Sacred Bonding (Episode 8)

Episode 8:

Jay n Vidya are in kitchen preparing brk fst. They listened someone knocking door. Jay opened it n its Vidya’s dad, mom n grandma. Jay called Vidya n she is abt to go but stopped remembering Jay’s anger last time. Jay looked her

Jay: Meet ur dad,mom n grandmaa. Meanwhile I will b coming.

Vidya looked him with surprise n he smiled n went off from there. Vidya gave coffee to them n prepared brk fst n went to Jay. Jay is getting ready to office n saw her.

Jay: Vidya, wat r u doing here. Didn’t u want to spend time with ur parents?

Vidya: R u not angry?

Jay: For wat swt hrt?

Vidya: As they came

Jay: I am the one who asked them to come to see u

Vidya: What.

Jay smiled looking her shocking expression n cupped her face.

Jay: Yes. I didn’t want u to miss ur family. I can buy anything with my money for u but not parents love. I am sure watever I give u will not b equal to ur parents. So I didn’t want to restrict u saying not to meet ur parents. You can meet them wenever u want. I will prove ur father’s misdeeds in other ways. I can’t play with ur hpyness to make ur father confess his misdeeds.

Vidya hugged him but Jay broke the hug

Jay: Lets stay away for sometime till u love me Vidya. I didn’t want to trouble or hurt u

Vidya: Jay, Y r u behaving like dis? I didn’t say that ur closeness hurts me.

Jay: We can be close only with the one whom we love. I can be close to u only when ur heart accepts me. Otherwise there’s no meaning for our relationship. I am not the one who stays close with a girl without her acceptance. Though u r my wife I respect ur feelings.

Vidya: I accepted u Jay

Jay: U accepted our relationship not me. Leave it Vidya. Ur parents r waiting for u n I am getting late.

Vidya: Brk fst?

Jay: I can’t have it with ur parents

Vidya: But I can’t send u without having food

Jay smiled n looked her.

Jay: Ok madam

Vidya went downstairs n served food for everyone. Jay though irritated with the presence of her dad, he is having breakfast calmly. They had food n looked at Vidya. Jay is having it calmly.

Rajeshwari: Vidya, did u taste it?

Vidya: No mom.Why?

Jay: Its very tasty Vidya. I want somemore. I think u can cook it for urself again.

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Can u bring coffee for me?

Vidya: Ya I will

Vidya went to bring coffee. She is coming n heard Jay’s voice.

Jay: Aunty, don’t say anything to Vidya. May b in hurry she kept chilli powder a bit more

Rajeshwari: But its too much. Not possible to eat. I didn’t understand how u have it

Jay: More than the taste of the dish, wat matters to me is her love.

Anand: Jay, I thought u will show ur anger on her which is on me. But u r loving her more than us. Thank u Jay

Jay: Mr. Anand, I am loving my wife not ur daughter. Hope u understand this. One more thing I can take revenge on u directly n no need to use Vidya for that. Soon I will reveal ur original mentality to the world.

Saying this Jay got up n Vidya lost in Jay’s words. Jay is going to kitchen n saw her there.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Is everything ok swt hrt?

Vidya: Ya. Jay, can u come earlier from office today?

Jay: Sure. R u not coming?

Vidya: I hav some work

She winked n Jay saw her confusedly

Jay went to office n Vidya’s family too left. As she asked Jay came home a bit earlier. He went to room. Vidya is waiting for him. Vidya is wearing beautiful purple colour sari. He saw her n he is mesmerised with her beauty. She is looking so beautiful. Jay starred at her for sometime n came close to her. Vidya stopped him.

Vidya: U said u will stay away from me till I love u

Jay got away from her

Jay: Ya. I felt something fallen on ur hairs. So came near to remove it. dats it. Nothing else

Vidya: I thought u forgot ur words aft seeing me like dis

Jay: No way. First tell me Y did u ask me to come earlier to home?

Vidya: Simply


Vidya: Did u expect anything spl

Jay: Even aft marrying u, do u think I will expect anything spl?

Vidya: U

Jay: Yes its me.So wat?

Vidya: Go n get fresh up first

Jay: I know. U no need to say

Vidya: Do u want coffee?

Jay: Ha.Prepare coffee n drink urself

Vidya: Pls fresh up soon n bring me coffee pls. I am so tired

Jay: Wat u did from mrng that made u so tired

Vidya: Getting ready to make u forget ur words n fall for me

Jay: Acha I won’t. It nvr happens

Jay went n got fresh n came back. Vidya gave clothes to him n touched his hand. Jay closed his eyes n then opened n saw her. She is wearing necklace

Vidya: Can u help me to wear this

Jay: Can’t u?

Vidya: R u scared that u will lose ur control?

Jay: Shut up

Jay came forward n kept necklace to her.

Vidya: Shall we go to garden?

Jay: ok. I will come. U go

Vidya went n Jay came with coffee

Jay: Coffee

Vidya: Oh god. I just asked coffee for fun.

Jay: I told u many times watever u ask I will do it to make u smile

Vidya: I know. Come with me

Vidya hold his hand n took him to a little distance in the garden. There candles are arranged in heart shape n in middle its written with rose petals I❤U. Jay surprised n looked his side n Vidya sat on her knees n gave her hand to him.

Vidya: I love you Jay. Do u love me?

Jay hold her hand n she stood up.

Jay: I love u too. But still I am angry on u

Vidya: But y?

Jay: Bcoz yesterday u r at our home but still u played with me saying that u left me. Second thing is u spoiled my mood at mrng by saying u didn’t love md though u love me a lot. So now its ur duty to convince me.

He winked. Vidya kept her hand under her chin n gave a smile filled with love n naughtiness.

Vidya: Ok. Let me how long will u b angry on me?

Jay: ok lets see

Vidya: Dinner??

Jay: Ya

She took him to the table in the garden which she arranged to have candle light dinner. The fragrance of jasmine flowers in the garden r making Jay a bit senseless.

Vidya: Have ur dinner

Jay: Ya having

He kept his hand in the plate to mix n then he is having. Vidya laughed out louder.

Jay: R u crazy? Y r laughing like dat?

Vidya: See ur plate

Jay saw the plate n found that food is not served. He in low pitch cursed himself n saw her. She is still laughing.

Jay(inner voice): I feel as if angel from heaven came to me to throw away my loneliness. U look very beautiful when u smile. I hope ur smile nvr fades away. I will do anything for that Vidya coz I love u.

Vidya: Whr r u lost sir?

Jay: Nothing. Y r u laughing. I am just acting as if I am having food. I too know its not served.

Vidya: Acha. Really?

Jay: Then wat do u think? Do u think I am mesmerised by ur beauty n lost in thoughts

Vidya: No no I didn’t say that

Jay: Yes. U r right. I lost seeing u

Vidya blushed listening him.

Jay: Vidya pls don’t make me to lose control atleast till we complete our dinner.

Vidya: Wat I did?

Jay: Ur blushing makes u look even more beautiful n I become crazy.

Vidya: Aren’t u?

Jay: What?

Vidya: U r already mad

Jay: Let me show u my madness.

Saying this he took water glass n tried to throw water on her

Vidya: Wait. I mean mad for me

Jay smiled n kept glass on table. Both had dinner. Jay bent his head washing hands. Vidya threw water on him on head.Jay looked her.

Jay: Now I won’t leave u

Vidya is running n Jay trying to catch. Finally he caught her n in garden they had pipe to water plants n he took it n threw water on her.

Vidya: I hate u.

Jay: First who started this?

Saying this he threw pipe n hugged her from behind n kissed her back. he turned her towards him n kissed on lips expressing his love. He then kissed on her forehead n eyes n abt to kiss her neck.

Vidya: Shall we go to our room?

Jay smiled n lifed her in his arms n took her to room. Their lovely married life started. Morning she woke up n saw him lovingly n caressed his hairs. Jay opened his eyes.

Jay: Love u. Good morning

Vidya: Love u too. Good morning

Precap: Jay’s younger brother entry.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Yup..his younger bro…But no need to worry bcoz his character doesnot create any trouble between Jaya..

  1. Silpa k sivadasan

    This is becming more & more intersting….

    U r an amazing writer
    Sindhu …. Rock on….

    Plz update next epi soon i cant wait …..

  2. Shree

    That was awesome!! Imagining this was the best!! Jay’s brother?!

    Post soon… Love you??

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode, Jaya so cute couple. ..loved it so much. vidya still want to take the pen drive from him and faking love….

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