Sacred Bonding (Episode 20)

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Episode 20:

Its morning and Jay woke up n saw Vidya sleeping. He caressed her hairs n then went n got ready. Vidya woke up n saw him getting ready. She saw the time n realised that its so late.

Vidya: Sorry

Jay: Good morning beautiful. Y r u starting ur day with sorry

Vidya: I woke up so late. So….

Jay came near to her.

Jay: So wat my swt hrt. U r so tired last day with tensions n issues. So u woke up late. Don’t u even have right to sleep peacefully for a long time? Don’t imagine me as a strict husband who restricts wife in everything. Am I??

Vidya smiled.

Vidya: No. U r the best husband who is so loving, sweet n understanding. Thats the reason I totally fall for u.

Jay: Ok. Now go n get fresh. Here is coffee n tiffin for u

Vidya: Hmm ok. Thank u. Wat abt Suhana bhabhi? Its too late. Did she had anything. Oh God. I am really so stupid. I forgot abt her. She had to take medicines too.

Vidya hurried and abt to go to Suhana n stopped as Jay hold her hand.

Jay: I already made her to eat n take medicines. Don’t worry n don’t blame urselves.Now u get ready n come fast. Need to talk to u

Vidya: Tell me

Jay: First have ur food n then I will

Vidya: Its ok. Tell me

Jay: R u going to get fresh n have ur food fast or not without arguing with me?

As Jay said it in serious tone, Vidya immediately went to get ready. Jay smiled seeing her. Vidya got ready n is having her brkfst fastly.

Jay: Y r u so hurry? Eat slowly

Vidya: U said to have it fastly as u want to talk with me

Jay: Hmm. Ok. Have it slowly. I am not serious on u but the matter is really serious. I said that I will talk only aft eating bcoz u may not have ur food aft saying bcoz I am sure u will b angry on me.

Vidya: No way. I nvr get angry on u. Bcoz I am not short tempered like u.

Jay: Yes but still I know u will b angry on me

Vidya had her brk fst n Jay handovered an envelop to her

Vidya: Wats dis

Jay: Open it. I.. I am going downstairs

Vidya: No wait

Vidya opened it n saw him seriously. Jay tried to move from there

Vidya: Wats the hell is this. R u mad? I really can’t understand u.

Jay came near to her n kept his hands on her shoulders to pacify her.

Jay: Vidya, listen to me once. I took this decision for ur safety. Understand me.

Vidya removed his hands n went away from him

Vidya: Wat do u mean by giving me flight ticket to Delhi? Do u want me to stay away from u?

Jay: Swt hrt, its not to make u stay away from me. But I want u n our child to b safe. I can’t put ur lives under risk. Pls understand

Vidya: No watever it is. I won’t go away from u.

Jay(seriously): I didn’t ask ur opinion. U r going. I made all arrangements for u there. U must go. dats it. If u have done with ur argument, come fast. Otherwise u will miss the flight.

Vidya: No I don’t

Jay: Just shut up Vidya. If I say u must go, u must go. dats it. If u utter another word, U didn’t know wat I will do. And if u really respect n love me, just do wat I say.

Vidya scared listening his words. His tone was too rude n harsh. Her eyes filled with tears n Jay seeing her tears unable to say anything.

Jay: Look, I will b back in 10 mins n u must pack ur luggage n get ready by that time. Otherwise u will see my anger. Hurry up

He left from there.

Jay(inner voice): Sorry Vidya. I didn’t want to hurt u. But I really didn’t have any other option. I love u. I didn’t want anything happen to u. I want u to b safe. For that I need u to go away. So I am a bit rude to u but pls understand me.

Jay lied onto the seat of car n closed his eyes. He started his car n went out n came back aft 10 minutes. Jay saw the watch n found its getting late. He went to his room n saw her crying sitting on bed. He felt to console her but as there is no time, He just went to her n packed luggage by himself n hold her hand n dragged her to car n opened the door.

Jay: Get in fast

Vidya got in n he started the car. They reached airport n he gave her ticket n id proof.

Jay: Call me aft reaching Delhi. Be careful.

Vidya didn’t respond to him n is going silently with tears. Jay can’t resist himself anymore.

Jay:Vidya,wait. come here

Vidya came to him n bent her head not to face him. Jay took her to car again n sighed her to sit. He too sat n closed the doors. He cupped her face n wiped tears.

Jay: Sorry swt hrt. I shouldn’t talk like dat with u. Sorry for my behaviour. But pls understand. I am not sending u away from me. Bcoz no one can separate us. Distance is just physical. We may b away from one another physically but not mentally. Our souls are interconnected. So there is no question of separation. As soon as everything solves, I will bring u back to me n I promise aft that I never send u away from me.

Vidya hugged him n he caressed her hairs.

Jay: R u ready to go now?

Vidya:If I go then I will b safe but wat abt my parents, u, bhabhi n Adi? How can I go leaving my family in danger?

Jay: Yes but u have to go at least for our child. Don’t worry I will tc of our family including ur parents. Trust me.

Vidya: hmm. ok. I can’t go wholeheartedly but I will go as u want me to go.

Jay: Thanks but pls don’t cry. If I see ur tears, my mind won’t work. I love you n I can’t see u in tears.

Vidya: Ok. I won’t cry. I love u too

Jay: Come lets go

Jay took her to airport again.

Jay: Be careful. Be in touch with me. Call me if u have any prblm. This is my frnd’s card. He will pick u there. Take these cards. This is my credit card n atm card. I hope u won’t have any prblm there.

Vidya: ok

Jay: wait. Do u have any money with u? Take this.

He gave money to her. Vidya abt to go n he stopped her again.

Jay: I forgot to give u this

He gave new mobile to her.

Jay: U lost ur mobile. How can u call me without mobile. Mrng I went out to buy this for u. Now u can go

Vidya: Thanks. Bye

She is going but suddenly turned back n hugged him tightly. Jay caressed her hairs n kissed her on forehead.

Jay: I love u beautiful. Tc. Bye

Vidya went into airport n Jay left home. Its aftnoon n Jay waiting for her call from a long time. He called his frnd n he said flight was landed but he didn’t find Vidya anywhere. Her mobile was switched off n he is so scared. Jay is tensed n didn’t understand wat to do. Then he got a call from police telling him dat Vidya is in hospital. He immediately went to hospital n found Vidya unconscious. He found police n media there. Inspector took him side.

Inspector: Mr.Jay, Ur wife had done a very risk which saved our government. But unfortunately she was injured in the incident.

Jay: Is she fine? Wat happened to her?

Inspector: I will tell u everything.U first pls meet doctor.

Jay went to doctor and came to know that due to injury, Vidya had miscarriage. He was totally broken but controlled himself n went to inspector.

Jay: How did this happen?

Inspector: U know abt Collector Kiran, right?

Jay: Yes

Inspector: He was shot dead n he is no more now. Now someone came in his place n claimed as Kiran. Mrs. Vidya found the truth that he is a clone of Kiran. In proving truth, she risked her life.

Vidya is going to meet Governor to give the proof but attacked by goons. She escaped somehow n reached Governor. She gave the proofs to Governor n Kiran was tested by a doctor n scientist who is researching on human cloning n declared he is a clone. Aft that she is coming out n someone shot her n escaped.

Jay: How did she prove he is a clone?

Inspector: Really its very difficult. Coz even DNA of a clone matches exactly with the original but we need to know few facts regarding human clones grown in laboratory.

1. He didn’t have belly button as he didn’t born.

2. His skin shows rapid aging.

3.Eyes looks pale n lifeless.

By these they declared he is a clone. This Kiran accepted n revealed real Kiran is dead. He is abt to reveal the person behind this but unfortunately he was killed by someone. We are in search of the criminal. Anyways its hard time for u. Pls tc of Vidya.

Inspector left providing security to Vidya. Jay got a call n he got shocked. He went a place. He remembered msging his frnds 3 different addresses saying Suhana is there n he needs their help to shift her from there as he can’t come. In one address instead of his frnd goons attacked.

Jay went home n saw Shwetha tied to a chair n Aroh and Neel standing there. Jay remembered calling Aroh, Neel and Lasya to help him.

Aroh: Wat shall we do now

Vikky and Karthi reached there knowing the info from Jay. Jay removed cloth tied to her mouth.

Jay: How can u do this Shwetha

Shwetha: I didn’t do anything. U r misunderstanding me.

Jay: Shut up. If u didn’t do anything then how goons attacked on the place which I sent u saying abt Suhana di.

Shwetha: U msged everyone the address. How can u blame only me for that

Jay: I msged different addresses to 3 of u. The place which was attacked by goons is the same which I msged u.

Shwetha got shocked.

Jay: Now tell me why did u do this.

Shwetha: Yes I did everything. I killed Kiran. I did everything to take revenge on ur family.

Jay: Revenge?

Shwetha: Yes. Revenge on ur dad. Do u know who am I? I am daughter of ur dad. He cheated my mom n she committed suicide. I grown up as an orphan. I decided on that day to kill ur entire family but Anand Singh flapped my plan.

Suhana was dumbstruck listening her who came outside of her room listening this.

Jay: No u r lying. My dad nvr do such things. How can u blame my dad

Suhana: No she is not lying. She is our sister. And her mom is dad’s second wife.

Jay: Di

Suhana: Yes but dad didn’t cheat her.

Precap: Jay ignoring Vidya n venting his anger on her for not listening his words n losing baby. Suhana, Jay n Shwetha patch up n Suhana revealing the big reason behind attack on her family n how they just used Shwetha’s revenge.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Ananya

    Poor Vidhya and Jay… But I hope everything gets normal between them soon… And Shwetha’s reason for revenge was unexpected.. Waiting for suspense to be revealed.. Keep going.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hmm yes..But she sacrificed child for a grt purpose. Don’t worry Jay n Vidya will b together in the same episode. I won’t drag it..Thank u.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ruby darling…hw r u? I too missed u n ur ffs badly..pls post them as per ur free time..

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