Sacred Bonding (Episode 3)

Episode 3:

Recap: Jay married Vidya.

Its evng n Jay reached home n opened his room door. Vidya saw him. Jay threw a sari on her face n his eyes are filled with anger. The sari was so untidy n is torn here n there. She didn’t understand wat he mean.

Jay: Wear it

Vidya: How can I wear this type of sari?

Jay caught her hair n Vidya got shocked as he is so cool at mrng n now he is so rude.She screamed with pain

Jay: U must do wat I say. U r my servant n from today u r going to wear only this kind of sari. Go n wear it

Vidya eyes filled with tears. She went n came wearing that sari

Jay: Take off ur jewellery

Vidya took off all her jewellery.

By the time they heard the knocking of door. Jay asked her not to come out n opened door himself. Its Vidya’s parents.

Rajeshwari(Vidya’s mom): Jay, I want to see my daughter once.

He shouted her name n she came there. Anand shocked seeing her in that dressing. Vidya saw them n abt to go but stopped by Jay holding her hand. He looked her seriously.

Jay: Didn’t I tell u that u need my permission to meet anyone?

Vidya: I am sorry. Pls allow me to talk to my parents

Jay: No. Go n bring coffee. Only for me

Vidya went n brought coffee for him n Anand is pleading him not to show his anger on Vidya as she is innocent. Jay smiled seeing him in that condition. Vidya gave coffee to him n he sipped n threw on floor. He got up n slapped Vidya n she fallen on floor. Rajeshwari eyes filled with tears.

Jay: Don’t u know even to prepare coffee?

Anand: Jay pls if u r angry on me show it on me but pls don’t hurt her.

Jay: U no need to teach me how to behave with my wife.

He turned towards Vidya n grabbed her hair n made her stand.

Jay: Should I tell u to clean it?

Vidya cleaned it.

Anand: Jay pls don’t hurt my daughter. She will learn everything slowly. Pls

Jay: U don’t worry I will teach her everything in my own way. Just wait n watch.

Saying this she grabbed her hand n took her to kitchen. He ordered her to prepare coffee again. She prepared. He made her to catch the hot vessel with hand. She shouted with pain. Anand reached there

Jay: Now she learnt how to prepare coffee.

Anand: I am the one whom u hate. Y r u suffering her?

Jay: Its just beginning Mr. Anand. See how I will make ur daughter’s life a hell.

Anand listening this slapped him. Jay caught Vidya’s hair n slapped her n she screamed

Jay: Get last from here or else u will see her death.

Anand moved from there with tears. Jay looked her with anger n took her to room n threw her on bed. He left from there. Vidya cried a lot remembering how she was treated by her family n frnds.

Vidya(inner voice): Why he is behaving like dis? How much should I bare? Y he intentionally hurting me n my family? God pls help me. I can’t stay with this person but had no option. At least give me death than this torture.

She heard the knocking of door.

Jay: May I come in

Vidya(inner voice): He didn’t take my permission to marry me. But asking to come to his room. I can’t understand this person.

Jay: May I come in

Vidya: Yes

He came n sat beside her. He took her hand into his hands n Vidya scared n took back her hand.

Jay: Give me ur hand

Vidya didn’t n he himself took her hand n saw her burned fingers. He applied cream to it shocking Vidya. She can see tears in his eyes.

Jay: I am sorry

Vidya: For?

Jay: Hurting u so much

Vidya: Is this the last time n r u not going to hurt me again

Jay: I don’t know

Vidya: Jay, If u really feel u r wrong then u won’t do it. But no. U didn’t feel that u r wrong. Bcoz I am sure u didn’t do it in anger but did hurted me intentionally. I want to kill u. But somewhere inside my heart, I feel something is wrong n I didn’t know that. Surely very soon I will know it.

Jay: Ok. Find it out but tell me wat will u do if I am wrong

Vidya: I didn’t even hesitate to kill u to protect my family

Jay: Do u love ur family that much?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Why did u marry me?

Vidya: To save my dad

Jay: Vidya, U loved Neel n aft engagement u married me for the sake of ur dad. It is also a kind of cheating. U too hurted Neel who loved u lot for ur family.

Vidya: I don’t have other option

Jay: Don’t u feel its wrong?

Vidya: I know its wrong

Jay: Then y did u do it?

Vidya: For my family

Jay: Do u mean watever we do for our family is not wrong?

Vidya: Its not like dat but sometimes we r helpless

Jay: Is it applicable only to u?

Vidya: R u doing all this for saving ur family?

Jay: No


Jay:Even if I say the truth, u won’t believe me.So leave it.Tell me one more thing, If u come to know ur dad is wrong, wat will u do?

Vidya: Depends on his fault.

Jay: If he is a murderer?

Vidya: He nvr do such things?

Jay: Suppose if he murdered someone, wat will u do

Vidya: I will get him arrested.

Jay: If he raped a person n killed entire family?

Vidya: I will kill him with my own hands. But I know he is not of that kind

Jay: If u find he is wrong, will u be my true wife loving me n stay forever with me?

Vidya: I love Neel. U can force me to be ur wife but can’t force me to love u. Its a feeling should come from heart.

Jay: Shall we b frnds?

Vidya: No. I can’t befrnd a person whom I hate. U r the first person in my life whom I hate.

Jay: But I don’t hate u. I hate only ur father. Anyways I am once again sorry for hurting u. I won’t hurt u again as long as u obey me even to hurt ur father. Its a promise. Did u have ur dinner?

Vidya: No. I am not hungry

Jay: Have it

He gave a plate to her which brought while entering into the room. Vidya took it n abt to have but saw her hand n stopped.

Vidya: I need a spoon

Jay saw her n took the plate n started feeding with his hand. Vidya shocked for a minute n remembered her mom who used to feed her when she had injured her hand.

Jay: Vidya, Whr r u lost. Pls have it

Vidya had her dinner. Jay went off n came aft sometime. Vidya scared lookibg him as he is sleeping beside her.

Jay: Vidya, We have only one room arranged with bed. Tomorrow another spare bed room will be arranged. So bare me for one day. I won’t trouble u. Gud nite

Jay slept turning another side. Vidya starring him

Jay: Don’t stare at me for long time. U may fall for me forgetting Neel.

Vidya: How do u know I am starring at u?

Jay: Usually girls stare at me like dat.

Vidya: I am not that kind of girl

Jay: I told girls stare at me but didn’t say its bad. Coz they r my fans. Looking at me is not wrong swt hrt. Mostly they stare at me remembering my songs. They r admiring my talent. Don’t find fault in it. If a girl stare at someone whom she admire doesn’t mean her character is bad.

Vidya: Do u hav girl frnds?

Jay: Girl frnds or girl frnd?

Vidya: Girl frnd

Jay turned towards her.

Jay: R u curious to know abt my other side, I mean to know lover boy in me?

Vidya: No

Jay: R u possessive?

Vidya: No

Jay: I had a girl frnd. But don’t worry at present except u no other girl had place in my life.

Vidya: Aft separation

Jay: Hmm. I don’t know. Bcoz I stopped dreaming abt my life long back. If I am alive let me think at that time wat will I do

Vidya: Wat do u mean? Y r u so hopeless?

Jay: Good night Vidya

Vidya: You didn’t answer my question Jay

Jay: few questions can be answered only to our closed ones. Our’s is a meaningless relationship, so there is no obligation on us to share abt our lives. One more thing ur new dresses n jewellery are there in next room. U can b as u r before our marriage. Good night

Vidya: Good night

Next day:

Jay woke up n got ready n is in his work. Vidya got up n saw him. But he didn’t notice.

Vidya: Good morning

Jay: Good morning

He didn’t see her n is busy in working. She got ready n is abt to go down.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya turned n saw him

Jay: Coffee is in flask n brk fst is in hot box on table. I am not a good cook but I hope u can have it.

Vidya: Did u cook? But y?

Jay: I didn’t like hotel food. U didn’t know cooking. I don’t know from wen new cook joins. So I tried myself

She laughed listening his way of speaking.

Jay: Ur smile is so beautiful.

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Its just a compliment. Don’t think otherwise.

Vidya: Shall we b frnds?

Vidya forwarded her hand for handshake n Jay smiled n joined his hand with her.

Jay: Wat is this sudden change?

Vidya: My heart says u r not as bad as I think. So aft thinking whole nite, I thought to befrnd u.

Jay: Thank u. Shall we go out?

Vidya: Wat?

Jay: Not on date. Just a frndly trip

Vidya: Sure. But where?

Jay: To my fav place

Vidya: Ok

Vidya(inner voice): I am sorry Jay. I can’t befrnd u. I just want to escape from u. For that I need ur pendrive with which u r blackmailing my father. I want u to trust me n only then I can get it.

Jay(inner voice): U r too good Vidya. Though I hurted u, still u didn’t feel that I am bad n u accepted me as ur frnd. As I promised u, I won’t hurt u. I will set the scores directly with ur father.

Precap: Jay falling for Vidya.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. swara

    unpredictable pair JAYA i mean (jay and vidya) now vidya faking befriend in jay by the awesome episode interesting precap thanks for writing 3rd episode.

  2. Aneri

    Hey sindhu I am new here . Till now I have read all your ffs as a silent reader but today I really feel like appreciating your imagination. You are great writer . I am having my last semester exams on this 8 of March so I will comment after that till then you keep on writing and consider me as your friend. :-);-) :-(;-):-)……

  3. Shree

    Omg!! She’s cheating him!! No way!! I donno how he’ll react.. Don’t do this…

    Post soon…. Love you??

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode, she is trapping him ….he wàs,so rude n violent in front of her parents. …

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