Sacred Bonding (Episode 22)

SB ep 22

Episode starts with Jay talking with Vidya n she didn’t respond. He found her sleeping by leaning onto his shoulder. Jay smiled n made her to sleep on bed. He caressed her hairs.

Jay(inner voice): Sorry swt hrt. I hurted u so much. I didn’t understand y didn’t u say that u took risk to save the nation. Till now I know that u r sweet, loving n caring. But today I knew that u r courageous n bold too.

He saw her lip where he bited to hurt her. He cursed himself n slowly touched her lip. Vidya woke up screaming.

Vidya: What

Jay: Oh sorry for disturbing ur sleep. Is it still paining

Vidya: Little bit. Don’t worry. Will b cured within 2 or 3 days

Jay: hmm

Vidya: Jay, did u really forgive me?

Jay: Don’t talk. Take rest

Vidya: So still u r angry on me, isn’t it?

Jay: No Vidya. Frankly I feel guilty for my behaviour n unable to talk to u

Vidya: So u forgave me?

Jay: Nothing is there to forgive u swt hrt. I am asusual stupid to hurt u unnecessarily.

Suddenly Vidya started screaming holding her stomach

Jay: Vidya, wat happen? pls tell me wat happen

Vidya didn’t say anything n felt unconscious. Jay took her to hospital immediately. Doctor checked her n gave her injection.

Doc: Mr.Jay, I want to one important thing to u.

Jay: Tel me doctor. Is she fine? Is anything wrong?

Doc: Actually there is a complication. We r not sure whether she can become mother or not even in future

Jay: What

Doc: Yes. One more thing is I think u both got intimated. Thats the reason for her stomachache. You should stay away from her till she recovers completely. But we can’t say how long. In the case of some patients, it may b lifelong too. Pls tc. Otherwise we can’t assure her being alive.

Jay: Ok doctor.Actually doctor didn’t say previously to stay away from her.I will b careful from now. But pls don’t say this to Vidya. She can’t bare if she knew there are very little chances of becoming mother.

Doc: Ok. But lets see the reports tomorrow. Anyways we can’t hide it from her for long.

Jay: Shall I take her home doctor

Doc: Yes, U can but pls tc of her diet n rest. She shouldn’t do any works bcoz she is so weak.

Jay: Ok

Jay went to Vidya.

Vidya: Wat did doctor say?

Jay: Nothing. U r so weak.

Vidya: Y I got stomachache severely?

Jay: Food poisoning

Vidya: Nothing serious?

Jay: No swt hrt. Everything is fine. Shall we go to our home?

Vidya: Ya

Vidya got down from bed but walking with difficulty coz of weakness. Jay lifted her in his arms

Vidya:Jay wat r u doing? Everyone r seeing us. Wat they will think? Put me down pls

Jay: Shut up. I am carrying my wife. I won’t mind wat they think. By the way if u walk this slow we will reach to car tomorrow morning. I didn’t have that much patience. Thats y I lifted u not coz of love. Ok

Vidya: Really?

Jay: Really

Jay took her to car n made her to sit n they reached home. Again he lifted her to their room. He dropped her on bed.

Jay: Look from today u shouldn’t get out of this room. I will kill u if u didn’t listen to my words. If u want anything tel me. But u shouldn’t get down. Understand

Vidya: Ok. Don’t shout.

Jay: If I didn’t shout u won’t listen. U won’t tc of urselves. Its better to make u listen to me by shouting rather than seeing ur health deteriorating. Now shut up n sleep. I will bring juice

Vidya: Ok. Jay, When will Suhana bhabhi n Shwetha will come?

Jay: I forgot to tell u. Actually doctor told if Suhana di stays with Kiran, he may remember his past soon. So di decided to stay there. As di is not well, Shwetha is also going to stay with them.

Vidya: Adi?

Jay: Adi took a room near to hospital n its near to his clg too. He will stay there till ur parents recover. Aft that he will return to us. Karthi n Vikky are staying went to US for few months. I mean till everything becomes normal. Now if u stop asking questions continuously, I will bring juice for my swt hrt.

Vidya: ok

Jay went from there n sat on sofa. His eyes filled with tears remembering that Vidya may not become mother forever.

Jay(inner voice): How can I say this to u Vidya. I can’t say this to u. Watever it is I won’t leave u. I will b with u taking care of u. I don’t want baby or anything except u. I will not hurt u n will b more careful abt u. I just want ur hpyness. I will do anything for u. I love u. I love u so much.

He saw Vidya coming down. He wiped his tears.

Jay: Y r u coming down. Stop there

Vidya: I called u but u didn’t respond. So..

Jay: Oh. I am sorry. wat u want

Vidya: U

Jay: Wat

Vidya: I feel so insecured. I want to b with u

Jay: Ok. U go to room I will come within 5 mins

Vidya: ok

Vidya went to room n Jay gave juice to her n sat beside her. Vidya took the juice n hold his hand tightly.

Jay: R u ok?

Vidya: Wat did doctor say? Did she say I can’t become mother?

Jay shocked listening her

Jay: No Nothing like dat. Y will u think negatively all the time. She just said u r so weak. dats it.

Vidya: Then y r u so dull

Jay: Bcoz she told u shouldn’t get upset. But I hurted u a lot. Thats y. Nothing else

Vidya: Thank God. I was so scared till now thinking like dat. I know u love children a lot. I want to give a child who is same like u in everything.

Jay: Ok. It will happen for sure. Don’t worry.

Jay didn’t allow her to do anything n he himself done everything. Next day he went to hospital to take reports.

Doctor: It happened wat we expected. She had very little chances to become mother. We can’t assure u.

Jay: Is any treatment available doctor?

Doc: She is not well n not in a position to take any treatment. Atleast for one year we can’t start any treatment. Anyways we r not sure abt treatment too. But first let her recover n then we shall try. Don’t leave her alone bcoz she may faint at anytime. So someone must stay with her all the time

Jay: ok doctor. Thank u.

Jay reached home n found door locked. He unlocked it n called her. But her mobile rang in room itself. Aft one hour she reached home.

Vidya: When did u come?

Jay: Whr did u go?

Vidya: Y didn’t u call me?

Jay: Check ur mobile

Vidya checked her bag n didn’t find her mobile. She guessed that she forgot mobile. She looked him n he is already looking her seriously.

Vidya: I am sorry Jay

Jay hold her hand n took her to room.

Jay: I told u not to come out of the room. Whr did u go without telling me? Y did u go? If u didn’t change ur attitude then I will change the way I treat u. I think I should lock u inside the room when I go out. You nvr listen to me. If u faint……..

Vidya: I am sorry

Jay: Shut up. Everytime u will do the same mistake n will say sorry. It became a habit for u

Vidya: I went to see mom n dad

Jay: I didn’t say u not to go. But u can tell that to me. I will take u by myself.

Vidya: Ok. Pls stop scolding.

Jay looked her n came near to her. Vidya scared seeing him so angry. He controlled himself n cupped her face.

Jay: Ok. I am sorry for scolding u. But promise me u will take care abt ur health n will nvr go anywhere alone till u recover.

Vidya: Promise

Jay: Did u have anything?

Vidya: No

Jay: I kept juice for u in the room. Y didn’t u drink it?

Vidya: Tired of drinking juice all the time.

Jay: Hmm.ok then wat u want to eat?

Vidya: Rice with panneer

Jay: ok

Jay made food for her n both had it. One month passed n Jay is treating her as a kid n taking care of her. He appointed maids to tc of Vidya n didn’t allow her to do even small work. But Vidya is unhappy n suspicious as he is staying away from her as per doctor’s advise which Vidya didn’t know till now. Vidya decided to confront Jay for this. Jay came from office n got fresh up.

Jay: Wat r u doing my swt hrt? hw is the day?

Jay sat besides her n tried to hug her from side. Vidya distanced herself.

Jay: Is anything wrong

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing

Jay: Tell me

Vidya: Do u love u?

Jay: Of course I love u. Y r u asking like dat swt hrt

Vidya: Then y r u….

Jay: Wats ur doubt? Ask me

Vidya: Y r u staying away from me?

Jay is drinking water n got cough hearing her question. He composed himself.

Jay: When did I stay away from u dear. I am always with u n even now I am with u angel

Vidya: Stop mocking Jay. I am serious

Jay: Ok but why r u serious

Vidya: U r not making love……..

Vidya hesitated to complete her words

Jay: Nothing like dat Vidya. U r weak, so am staying away

Vidya: From a month?? I am better now but even now u r staying away from me. I feel as if u r not loving me or u attracted to someone else.

Jay(shouted): Vidya… Did u understand wat r u saying

Vidya: Yes I understand. Tell me Jay y r u avoiding me. Be frank. Even aft saying u forgave me, u r coming home very late. Wat does it mean? Did u have affair with anyone or ur love lesssened on me? or r u still angry on me?

Jay controlled his anger by holding his fist tight.

Jay: Take rest Vidya. Don’t worry too much. Your doubts are so stupid. I love u n only u.

Saying this he left the room n went downstairs.

Jay(inner voice): Vidya, how can u doubt me? I am staying away bcoz u r more important to me. If I come close to u, it hurts u. How can I say this to u.

Jay came to his room n saw Vidya crying. He sat near her n hugged her from side n caressed her hairs

Jay: Don’t cry. I am not avoiding u. I didn’t have any affair with anyone dear. I love u so much. Love doesn’t mean just being close. It means taking care of one another. First u tc of ur health n leave the rest.

Vidya: I am sorry for talking like dat

Jay: hmm

Vidya: R u angry

Jay: Little bit. How can u doubt my character. Don’t u know abt me?

Vidya: Sorry

Jay: Hmm.Sorry alone won’t work. If its coupled with a kiss then it may work.

Vidya smiled listening him n kissed him on cheek.

Jay: Still do u have any doubts on me

Vidya: No. I love u

Jay: Love u too.

Vidya(inner voice):Jay, u r hiding something from me. Otherwise u won’t b so cool even aft talking like dat. Something is wrong. I hope no one is snatching u from me. I will find it out.

Jay: Wat r u thinking now?

Vidya: Nothing

Jay: Did u have dinner?

Vidya: Not yet

Jay: Come lets have n then take rest

Vidya: ok

Precap: Vidya found out abt her health n got upset. Jay comforting her saying how much he loves her n explains her wat is marriage according to him. Vidya asking him to marry Lasya n Jay agrees at once making Vidya angry n upset.

Sorry guys for changing the precap given earlier. Hope u will like this extra episode..I just added 2 more episodes to this story as few sisters asked me to extend the story. If I extend more than this, it will b like dragging.So I just fixed episodes to 27..

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Sindhu K S V

    Dear sisters, I updated judgment ff as few of u asked me to update..check it out n tell me how is it…Thank u..

    • Sindhu K S V

      See in next episode.However u r good in guess it too..I am sure u will guess it crctly..

    • Sindhu K S V

      You are welcome sis..Don’t worry..sometimes pain is necessary to know true n pure feelings n love..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ryths…Don’t b just njoy the love of Jay towards Vidya n how he controls his anger for her…You are welcome..

  2. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode. ….Jay’s words r really very true…love doesn’t mean to be close only…it means to tc n understand each other. …just loved it to the core. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    • Sindhu K S V

      Dear, I didn’t even start the episode…will try to post tomorrow night or day aft tomorrow aftnoon..Having exam tomorrow…aft giving it will write the story…

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