get the spare keys of the room. They open the door but didn’t find anyone in the room. Then Pranav goes to the balcony thinking abt Sriya and is teary eyed. Then he finds Sriya sitting on the chair in the balcony. He gets happy seeing her calls her. She sees him and shocked nd starts crying. She asks him to go frm there and slowly moves back and is abt to fall down but Pranav holds her and pulls her back and they share an eyelock which is broken by Harini’s voice. Sriya runs to Harini and hugs her tightly.
Seeing Sriya’s condition Vinay asks Pranav to go frm here. Harini consoles her. She takes Sriya to her room.
And Sriya is continuously crying. She asks Harini to leave her alone. Harini goes out quietly.
Pranav goes to his house and is also crying. Days pass but still Sriya is still in Harini’s house.
Everyday Pranav used to call them and ask abt Sriya. Even Harini and Vinay would ask her to go to Pranav’s house nd she would always refuse. It was almost a week dat she was away frm Pranav. She didn’t even speak to him. One day,
Sriya: (in her mind) No one knws dat I got my memory back. Shud I go to Pranav? How can I go to a person who left me when I needed the most? What if he leaves me again?? If today Harini will ask me to go then I will go….

Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock at the door. It was Harini.
Harini – I don’t knw wat happened between u and Pranav but I guess u shud give him a chance.
Sriya – I guess u r right Hari…I shud give him a chance
(When Sriya call her “Hari’’ Harini looks at her wid a shocked expression)
Harini – Sriya, how do u knw my nick name??? Dat too nly Pranu used to call me??
Sriya – I have heard Vinay jiju calling u like dat.
Harini – Tell the truth. Vinay never called me like dat. It means u got ur memory back… Tell me the truth Pranu…
Sriya|Pranathi – U r right Hari….i got my memory back….
Harini – Wow Pranu!!! Dats a grt news..Wait a sec I will call Pranav nd tell
Sriya|Pranathi – Noo Hari … I myself will go to him..Promise me dat u will nt tell anyone dat I got my memory back..
Harini – But y?? Everyone will be happy to knw dat u got ur memeory back…
Sriya – Plzz Hari….Dont tell this to anyone
Harini – Ok fine..When will u go to Pranav??He cares a lot for u..He is missing u alot…
Sriya – I will go now itself. Don’t tell Pranav dat I am coming….Bye Hari..
Harini – Bye. Take Care.
Sriya goes to Pranav’s House and finds no one. She waits for Pranav to come and is in their room.

After sometime he comes home. His eyes were red and swollen and He goes to her and hugs her tightly but she doesn’t hug him back.

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  1. Hi my little sis,is she now going 2 punish him?poor boy.pls dont end it soon.n pls make it more longr.

  2. Yes dii she will try to punish him but because of his behaviour she will not. I will not end it. Will try my bst to make it longer

  3. Nice epi..Waiting 4 nxt.Plz update soon.

    1. Thank u … Will try to update it asap

  4. Nyc epi…update nxt epi asap m waiting..plzz post nxt epi long one

  5. Thank u….will update it asap…Will make sure it is a longer one

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