Sacred Bonding (Episode 24)

SB ep 24

Recap: Vidya comes to know that she can’t become mother. She asks Jay to marry Lasya making him angry. Jay explains how much he loves her n meaning of marriage n refuses to marry anyone.

The episode starts with Jay comes home n goes to his room but didn’t Vidya.

Jay(inner voice): Whr is Vidya? She didn’t even call me informing she will b late. Now a days she is not behaving like dis. Aft that incident she changed a lot n not going anywhere without informing me. I hope everything is fine n nothing happened to her.

Thinking this he went to kitchen to take water n saw Vidya in kitchen. He felt relaxed n hugged from behind.

Vidya: Jay, when did u come. Sorry I didn’t notice

Jay: Just now. Its ok. Wat my swt hrt is doing n whr r maids?

Vidya: I am preparing food for my husband. I asked maids to go early today as I thought I can cook today.

Jay: Ok. I will help u.

Vidya: It’s ok. U just go n get fresh. U can do myself.

Jay: No. I will help u. But first give me a cup of coffee made by u.

Vidya: ok

Vidya gave coffee to him. She is cutting vegetables n Jay hugged her from back n caught her hands n is making her cut vegetables

Vidya: Is this the help which u said

Jay: Of course darling

Vidya: Wow.So sweet. Both of us r doing the same work. U know something Jay

Jay: Wat

Vidya: Whenever u help me, it takes long time to finish cooking than if I do it myself. So u pls go n wait at dining table, I will finish it fast

Jay: R u scolding me indirectly?

Vidya: No. Not indirectly, I am scolding u Directly

Jay: Acha. Don’t u scare for me now?

Vidya turned towards him n smiled

Vidya: No. U r my courage. I can do anything wen u r with me. Bcoz u gives me that confidence. U taught many things to me. Bcoz of u I forgot to b scared. Now a days I am not scared for anyone. U completely removed my fears.I love u

Jay hold both her hands n kissed them.

Jay: I love u too

Vidya: I want to ask u something

Jay: Ya tell me

Vidya: I… I want….

Jay:Just now u said u won’t fear for anything or anyone. So tell me wat u want. Don’t let the ghost of fear come over u again.

Vidya: I want 2 lakhs

Jay: One minute

Jay went to room n Vidya didn’t understand anything n looking him. Jay came with cheque book n gave a cheque of 2 lakhs to her.

Vidya: Don’t u even feel to ask reason?

Jay: No. I am confident that u won’t ask money without any reason n sure that reason will b good too. If I question u the reason it means I am curbing ur freedom to spend money. U have right on me n everything that belongs to me.

Vidya: I went to hospital today to mom n dad. I asked money for their treatment. As both r unconscious I didn’t know wat to do. So I asked u.

Jay:Thats ok. Don’t worry. I will tc of their treatment.

Vidya: Thank u

Jay: Not required bcoz u r my wife n I will do anything for u

Vidya: I thanked for marrying me


Vidya: Yes. Thank u for marrying me. If its not u I would nvr b this happy n free to lead my life as per my wish.

Jay: Free?? But I feel sometimes being angry on u for not coming home on time or not informing me, makes u disturbed

Vidya: No. Its just ur caring on me n not restrictions to me.

Jay: Thank u for understanding me

Vidya: Now chalo..u go from here. I will prepare dnr fast. U r wasting my whole time

Jay: Give me a kiss n then I will go. Otherwise I will disturb u.

Vidya: U r really……

Jay: Wat? mad?

Vidya: No. Loving n sweet

Jay smiled n Vidya kissed him on cheek.

Vidya: Now go

Jay: Ok

Both had dinner. Vidya is taking off her jewellery near dressing table n Jay hugged her from back.

Vidya: Leave me Jay pls

Jay: No. I can’t leave u anymore

Vidya: Wh…what?

Vidya shocked as she didn’t listen such words from him these days. Jay turned her towards him n then pinned her to the wall near by. He came close to her. He is so close that he can hear her breath n heart beat. He pulled closer by keeping his hand on her waist n then kissed her lips softly. He left her n saw into her eyes.

Jay: I can’t stop myself anymore. I want u

Vidya shocked as doctor told its danger for her life to become close to him n seeing Jay’s different behaviour.

Jay: Y r u silent? Don’t u love me

Vidya: No. I love u. If u want me, I nvr say no. I am ur wife n u hav all rights on me.

Jay: But doctor said its not good for ur health

Vidya: Its ok

Jay gave her medical reports.

Jay: Now its not danger for ur life. If its not good for ur health, I would nvr behave like this. Bcoz for me only u r important.

Vidya hugged him n he kissed her on forehead.

Jay: Doctor said you can start treatment from next week to become mom. R u happy now?

Vidya nodded.

Jay: Hmm

Vidya: Oh I forgot u didn’t like such type of reply. Yes, I am so happy.

Jay: Ok. Shall we go tomorrow to meet Suhana di

Vidya: Ya sure. I too miss bhaiya, bhabhi n shwetha a lot. Lets inform Adi, Vicky n Karthi too to come there. I want to meet them all.

Jay: Ok. I will call them.

Jay called them but no one received the call.He called Shwetha but of no reply. He frightened coz of no response. Vidya switched on the tv n shocked seeing the news

Vidya: Jay (shouted)

Jay came to her.

Jay: What happen Vidya?

Vidya showed tv. Jay shocked seeing the news.

Reporter: Great sacrifice of IAS Suhana and IAS Kiran. They saved Prime Minister and thousands of people attended for Independence parade at New Delhi by saceificing their lives. Nation salutes them. Suhana is accused in a scam n this incident proved her patriotism and her sincerity onxe again to the whole nation. But how do they know abt plan of bomb blast and how they came at crct is still a mystery to b solved by our Police Department. Lets hope they will get justice by catching ppl in this bomb blast planning.

They showed dead bodies of Suhana and Kiran. Jay was unable to control himself. He remembered childhood fights with Suhana, crcting him when he ruined his life, protecting him everytime. Adi, Karthi n Vikky reached there seeing the news.

Precap: Vidya’s parents came into conscious. Jay united with his parents n comes to know Shwetha is a sleeper cell.

Hi everyone..Sorry for updating this ep very lately..I have started 2 new ffs too. If u guys didn’t read, pls read them n tell ur opinion on them..New Ffs are My life my choice and Rainbow-Colours of Love…Now tell me hw is this ep through ur comments..Thank u frnds..

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. ryths

    superb as always….really really really luvd d epi…waiting for ur nxt epi update asap

  2. Sylvia

    Too sad atlast suhana died n mmh waiting 4 cute junior jay hop the medication works, thanks 4 the update

    • Sindhu K S V

      Ya sad but she died fur nation inspiring ppl..In last ep u will see junior Jay..Thank u..

  3. Ani

    Di its amazing I loved it ….

    Waiting for the next episode …..
    I wanted to know that hiw they were able to do everything . Relwel the secret fast …
    Didi thanks again for coming back and updating this . ….

  4. vanshika

    so finally u updated…nice episode…jaya part was asusual awesome…hope u will update next part soon…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…will update remaining 3 parts soon n 27th will b the end as i said earlier…

  5. Devga

    U r a grt calculator i meant abt hw manage ur writing and say exactly the episode wer u goin to end it… Fantastic….. Wen u hv only 3 chaps then complete ths asap dr so tht atleast one burden lessons….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..May b u r right…I will end this asap..mostly in upcoming week..

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