Sacred Love (Episode 3)


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Sacred Love – Episode 3
The episode starts wid Sriya waking up and smiling looking at Pranav. She tries to sit but falls and hits her head to the bed which makes a small sound. Wid this sound Pranav wakes us and looks at her and asks,
Pranav – Wat happened??? Did u get hurt???
Sriya – No..No I am alright. Just little weakness.
Pranav – Wait let me check you temperature..

(Checks the temperature and finds it to be normal)
Pranav sighs with relief and smiles.Sriya asks him to sit beside her and he sits there.
Pranav – You knw how scared I was…It was like someone…..
Sriya hugs him tightly and even he hugs her back. Suddenly someone knocks the door so they break their hug. It was their servant (Vimala) who came to give breakfast to them. Pranav takes the plate and gives it to Sriya and asks her to eat. She puts a pouty face. Pranav sees her but acts as if her ignored her and smiles lightly. Then she puts all kinds of weird expressions. But it was of noo use as Pranav was busy in eating even though his eyes were on her. Then she slowly takes the spoon with her left hand (as her right hand is sprained) and tries to eat then it falls on her. Seeing her antics Pranav was not able to control his laugh and starts laughing and Sriya throws a pillow at him. She gets teary-eyed. Seeing that Pranav comes to her and starts feeding her.
Pranav – Sorry….
Sriya smiles

Sriya – Not going to office today???
Pranav – Will go. But after sometime.
Sriya – OK. Shall I go to Hari dii’s House today?? I miss her..
Pranav – I will drop u and pick u
Sriya – kk
After some time Pranav drops Sriya Harini’s house and goes to office.
Harini was surprised to see her and hugs her.

They have some sissy talks and even Vinay joins them. After having their lunch the trio goes out for shopping. In dat mall they were playing Atif Aslam’s songs . Sriya starts listening to them. Suddenly “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” starts playing. Sriya starts getting some unclear flashes in her mind Harini and Vinay were speaking smthg to eachother and when they saw Sriya was missing . Harini panics. They both start searching in the whole mall but didn’t find her anywhere. So they call Pranav and inform him abt it. He also joins and starts searching for her but didn’t find her anywhere. Everyone gets worried a lot. They file a complaint in the in the Police station .
Then they go to Harini’s House. There was an awkward silence.

To be continued….

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  1. Nice I just came to see ur update and read both ur story An untold love story and Sacred love . Hope to see u soon with next episode update fast and sooon………

    1. Thank u. Will update it asap.

  2. Hi r u??wat happend to pranu?i hope she is fine..pls update soon dear..n where r u frm??

  3. Hi ammu I am fine sis…how r u???
    U will come to know in the next episode abt Wat happened to Pranu
    I am from Hyd. Where r u from? ??

    1. Im also fine dear..a boring frm Kerala

  4. Im fine dear..a boring frm Kerala..r u studying..i hope im not disturbng u..

  5. Yes I am studying….and I am in 10th right now….Wat abt u???
    No u r nt disturbing me in fact I am happy interacting with u

    1. U r my little sis doing my graduation..when r u going 2 update..

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