Sacred Bonding (Episode 4)

Episode 4:

Recap: Vidya acting frndshp with Jay to steal pen drive n Jay decided not to hurt her anymore

Vidya is having brk fst n Jay is doing work on laptop.

Vidya: Its so tasty

Jay: Acha. Do u have habit of lying Vidya?

Vidya coughed listening his question.

Vidya: N..No

Jay gave water to her n read a news on laptop.

Jay: Ms. Vidya Singh won first prize in Cooking competition conducted by Youth Talent Show.

Jay saw her seriously n Vidya is sacred n ready to shed tears. He got off from his place n came to her n sat in front of her.

Jay: Do u have anything to say?

Vidya: I am sorry Jay. As I am angry on u at that time, I lied to u saying that I didn’t know cooking.

Jay(shouted): Shut up

Vidya scared n dropped her plate n stood up.

Jay: I hate lies n cheating. U must b punished for this Vidya. I won’t spare u.

Saying this Jay raised his hand to slap. Vidya scared n closed her eyes n tears r flowing from her eyes. Jay seeing her tears dropped his hand.

Jay: Vidya, don’t cry. Its ok. I forgave u. pls stop crying. I can’t see u crying. Open ur eyes look at me.

Vidya opened her eyes listening him.

Jay: But don’t repeat it


Jay came close to her n wiped her tears n shocked her by kissing on her forehead.

Jay: You look very beautiful when u smile. So smile once pls. I am sorry beautiful.

Vidya(smiled): No, Its my fault, so I am Sorry

Jay: its ok. I won’t force u to do the works which u won’t like. So b frank n if u don’t like anything, just say that to me but don’t lie.

Vidya: Ok. From today I will cook food for u

Jay: Its upto u. no force. I didn’t want to restrict u in anything except talking to ur father. U must obey me in this regard whether u like it or not. If u talk with him without my permission, then I won’t b this cool n frndly towards u. So remember this.

Vidya(joining both her hands as if praying): Ok. Don’t start the same lecture again. I think by mistake u became rock star Professor is the suitable profession to u. One more thing u too look good only wen u smile. I really scare to see u wen u r angry. Can u smile once?

Jay(smiled): Ok. Now get ready. lets go out if u like. Bcoz u r not a prisoner to stay at home all time n u may feel bore. So first lets go to my fav place n then whereever u want.

Vidya: Wow.I am really tired of being at home all the time. Its really disgusting. I hate it (kept kid’s face)

Saying this she went n got ready. She is wearing red colour sari in which she is looking damn beautiful. Jay starring at her n he us totally lost in her thoughts n aft sonetime realised n went out of the room saying her to come down aft getting ready. Vidya got ready n went to him.

Vidya:Shall we go?

Jay: Ya

Vidya is going.

Jay: Vidya one minute

Vidya: What

He came near to her n her heart started beating fastly coz she can sense love in his eyes. She bent her head to avoid seeing him.

Jay: Do u really hate that much to stay at home all the time?

Vidya looked him n nodded.

Jay: You can go anywhere u want but on one condition

Vidya: Shouldn’t meet my father, right?

Jay: You are very smart girl. You are right

Vidya: Ok.

Jay: Promise me

Vidya: Promise

Jay: Do watever u want n live as u r at ur maternal home.

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing?

Jay: Yes u can

Vidya: I want to do jo.

Jay: Ok

Vidya: Can u appoint me as ur personal secretary?

Jay: What?

Vidya: If u didn’t like then I will try another job.

Jay: No No. Actually I thought to ask u the same. But I thought u may not agree or feel otherwise so I didn’t

Vidya: No I won’t. I really like to work with u

Vidya(inner voice): Only then I can know wat u r. Any person can act for sometime but not all the time. Let me see wat u r actually.

Jay: Hello madam, whr do u lost? come lets go

He took her to an orphan home run by him. Vidya liked the place very much. Jay n Vidya took blessings from mother who is in incharge of it in Jay’s absence.

Vidya: Is it run by u?

Jay: By my mom

Vidya: Oh. I liked this place very much. These kids who r very innocent n their smiles, wow I just love this place Neel

Jay looked her. Vidya realised wat she said.

Vidya: Sorry Jay

Jay didn’t react to her words as if he didn’t notice but he noticed her saying Neel.

Jay: My mom too love this place a lot.

Vidya: Shall I join with those kids?

Jay: Permission is not necessary. U can do anything u want except one thing n u know wats dat.

Vidya went to kids n started playing with them. She totally lost herself in playing with them. A kid sat in her lap n she is pampering them n listening to them smilingly. She is so happy n she too became a kid along with them. Jay felt happy looking her. Its past 2 hrs n she is still playing with them. Jay went to her.

Jay: Vidya, Shall we go?

Vidya: ok

One of the kids came forward to them n hold his hand sighed him to sit. Jay sat down n saw him.

Kid: Bhaiya, She is so good like Maa, U n suhana di. Who is she?

Jay didn’t understand wat to answer n lost in thoughts.

Vidya: If he is ur bhaiya then I am ur bhabhi

Jay looked her shockingly. They left from there n are in car.

Vidya: I am sorry. I know u didn’t like me saying bhabhi to them. But we can’t explain our relationship better than that. As long as I stay with u its necessary for us to behave as couple before others.

Jay: its ok.

Jay(inner voice): I love u Vidya. But I can’t say that to u. I didn’t know the reason for falling in love with u. But I love u truly. I know u love Neel n our relationship stays only for sometime. But still my heart wants u to b with me forever.

Vidya: Whr r we going now?

Jay: Ur wish

Vidya: Park near by our home

Jay: ok

Both went to park. Vidya is njoying the cool breeze as its evng. She is searching something

Jay: wat r u searching for?

Vidya: Ice cream

Jay: What

Vidya: I want ice cream. I am searching thst is there any shop here which sells ice cream

Jay: There’s no shop here like dat. But there’s one near by. U can have it while returning to home

Vidya: I want now

Jay(irritatingly): Arey from where should I get it for u now?

Vidya turned another side n is silent. Jay saw her being upset

Jay: Vidya, look here

Vidya didn’t see him

Jay: Ok. U sit here. I will bring ice cream for u

Vidya smiled and looked him

Vidya: Thank u

Jay: Keep smiling like dat all the time. Don’t go anywhere. Sit here. I will come soon

Jay went n came with ice cream. But didn’t see Vidya. He searched there but didn’t see her. He is really so upset thinking she left n sat on kness in sad crying bendind his head.

Jay(inner voice): Y did u do this Vidya. I didn’t expect this from u. I didn’t know y but I feel as if I will die without u. I love u

Jay heard the sound of anklets n rised his head. Vidya is coming n he went to her n hugged her. Vidya shocked but can’t resist seeing him crying.

Vidya: Jay, r u ok? Wat happen?

Jay broke the hug.

Jay(shouting): Whr did u go n why? I told u to sit here. Y did u move from here.

Vidya: Listen to me first

Jay: Nothing is there to listen. we r going to home

He caught her hand tight n is dragging her

Vidya(shouts): Leave me

Jay saw her n left the hold on her hand. Vidya caught his hand

Vidya: Come with me

She took him to a place n candles are arranged there on the sand. Jay looked n got surprised as its written “Happy Birthday Jay”. Jay looked her

Vidya: Happy birthday Jay

Jay: Thank u. But how do u know

Vidya: I saw ur profile on google at mrng. Pls cut the cake.

Jay: I didn’t want to celebrate my bday.

Vidya: I want to celebrate it.Pls

Jay smiled n cut the cake n kept in her mouth.

Jay: So for making these arrangements u sent me for ice cream?

Vidya: Ya

After their celebrations they chit chatted for sometime n left to him. Vidya prepared his fav food n served him. He is totally confused with her behaviour but didn’t ask her anything.

Precap: Jay saw Vidya meeting Neel.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Shree

    Please don’t break Jay’s heart… He’s good… What will vidya do when she finds out of her dad?! Don’t so that to Jay… Today’s episode was awesome..

    Post soon… Love you ??

  2. Ruby_Ryan

    sindhu dr another story. didn’t read previous chapters. .but I will read for u

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u swt hrt..hw r u? r u busy these days? I am waiting for ur stories: you are mine, kidnapper n humsafar..pls post atleast one ep.. if u r busy its ok I will wait till u u , tc..

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