Sacred Bonding (Episode 7)

Recap: Jay confessing his love in anger n Vidya accepts him.

Its morning n Jay woke up n didn’t see Vidya. He remembered their lovely moments last day n went to shower n came back. He is abt to take his clothes from wardrobe but he found clothes on table. He smiled n got ready. He listened anklets sound n closed his eyes admiring the rythym of anklets sound remembering the beauty of Vidya.

Vidya: Good morning Jay

Jay opened his eyes n saw her. She is looking him with a pleasant smile

Jay: Good morning Swt hrt

Jay(inner voice): Aft many days I feel so happy n peaceful Vidya. Ur pleasant smile brightens up my day. I love u n I love to love you forever.

Vidya: Coffee made by ur wife

Jay: Thank u. But y r u doing all these works Vidya. Its not necessary. I just need ur love n loyalty. Nothing more than that.

Vidya: Jay, I am not feeling it as trouble. I love to do ur works. I am just showing my love in this way

Jay: There are many other ways to show love angel

He winked n Saying this he kept coffee cup on table n came near to her n hugged her from back. Vidya closed her eyes n hold his hands. Jay kissed her on both cheeks.

Jay: U can show ur love like dis too. Try it next time

Vidya: Ok Mr. Rock star. Come n have ur brk fst now.

Jay: Ok. I will follow ur orders madam

Vidya: Jay, I am not ordering

Jay: I am just kidding. I know my angel is so sweet n loving. Not only her actions but also her words too are so loving n hurts none. Thats my wife.

Both went to dining table n had brk fst.

Vidya: I want to work with u from today. Shall I come to ur office today?

Jay: Sure. I think u love me a lot n thats y u didn’t want to miss me even for sometime. So u want to b with me even at office.

Vidya: No. If I didn’t work my husband won’t give food even water to me. So I need to work

Jay: Vidya, I already said sorry for those words. On that day, I can’t control my anger on ur father n I thought to hurt u. So I spoke like dat.

Vidya: I am just kidding Jay. I already forgot all those. Sorry if I hurt u by remembering it again

Jay:Its ok. Come lets go

Both went to office n Jay showed her cabin but asked her to sit in his room. He explained abt the company, his shows n her works. One week passed by n they are so happy loving one another. They both are in office n then a beautiful girl in blue anarkali dress n loose long hair n cute hangings reached there n entered Jay’s cabin without knocking his door. Vidya is in Jay’s lap n he is hugging her from back. With her sudden entry Jay left Vidya n Vidya stood up.

Vidya: Don’t u know to knock the door before coming?

Girl: Shut up. Be in ur limits Vidya. I know wat to do n wat not to do. First u get lost from here. I want to talk personally with Jay

Jay: Stop it u both. Vidya, she is my best frnd Shwetha. We shouldn’t talk like dat to her.

Vidya got upset with his words. But controlled her tears

Vidya: I am sorry Shwetha

Vidya is abt to leave

Jay: wait Vidya. Come here to me. She went near to him n he kept his hand on her shoulders n took her close.

Jay: Shwetha, she is my wife n personal secretary Vidya. She no need to learn her limits n she can decide wat is right n wrong for me both personally n professionally. U have no right to talk with my wife like dat. I hate anyone disrespecting my wife.She won’t go anywhere. Apologise her Shwetha

Shwetha: I am sorry Vidya.

Jay: Now sit n tell me wat u want to say

Shwetha: I think u r so busy in romancing with enemy’s daughter. Did u remember ur purpose of coming to India Jay

Jay: I remember everything

Shwetha: U married her for revenge. But now u r totally fallen for her. How can u do that

Jay: Look Shwetha, Culprit is her father but not Vidya. We hav no right to treat her badly bcoz she didn’t do anything wrong

Shwetha: U r not understanding Jay. U r loving ur enemy. She is ur enemy n she nvr loves u.I am sure she will cheat u one day n helps her dad

Jay: Enough Now leave this topic.

Shwetha: Now ur wife became more for u than ur family n revenge. very good. Her father is cruel n a criminal but still u loves her

Vidya: Don’t talk wrongly abt my father. Wat proof do u have to say my dad is a criminal

Shwetha: Everyone knew ur dad is a criminal

Vidya: He nvr do anything wrong

Shwetha: Yes ur dad nvr do anything wrong but We r the one who does wrong.

Jay: I said stop it. Look u both r equally important to me in my life. I don’t like anyone to get hurted in both of u. So leave it n just get last from here both of u.

Shwetha went from there angrily n Vidya shocked listening his words saying that both are important to him. She is seeing him

Jay: Vidya, leave me alone for Sometime

Vidya: I am going home. Bye

Vidya went to home n at aftnoon, Jay came home n went to her

Jay: Vidya, did u have lunch

Vidya(shouts): I don’t want anything. Leave me alone pls

Jay: I am sorry Vidya

Vidya: No need. When a best frnd is equally important to a wife, its not a small thing Jay

Jay: Don’t u trust me?

Vidya: I don’t. How can I trust u without knowing anything abt u. Except ur name n profession I know nothing. I can’t trust u

Jay: If there is no trust there is no love n relationship Vidya. If u can’t trust me, then leave me n go.

Saying this Jay went off n Vidya started crying. Its evening n Jay realised wat he said in anger.

Jay(inner voice): How can I talk like dat to her. I should have explained her how much Shwetha helped me n y she is so angry. Instead of that I hurted her n asked her to leave. She may left by this time.

Thinking this he reached home n its dark. It switched on lights n went to his room n didn’t find Vidya. He called her name out louder but no response. He called her.

Vidya: Hello

Jay: Whr r u?

Vidya: At my home

Jay: Vidya, I am sorry for talking rudely to u. I will explain everything to u. Pls come back.

Vidya: I won’t

Jay: Vidya pls

Vidya: If u want me to come back to u then u come here n pick me

Jay: You know well I didn’t like to come to ur home

Vidya: If u want me then come, otherwise leave me

Jay: I won’t come. If u didn’t come now to our home then stay there at ur home forever. Bye

Vidya: Sure I will b here forever. Bye

He disconnected the call. He lied on bed for sometime n then called her again

Vidya: What

Jay: Ok I am coming to take u home. Get ready

Vidya: I won’t come

Jay: Don’t irritate me. I will b there in 10mins n be ready to come. Though I didn’t like to come there n see ur father’s face still coming only for u.So pls understand. I will call u aft reaching there n u come outside

Vidya: No u come inside home n hav to convince me

Jay: I didn’t want to step into ur house Vidya

Vidya: Then don’t come I will b here forever. Bye

Jay: Wait. Ok. I will do wat u said. I am coming

Vidya: ok

Jay took car keys n came down n surprisingly saw Vidya in hall

Jay: U here? Didn’t u go to ur home?

Vidya: I am already at my home.

Jay: But u said u left our house

Vidya: Y will I leave my house. Who r u to say to leave u? U r my husband n I hav all rights on u. I won’t leave u. I will torture u forever.

Jay smiled listening her words.

Jay: U said u r at ur home

Vidya: Is this not my home?

Jay: I thought u left me n went ur maternal home.

Vidya: I know abt u well. U r so mad sometimes. Who will mind mad person’s words. Thats y I didn’t go.

Jay: So I am mad

Vidya: Yes. I hate u. U hurted me n asked me to leave u. I don’t like u (saying like a child)

Jay cupped her face

Jay: Sorry my dear.

He is looking at her.

Vidya: Sorry for talking like dat. I trust u a lot n I nvr talk like dat again. Shwetha is ur bestie. Frnds r also important in our life. I should have understood that. I know u asked me to leave in anger. So I didn’t leave. When I know u hate my father, how can I go to my maternal home? I can’t go there. I didn’t want to hurt u Jay.

Jay hugged her.

Jay: I love U Vidya. U r right I said it in anger. But if u leave me I can’t live. Watever I should not have said u to leave me n go. This is ur house. No one including me had right to ask u to leave. U r so sweet. U understood me well n didn’t leave me. I am lucky to hav u.

Vidya hugged him back

Vidya: I nvr leave u. Pls smile

Both sat in sofa talking.

Jay: Shwetha is not a bad girl. Her anger is on ur father n not on u. She know everything that happened. I am sure if u come to know the truth, u too gets angry on ur father.

Vidya: Dinner is ready

Jay: Shall I ask u one thing?

Vidya: Ya

Jay:U don’t like anyone commenting on ur father n u immediately opposes them. Then y don’t u oppose me wen I criticise him?

Vidya: Bcoz for me u both r equally important. So without knowing everything I didn’t want to hurt anyone of u. I am hungry. Lets have dinner.

Both had dinner n went to their room.

Vidya: Jay, Still I am angry on u.

Jay: Really??

Vidya: Yes

Jay kissed her on forehead.

Jay: So r u going to ask anything to bring me from outside now at this nite???

Vidya: No

Jay: Then

Vidya: U should nvr ask me again to leave. If u ask me to leave again,then surely I won’t stay here

Jay: I promise I won’t say u to leave. Because I can’t live without my angel

Next day Jay woke up n saw Vidya having coffee in balcony. He went n hugged her from back.

Vidya: Good morning Jay

Jay: Good morning. I love u

Vidya smiled.

Jay: Y don’t u say I love u to me at least once till now?

Vidya: I… I need sometime

Vidya(inner voice): I love u Jay but I want to help my father. So before dat I won’t say I love u to u. Bcoz I didn’t want u to think I acted love just to take pen drive from u. But I really love u.

Jay left her n went from there n got ready. Vidya brought coffee for him n found him wearing another dress not the one which she kept on table for him.

Vidya: Coffee

Jay: No need

Vidya: Jay, r u angry on me

Jay: No I am very happy to know that my wife doesn’t love me

Vidya: Jay pls understand

Jay: Yes I am trying to understand u. Vidya, any relationship is based only on love n trust. But u don’t love or trust me.

Vidya: I trust u

Jay: Leave it. From today till u love me, I will stay away from u. I think I am troubling u by showing my love on u. I won’t trouble u from today.

Vidya: Jay I am sorry

Jay: Don’t b coz I am not angry on u. I am just saying I will give u time without troubling u.

Vidya turned another side to hide her tears. Jay closed his eyes n controlled his anger. He opened his eyes slowly.

Jay: Give me My coffee

Vidya turned towards him n looked him.
Jay: Coffee

Vidya: U told u didn’t want it

Jay: I didn’t want to miss that tasty coffee by being angry on u

He took coffee from her hands.

Vidya(like a kid): R u angry on me

Jay: Yes

Vidya: Sorry

Jay: I don’t want ur sorry

Vidya: Then?

Jay: Vidya, I know u r loving me. So I want u to realise that. I didn’t mean to hurt u but without love we can’t stay as couple forever.

Vidya: I will prepare brk fst

Jay: I will help u

Both are preparing brk fst n someone knocked their door.

Precap: Vidya proposing Jay. Jay’s surprise plan for Vidya n their lovely moments

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. This story is so nice i hope this is never ending story
    I hope di that some director must read ur story n there should a show on it. This part was as usually superb.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hmm..Yes dear..He is loving her so much n if she cheats then can’t even imagine his reaction..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Vidya doesn’t know truth n didn’t trust Jay’s words..But may b her betrayal leads to serious consequences..

  2. aditi syam

    Awesome I am going mad reading it I am very excited to knw jay’s past plzzzzzzzzzz post it soon post next part too plzzzzz I can’t wait plzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz

  3. Lakshmi

    Amazing episode dear. Both r really superb. Everything is perfect n nice dear. Precap is superb. Luv u…tc..

  4. Silpa k sivadasan

    Superb epi

    Jay is the bst husbnd
    I too want som1 like him

    Plz update the nxt epi faast

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..Frankly in all characters of my 6 ffs, I love Jay’s character very much. He is so loving..

  5. Bisha was a very dumdaar episode…i loved it…jay is marvellous n so is Vidya..i don know wat will happen wen she cheats him bt i think once c gts to knwd truth c wont en evr deceive him frm inside

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear Bisha…If she knows d truth she won’t betray him..But the prblm is even if he says the truth, she won’t believe bcoz she trusts her father a lot..

  6. Roma

    Awesome episode, vidya loves him but still wants to save her dad….but when she batray him then I scare Jay will become so dangerous. you sindhu dearrryyy…such a lovely n beautiful story….

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