Sacred Bonding (Episode 23)

Episode 23

Recap: Jay knowing that Vidya can’t become mom n he must stay away from her otherwise leads to

Episode starts with Jay waking up n looking Vidya.

Jay: I don’t know how to say the truth to u but I cannot hide it for more time. I hope u won’t become panic n depressed aft knowing that. I promise I will b with u in ur every struggle giving u support n strength to face it. This is the true essence of any relationship. Till now u did a lot for me. U bared my anger, loved me a lot, agreed to leave ur parents for me, gave ur love to my family n indirectly I am also a reason for ur situation now. I hurted u many times but u nvr hurted me n inspite of my flaws, u r viewing me as the best husband. If its not u, I would nvr b so happy with anyone else. I love u.

Jay leaned towards her n kissed her on forehead. Vidya woke up smiling.

Vidya: Good morning

Jay: Good morning swt hrt

Vidya: Y r u starring at me like dat early in the morning?

Jay: Just trying to understand how God created such a beautiful girl with most beautiful heart

Vidya: Oh.. Who is that girl?

Jay: U didn’t know her

Vidya: What? abt whom u r talking? Its not abt me

Jay: No. Who told u r beautiful. U r not that beautiful as that girl abt whom I am talking.

Vidya pushed him aside slowly n went off from there to get ready. Both got ready. Vidya is not talking to Jay as she is angry.

Jay: Vidya, Can u get me coffee

Vidya sat on bed but didn’t respond to him. Jay is njoying her anger n jealous. He smiled n faked anger.

Jay:Can’t u hear me. I said to bring u coffee. Don’t make me angry again.

Vidya went n brought coffee. She gave coffee to him n Jay took the coffee by touching her hand n then he kept coffee aside n hugged her from behind.

Jay: Angry on me

Vidya: No

Jay:So jealousy


Jay:Then y r u not talking to me

Vidya: Tell me who is that girl

Jay: Hmm.Do u wanna know abt her

Vidya: Yes

Jay: The one who made my life beautiful. who made me complete. Who is with me in my ups n downs. Who bares my anger n stupidity. Who loves me immensely. Its my beautiful wife.

Vidya smiled n turned towards him.

Jay: Now did u understand who is that beautiful?

Vidya: Ur wife

Jay: Yes its only You swt hrt. The best thing that had happened to me in my entire life.

Vidya:I love u

Jay:Luv u too

Vidya:I will prepare brkfst for u

Jay: No need. Maids will do the work. U just relax.

Vidya: How long? You are not allowing me to do any work. Not sending anywhere. I feel bored to sit idle at home all the time. Pls Jay, allow me to do work n go for coaching pls

Jay: No

Vidya: Y? I am fine now, not weak. Pls understand

Jay: Hmm. Do one thing. Come with me to office if u feel bore here at home

Vidya: Wat should I do there? You won’t allow me to do anything there too

Jay: Exactly. Till I feel u r recovered n fine, You are not allowed to do anything.

Vidya: Atleast allow me to study at home

Jay: No. Doctor said u shouldn’t b stressed physically n mentally too

Vidya: Kill me, its better than being idle n resting all the time.

Jay smiled n came to her n sat besides her on bed n hugged her from side.

Jay: Don’t b angry darling. If u feel bore,watch tv, listen music, read novels etc. Do those works which keeps u relaxed but not stressed. Today evng lets go out to dinner n shopping. U will feel better. I didn’t say u not to go anywhere. U can go anywhere but only with me not alone. If u want everyday evng I will take u out wherever u want.

Vidya: U r treating me as a kid. Ur care is too much n its disgusting. U r not fighting with me. U r not saying any works to me. I want u to b as u are. I do not understand y u changed urselves a lot.

Jay: I am getting late. Tc. Lets go out at evng. U can fight with me later.

Vidya: ok

Jay went to office. He came at evng. Vidya is waiting for him. Jay gave a gift to her.

Vidya: Wats this

Jay: Western dress

Vidya: Again

Jay: U look pretty in that dress

Vidya: Hmm. But I can’t come out in that dress

Jay hugged her from behind n kissed her on cheek.

Jay: But u will wear for me,right?

Vidya: No. Bcoz u already promised me that u nvr ask me to wear such dresses outside.

Jay: Yes I won’t force u bcoz I love u. Its ur fav saree. Now get ready. Lets go out

Vidya opened the cover n saw a baby pink sari with white lace n embroidery. She smiled at him n got ready. He took her to shopping n then for a long drive. He stopped the car near a beautiful garden. He took her inside. Vidya held his hand tight n leaned on his shoulder n he took her inside. He took the keys of the house n both went inside. Its beautifully decorated with rose petals n their pics.

Vidya: Its beautiful

Jay: Not more than u swt hrt

Jay took her to the dining table n they had dinner. He took guitar n played song for her. Vidya went into dreams of their dancing for the song “bolna mahi bolna”. Suddenly she felt hand on her waist n looked. Jay came to her n asked her hand for dance. Both danced for a long time till they got tired.

Bot returned home. Vidya felt very happy as she njoyed a lot.

Jay: How was the day?

Vidya: Awesome. Thank u so much Jay. I am so happy. I njoyed a lot.

Jay: Why did u like the most?

Vidya thought for a moment

Vidya: Dinner.Its very tasty

Jay looked her shockingly as he expected her to say dance with him.

Jay: hmm Good.

Vidya: U?

Jay: Dinner bcoz its the only time wen u r calm without eating my brain.

Vidya: Wat

Jay: Good night

Jay lied on bed

Vidya: So u want me not to talk. Ok I won’t talk from now.

Jay smiled n looked her. She slept turning other side. Jay hugged her n turned her towards him.

Jay: I love u

Vidya: I hate u

Jay: Really?

Vidya: Haan

Jay: How much do u hate me? I love u this much

Saying he kissed her lips for a long time n left her. Vidya blushed n lowered her eyes.

Jay: Show me ur hatred dear

Vidya: I love u. Today I njoyed a lot esp dancing with u. I always want to b with u. Never leave me pls. I can’t live without u. I feel happy n secured wen u r with me. I feel as if there is no need to live if u r not with me

Jay: I love u too. I nvr leave u. I will b with u forever. I promise.

He kissed her on forehead n both slept. Next day Jay got ready n left to office. In the mid of the day he got a call from landline of their home.

Jay: Vidya

Other side: Sir, This is Karunya (maid)

Jay: Tell me. Is everything ok? Whr is Vidya

Karunya: Sir, mam went out n came just now crying n is not opening the door. She locked herself in the door.

Jay: Wat? Ok I am coming

Jay came home. Jay knocked the door but Vidya didn’t open

Jay: Vidya open the door.

No response

Jay tried for a longtime but she didn’t open the door.

Jay: Pls open the door. R u angry on me? Ok lets talk swt hrt. First open the door.

Jay: Ok. I didn’t know y r u not opening the door. If I do anything wrong. I am so sorry. Open the door Vidya

Jay lost his patience completely.

Jay: Vidya, don’t make me too much angry. I can brk the door n come inside if u didn’t open it. Aft that I don’t know wat I will do. R u going to open the door or shall I brk it.

Jay heard the sound of opening the door. He went inside angrily but shocked seeing entire room as a mess. Everything was thrown down. He saw Vidya sat on bed crying n her face became red. He didn’t understand anything but rushed to Vidya n hugged her tightly seeing her in that stage. Vidya pushed him away.

Vidya: Don’t touch me. U r a lier. Stay away from me

Jay: Pls tell wat happened. I didn’t lie to u. Knowingly I didn’t do anything that hurts u. Tell me wat r u talking abt

Vidya: Why didn’t u tell me that I can’t bcom mother n u r staying away from me bcoz I am not well

Jay: How didu know this? Did u meet doctor

Vidya: Yes. Why didn’t u tell this to me Jay. I doubted ur character but even though u nvr said anything to me. Y??

Jay came near to her n hugged her. Vidya cried

Vidya: I am sorry. This all happened coz of me. If I listened to u, It would not have happened. I am sorry

Jay: Its ok. U didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t worry too much

Vidya: I can’t give u child. I can’t give u any hpyness.

Jay: I didn’t want anything except u. You are my hpyness. Nothing else is imp to me. I am with u n will b with u forever. So stop crying. Wash ur face n have something. Worrying too much is not good for ur health.

Vidya got up n washed her face. Jay made her to eat something but she is unable to eat n vomited it. Days are passing by but still Jay didn’t understand how to console her. she became numb n lost completely. Jay thought if he spend with her n surroundings changed, she may become normal. He planned for a vocation to make her happy. He took flight tickets n came happily to home.

Vidya: Jay I want to talk to u

Jay felt very happy as she talked with him herself. From the day she knew abt that news she is not talking n just replying to him artificially. He immediately sat beside her n took her hands into his hands.

Jay: Tell me Vidya

Vidya: U shouldn’t become angry aft listening that

Jay: I promise I won’t b angry

Vidya: U pls marry Lasya. Bcoz I didn’t deserve to be ur wife. I can’t keep u happy n I can’t…….

Before she completing her words, Jay smiled n said

Jay: I am ready to marry Lasya. Actually dats a grt idea. I wil talk with Lasya

Vidya shocked listening his words coz she thought he will b angry n will nvr agree to marry anyone leaving her.But he accepted so easily.

Jay: Ok. I will meet Lasya n will talk now itself.

Saying this he left n started his car with full speed. He reached his farm house. He took trip tickets n teared them. He is so angry n he threw everything in the room. Aft some time he went home with Lasya. Vidya felt uncomfortable seeing him with Lasya but didn’t show off. Lasya asked Vidya that she wants to talk with her personally. Both went to lane n sat there.

Lasya: Vidya, Jay told everything to me. I am ready to marry him but

Vidya: But?

Lasya: U must stay away from him. U must divorce him. You should nvr meet or talk to him aft my engagement with him. I can’t allow anyone to share my hpyness. He must be mine forever n only mine aft marriage. Before my engagement u must leave him.

Vidya eyes filled with tears

Vidya: I understand Lasya. No girl can share her husband with anyone else. I am ready to go away from Jay. But promise me u will nvr hurt him n make him hpy all the time

Lasya: I hate interference of others in my married life. I know wat to do n wat not to. So stop this nonsense.

Lasya went off from there n Vidya shattered completely. She sat there till 12am. But Jay didn’t come there. Maid came n covered her with shawl

Karunya: Madam pls come inside. Its too cool outside

Vidya: Jay

Karunya: Sir had dinner n slept mam.

Vidya controlled her tears n went to her room n its locked. She knocked the door n Jay opened it. She went inside

Jay: Where were u till now

Vidya: I am…..

Jay: Its ok. I didn’t bother where were u or hw r u. But just don’t disturb my sleep. Vidya, I think we should not stay together anymore. U pls shift to another spare bed room tomorrow.

Saying this Jay slept n Vidya lied on bed thinking how can he change this much so fast. His care, love everything went off n he is not even talking with her properly. She cried n slept like dat. Morning she woke n saw him getting ready to office.

Vidya: Jay, I want to talk to u

Jay: I didn’t hav time will talk later.

Vidya: Its important

Jay: Ok tell me

Vidya: I.. I want

Jay: Tell me fast Vidya. I need to go

Vidya: I want divorce

She is so scared remembering his anger in the past when she asked for divorce. Jay came near to her n smiled

Jay: Ok. I will file divorce soon. Its better to take divorce before marrying Lasya. There will b no legal complications for me further.

Saying this he left n for a moment Vidya didn’t understand anything. Thinking abt Jay Vidya slipped from stairs n hurted her leg. Karunya called Jay

Karunya: Sir, madam fell from steps n injured her leg

Jay: So wat should I do. She must b careful but always she will b so careless. Anyways apply some gel or take her to hospital but don’t disturb me.

Vidya shocked listening him as Karunya kept it in speaker. Jay didn’t come home for 3 days n didn’t respond to her calls. As she kept on calling n finally he received the call.

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Can’t u understand that I am busy as I didn’t receive the call. Y r u disturbing me. Don’t call me again.

He cut the call. Vidya called Lasya n came to know that he is staying with her.

Vidya(inner voice): How can he change this much. He is not talking to me. Not caring for me. Is his care, love everything action? Didn’t he love me truly? May b he still loves Lasya. He just respected this marriage n stayed with me till now. As a husband he discharged his responsibility but nvr loved me. Initially I too accepted him just valuing this relationship but now I really love him. I love u Jay. I love u so much. But u didn’t love me

2 more days passed n Jay came home with Lasya. Both came to the room. Vidya became happy seeing him. She tried talking to him

Jay: I didn’t have time to talk to u. I came to collect few documents from here. So don’t waste my time.

Jay took a file n going from there n turned to Lasya.

Jay: Are u not coming

Lasya:U go. I will come within 5 mins. Need to talk with Vidya.

Jay: Ok. I will wait for u in the car.

Jay left.

Lasya: Vidya, tomorrow is my engagement with Jay. I hope u remember my conditions.U must go today itself from this home n Jay’s life.

Vidya: I remember . I will surely go

Lasya: ok

She left

Vidya(inner life): I will surely go from this earth forever. I can’t live without Jay. But I won’t disturb u both.

Vidya saw the knife on the fruits plate n took it n is abt to cut her hand at the nerves but suddenly someone grabbed it from her hand. Vidya looked n its Jay. He slapped her.

Vidya: Jay

Suddenly she saw his hand which is bleeding as he caught the knife tightly. Vidya unable to bare seeing his hand bleeding.

Vidya: Jay pls leave the knife. Pls

Jay didn’t leave it n Lasya came there listening Vidya shouting

Lasya: Jay leave the knife

Jay: I need to talk with my wife. Just go away Lasya

His tone was so angry n Lasya left. Jay saw Vidya n sighed her to lock the door. Vidya locked it.

Vidya: Jay if u r angry kill me but pls don’t hurt urself. I can’t see u in pain. Leave the knife.

Jay caught it more tightly n screamed. Vidya didn’t understand wat to do. She pleaded him in many ways but he didn’t leave knife

Vidya: I promise. I promise I nvr try to commit suicide.

Jay: Promise me that u nvr leave me n ask me to marry anyone else

Vidya: Promise. I promise

Jay: Say it clearly

Vidya: I promise I nvr leave u n will stay with u forever

Jay: Promise that u nvr ask me to get remarried

Vidya: I promise I nvr ask u to remarry. Leave the knife pls

Jay left the knife n Vidya just realised wat he asked as she promised in hurry to make him leave the knife. She came out of her thoughts n tied bondage to his hand.

Vidya: R u mad? Y did u do this? See how deeply ur hand has been cut.

Vidya is talking but crying too seeing his hand. She tied it n then Jay hugged her.

Jay: You are just seeing the cut that happened to hand. But can u imagine injury that happened to my heart

Vidya looked him.

Vidya: What? wat did I do

Jay: How can u ask me to marry Lasya leaving u? Do u know how much it hurted me?

Vidya: Wat

Jay: Do u think I really accepted to marry her? I just acted to make u understand that u can’t live without me. Its true I too can’t stay without u. Lasya helped me to make u realise ur feelings.

Vidya: If its all action then u didn’t even care for me when I am injured.U didn’t talk to me all these days

Jay: I cared for u. I sent doctor to treat u. I came n saw u when u r asleep. Karunya too helped me. I didn’t talk to u bcoz I am angry on u for asking me to marry Lasya.

Vidya hugged him

Vidya: I am sorry. Its true I can’t live without u. I love u so much.

Jay: I love u too. I am staying with u not coz of valuing this relationship but coz I love u. Just answer my one question Vidya. If same happens with me do u leave me n marry someone else?

Vidya: No way. I love u. I won’t leave u for anything

Jay: Same applies to me too. Marriage is to unite two souls not two bodies. Love is Divine. It should nvr b mixed up with lust. Both ate quite different. Love is pure n won’t expect anything in return. I have love on u but not lust. I love ur heart. Not ur outer beauty. Till now I nvr saw any girl in my circle who is as beautiful as u in heart. U r so selfless who sacrificed for saving our nation. Who can do such a sacrifice? Everyone thinks abt themselves n their family first. But u gave priority to nation. I am really proud of u.

Ur love is enough for me. Ur smile makes me happy.

Vidya: Y did u caught the knife like that. It hurts a lot

Jay: Y did u thought to kill urself? Don’t u know how much it hurts me

Vidya: I can’t live away from u So I thought to kill myself

Jay: I too can’t live without u. So ur stupidity made me angry. So I got angry but I can’t say anything to u. So I hurted myself

Vidya: Don’t do like this again. I can’t bare

Vidya eyes filled with tears n Jay wiped her tears.

Jay: U know something. I love to see ur tears which u shed for me

Vidya: Wat

Jay: Yes. If we get tears, its means we r in prblms. But if someone gets tears for us, its love. I love to see ur tears which are for me coz of love.

Vidya: Watever it is pls don’t avoid me. I can’t bare it. I want ur love n care. By the way whr did u stay all these days

Jay looked her once n sad

Jay: With Lasya

Vidya: What???? If everything is action then y did u stay with her?

Vidya asked with anger n Jay laughed out loud.

Jay: U asked me to marry her. But u can’t even bare me talking abt any girl or being frndly with anyone. U r so possessive. But I love it

Vidya: I am not possessive. Just asking generally

Jay:Acha. Ok then I will continue my frndshp with Lasya

Vidya: No. No need. If u want a frnd, I am there for u. There is no need of befriending anyone else

Jay: Jealousy

Vidya: Yes. I am jealous. U r only mine forever

Jay: Yes I a all your’s swt hrt. I am so hungry n it has been long time I didn’t have food prepared by u. Can u prepare something for me

Vidya: Anything for u.

Jay: First bring me my fav coffee n then prepare lunch

Vidya: ok

Jay: Vidya, tell me u r completely fine na? Not weak, right? If u r weak then pls don’t do anything

Vidya: I am fine Jay n I will b more fine if I work for u. I will bring u coffee

Vidya n Jay had lunch n lied on bed. Jay is caressing her hairs.

Vidya: Jay I want to meet doctor

Jay: R u not fine? Thats y I told u not to do any work. U nvr listen to me

Vidya: No I am fine. I want to meet doctor to ask if any treatment is possible for me

Jay remembered doctor’s words.

Jay: Its not necessary now. First u tc of urself.Thats enough

Vidya: Did u already asked doctor abt treatment?

Jay: Hmm

Vidya: Did she say its not possible

Jay: No. Doctor said we have to wait at least for one year for treatment


Jay: Don’t b dull. I am sure u will become mother. Even if not we can go for surrogacy or adopt a baby from our home. No need to worry abt it

Vidya: Ok but u should stay away from me for one year?

Jay: Its not a prblm for me. I am even ready to be like dat throughout my life if my closeness hurts u. If u stay in front of my eyes smiling, dats enough for me. U know something. I am a bit selfish too in deciding not to remarry.

Vidya: Selfish? how?

Jay: In this whole world, only u can bare my anger n harsh words. If its not u, then no ond can bare. I am sure if its someone else, they would have left me long back. Many times I hurted u but u nvr blamed me for that n still loving me.

Vidya: I love u

Jay: Really

Vidya: Don’t u know

Jay: I know that u love me more than urself

Jay toom her close n kissed her on lips. Vidya closed her eyes. He kissed her softly n left her. Vidya n Jay now totally fallen for one another. They are happy couple n Jay’s anger lessened day by day which made their relationship even more stronger n sweeter. Vidya recovered completely from weakness n resumed her preparation for cuvil services. Days are passing on n Independence Day is approaching. Still Vidya’s parents are in coma n Suhana is trying hard to make Kiran remember the past.

Precap: Kiran regaining his memory. Suhana n Kiran stopping bomb blast sacrificing their lives.

Two extended episodes are over. Now to actual episodes..So gave same precap.. Sorry sisters n brothers if the episode is boring. Actually I am so tired with my preparation. I just wrote wat came to my mind. Forgive typo errors..Tc..Give ur feedback both positive n negative..Thank u..

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear..i remember..But anand is still in coma..Only he knew their whereabouts..wait till he bcoms conscious..

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