Sacred Bonding (Episode 18)

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Episode 18:

The episode starts with Vidya waking up n realising that she slept for a long time n still Jay is in sitting position n she is in his lap. She got up immediately n saw him smiling.

Jay: Did u sleep peacefully?

Vidya: Yes but y didn’t u wake me up. I slept in ur lap for a long time. Ur legs may get hurt. U didn’t even go to office coz of me.

Vidya kept kids face. Jay smiled looking her

Jay: Its ok swt hrt. How can I wake u up when u r in deep n peaceful sleep? Nothing gives me more hpyness than my wife’s hpyness n peace. Anyways just now I thought to wake u up for lunch. I will bring lunch for us. U just get fresh

Vidya: U r so sweet

Jay: Yup I am. Doesn’t u know that till now?

Vidya: Yes bcoz u r angry bird always.

Jay: Ok. Agreed madam. Evng we r going to hospital.

Vidya: Hospital? Why?

Jay: Check up. I think its better to go for complete health check up once. If there are any complications we will know now itself.

Vidya:No. I won’t come. I hate hospital n check ups

Jay: My dear swt hrt, Don’t behave as a kid

Vidya: I won’t come. dats it

Jay: Ok but tell me the reason

Vidya: I fear for hospital environment, injections,tablets etc

Jay started laughing seeing her face which remembers a frightened innocent kid.

Vidya: Don’t laugh

Jay: U r funny

Vidya: My fear is fun for u?

Vidya kept angry face. Jay took her close to him

Jay:Swt hrt, When I am with u, even fear fears to come to u. Nothing can harm or hurt u.Trust me, there is no need to fear for general health check up. I will b with u. So When I am with u, there is no need to worry.

Vidya: Ok. I love u.

Jay kissed her forehead n hold her hands.

Jay: I love u too

We love u too

Both turned n saw Adi n Shwetha standing there.

Adi: Yes bhai n bhabhi, we love u too. But frankly we love bhabhi more than u.

Jay: I won’t fight with u on this Adi. Bcoz actually I too love ur bhabhi more than myself.

Vidya smiled listening them.

Vidya(inner voice): I am so lucky to have u Jay. You married me with force. But in fact u saved me from the betrayal of Neel. Otherwise I would have missed all this true love n hpyness. Thank u so much. I love u.

Shwetha: We just came to give lunch to both of u. We won’t disturb ur romantic moments. But pls make sure u lock the door

Jay: Shwetha dear, now its really too much of teasing us. So can u pls

Shwetha: U want to spend some free time with ur wife na. Why can’t u say that directly Jay. Ok anyways we r leaving. But don’t forget to have in between ur romantic moments

Jay: Now I won’t leave u. Wait

Shwetha: Oops, no..we r leaving

Adi n Shwetha left n Jay locked room

Vidya: Y r u locking room?

Jay: To spend time with my sweet n cute wife. Do u have any objection?

Vidya: No no. Y will I object if u wanna spend time with ur wife. It’s upto u n ur wife.

Jay smiled looking her n gave plate to her.

Jay: First have ur lunch dear.

Vidya took the plate n looking it

Jay: What happen?

Vidya: I don’t know why but I didn’t want to eat this. Feeling uneasy

Jay: Its ok. Tell me wat u want to eat

Vidya:Anything which is s bit sour

Jay: Ok then I will prepare something for u. wait for sometime. I will b back.

Vidya:Its ok. I will try to have it

Jay: No need swt hrt. Just with in 10 mins I willb back.

Jay went n came back aft 10mins.

Jay: Have it. Hope u will like it. If not pls don’t scold me

Vidya: Wow..Mango rice. I love it. Did u make this?

Jay: Ha no. Neighbours made it

Vidya: What

Jay: Then who will make it. I myself made this for my wife n my baby

Vidya: Thank u.

Jay: I didn’t want ur thanks like this. I want it in my style

Vidya blushed

Jay: Y do u blush everytime I ask u for a kiss. Aft all I am ur husband right?

Vidya: You are really so mad

Jay: Thank u n I know that. Now give me a kiss for making delicious rice for u

Vidya: Delicious?? Who knows how it is?

Jay: Taste it

Vidya tasted n kept face horribly

Jay: Is it not tasty?? I am sorry. R u ok??

Vidya laughed.

Vidya: Its very tasty. I just loved it.

Jay: Then now u hav to

Vidya kissed him on forehead.

Vidya: U too have ur lunch

Jay: Sure

Both had their lunch.

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing

Jay: Yes tell me

Vidya: The love which u r showing is on me or our baby?

Jay smiled n hugged her from side

Jay: Y u got such stupid doubt?

Vidya: Bcoz u always used to be angry on me for everything. But aft knowing abt our child, u are so sweet n not at angry. Thats y I have a doubt.

Jay: I love u Vidya. I really love ur character, nature, behavior, caring, patience, empathy everything. This love is totally on u. I want u to be happy. I am not serious now bcoz knowing that u r going to give me awesome gift, I really felt very happy. Really aft a long time, again I am so happy. And this is all just bcoz of u. I love u

Vidya: I love u too Jay. I hope that u will b happy forever from now.

Its evng n Jay-Vidya went to hospital for check up. Jay stood at the reception.

Jay: Vidya, U go n sit in waiting room. I will come after taking file n completing formalities

Vidya nodded n is going from there n suddenly collided with someone in the waiting room.

Vidya: I am sorry.

Vidya looked him n shocked. Its Neel. She is abt to leave n he hold her hand.

Neel: Hw r u Vidya?

Vidya freed her hand immediately n looked with disgustingly.

Vidya: Just get lost Neel

Neel: I hope u r happy with ur husband. So hw is ur so called husband who married u for revenge? I don’t understand y girls always fall for either cheaters or the actors

Vidya: Shut up Neel. U hav no right to talk abt Jay. He is neither actor nor cheater like u.

Neel: Ha lets see. Anyways u thought the same abt me too when u r in love with me. So don’t b so blind with love. Who knows Jay too may b like me. And remember I am always ready to marry u if anything happens to u.

Neel leaned towards her n Vidya rised her hand to slap him but shocked seeing Jay catching her hand n stopping her.

Vidya: Jay, u don’t wat he is talking n doing. He is…..

Jay: Neel, now its more than enough wat have u done for us. Pls stop it n don’t frame urself negatively anymore.

Neel turned another side n his eyes filled with tears.

Vidya: Jay, wat r u saying?

Jay: Yes Vidya. He didn’t betray u. He loved u truly. When u told that he betrayed u, I enquired abt him to take revenge on him for cheating u. But I came to know that he truly loves u

Vidya: But on that day I heard him saying….

Jay: Yes I will tell u everything. On that day u called Neel n he understood wat u meant to say. As he knew well abt u, he is sure that u respect marriage n our relationship. But he too know that u will feel guilty through out ur life for hurting him. So he decided to frame himself as a cheater before u to make u guilt free n happy. I came to know all this just before 2 days.

Vidya: Neel

Neel turned towards her.

Vidya: I am really so sorry

Neel: Its ok Vidya. I support ur decision. Love may not turn into marriage sometimes but marriage should have love in it. U done the right thing by understanding its value n keeping up ur relationship with Jay. Don’t b sorry. U didn’t do anything wrong. Bcoz if u love me n marry someone for money or status, its wrong. But u married him for saving ur parents. U r not at all wrong bcoz u had no other option at that time. Watever finally u both r happy, dat matters now. Leave everything n forget abt the past. Chill Vidya

Vidya smiled n Neel caught her hands in frndly manner. Vidya freed hands immediately n looked at Jay. Jay hide his feelings n just gave fake smile. Neel understood everything seeing them n smiled.

Neel: I am sorry. Ok, take care u both. Bye

Jay: U too. Bye

Vidya: Bye.

Jay: Neel, one minute.

Jay hugged him

Jay: Thank u. I didn’t know wat to say other than this. If u both want to be frnds, I didn’t have any objection.

Neel: Actually we r always frnds n we would b happy if u too join with us as a frnd

Jay: Sure. I would like to have a frnd like u.

Jay gave shake hand to him as a frnd n looked at Vidya n smiled n sighed her. Vidya too joined hands with them. Neel once again hugged Jay n gave side hug to Vidya n left from there.

Vidya: Didn’t u feel possessive now

Jay: I trust u. Just holding hand or hugging a person shouldn’t b viewed wrong. It depends on the persons n the way they do it. When he hold ur hand, u freed n looked at me. It made me feel guilty. I felt I overreacted. I shouldn’t do so. U both are just frnds n are pure with ur feelings. So I didn’t have any objection. And I am sure that u know well how to react with whom.

Vidya: Thank u.

Jay: Ok come lets go to doctor

Both went to doctor n doctor tested her.

Doc: Nothing to worry Mr.Jay. She is fine but weak. She needs to take proper food n rest. Nutritious diet is compulsory for her to avoid further complications.

Jay: Ok doctor.Thank u. I will tc of her.

Both reached home.

Jay: Look u r so weak. Dats why I told u to take proper diet. U r so careless abt urselves.

Vidya: Don’t scold me. Baby will cry

Jay: Which baby? My baby or our baby?

Vidya: Wat? Who is ur baby?

Jay: My baby is u swt hrt

Vidya: I am not a baby

Jay: Then y do u always cry as if baby cries for chocolates?

Vidya: U r so irritating. I won’t talk to u

Jay: Really??

Jay came near to her n kissed her on forehead.

Jay: R u still angry on me?

Vidya nodded no.

Jay: Then promise me from today u will hav proper diet n rest

Vidya: Promise

Jay: Lasya

Vidya: What?

Jay: Lasya is calling

Vidya: So wat?

Jay: I am thinking whether to receive it or not

Vidya: Receive it. We will know y she is calling

Jay: hmm ok

Jay: Hello

Lasya: Jay, I need to meet u. pls once

Jay: Look I am not interested to meet u

Lasya: But I want to tell u one imp thing

Jay: You can tell that even in phone.

Lasya: On that day I thought we both got intimated, but no. Its all Aroh’s plan to ruin ur career. Just now he showed me the video

Aroh: Jay, I am sorry. Actually wat happened was

Jay: Lasya, u can come to my office

Lasya: When?

Jay: Now

Lasya: Ok. I am coming

Jay disconnected the call n looked Vidya

Jay: We are going to office immediately.

Vidya: But why

Jay: Come fast Vidya. I will tell u everything while going

Vidya: ok

Both started n Jay told wat Lasya told to him. They reached office n already Lasya n Aroh are there. Lasya played the video. Its shown that Jay was drunk n went to his room alone. Early in the morning Aroh brought Lasya who was in drunken state n made her to sleep besides Jay. Aroh removed Jay’s clothes. Someone a girl who came with Aroh tore Lasya’s clothes n went off from there. Aft some time Lasya came into conscious n looked herself. She got shocked n thought something happened between them n she said the same to Jay.

Jay saw the whole video n slapped Aroh.

Jay: Lasya, Y did u went away from me

Aroh: I told her that I had the video in which u both got intimated. I blackmailed her saying that I will upload the video on net if she refuse to join in my band. She accepte to sing in my band n she acted as if she cheated u. U thought everything true n addicted to drugs n alcohol. Actually u r not addicted, I made u to addict to drugs.As I hoped, u almost ruined ur career but unfortunately ur sister came to visit u. She took u to deaddiction centre n cured u. She changed u completely n bcoz of her u recovered soon n started ur career afresh n suceeded.

Jay remembered the care of Suhana on him. She took him to rehabilitation centre daily n motivating him, making him understand abt life n ppl. He remembered everything n tears rolled from his eyes. Vidya patted him on shoulder to comfort him.

Lasya: Sorry Jay for troubling u till now. Now I am going to marry Aroh. I will nvr trouble u again. Bye

Aroh: I am sorry Jay. I didn’t realise my mistake until I realised my love on Lasya. I love Lasya n that feeling changed me. I know u can’t forgive me. But once again I am sorry.

They left.

Vidya(inner voice): Suhana is a very good IAS who sacrificed her life for ppl. She is a good sister who made her brother realise wat is life. She is perfect both professionally n personally. I misunderstood her but now I am sure she didn’t do anything wrong. Because the one who taught principles m values to her brother, can nvr leave her own principles n values.

Vidya came into sense n saw Jay. He is still in tears remembering Suhana.

Vidya: Jay

Jay hugged her n cried. Vidya too became emotional seeing him like dat. She patted on his back to console him

Vidya: Jay pls control urself

Jay: Vidya, di helped me a lot wenever I need. She saved me from all hurts n prblms. But I couldn’t do anything for her. When she needs me the most, I am not with her. Its my fault.

Vidya: Don’t blame urselves. U r a very good brother n son. U r fighting now for ur family. I know how much u r struggling every minute. If u know wats happening here at dat time, u would definitely save ur sis n family. But u didn’t know anything. So its not ur mistake. Don’t b sad pls.

Jay controlled himself.

Jay: You told you will prove abt that fake Kiran soon. Two days are already finished

Vidya:I will prove the truth soon. Just give me one more day.

Jay: ok

Vidya phone rang

Vidya: Hello papa

Jay turned another side to control his anger listening her words.

Anand Singh: How r u beta?

Vidya: I am fine. Hw r u? R u fine now?

Anand: Yes I am fine. I am at home now. Can u give Mobile to Jay once

Vidya: Jay.. I..I..

Jay looked her n sighed her to say wat happened

Vidya: Papa wants to speak to u. If u like….

Vidya: Jay talk with papa once. Pls I am requesting u. Pls. I can sense tension in his voice pls


He took the mobile

Jay: Yes

Anand: I need to say one important thing to u. Ur parents are alive. I came know where they are. But I didn’t know abt Suhana n Kiran. I am sure this is not my son Kiran. I will try my best to get ur parents safe from there. But pls trust me I didn’t do anything to ur family. Infact how can I suffer my sister’s family n kill my own son. Pls trust me Jay. My family n ur family is also in danger. I don’t know how long I will b alive but……

Phone disconnected

Jay: Hello hello

Vidya: Wat happened to dad?? Who is his sister?

Jay: My mom is ur dad’s sister. Lets go fast to ur home

They went to her maternal home n found her mom n dad Anand Singh were shot. Jay shocked looking dat. He saw that still they are alive n took them to hospital n admitted them in hospital.

Jay: Vidya pls don’t cry. Nothing happens to them pls.

Vidya: But who did this? Why?

Jay: I too don’t know. We have to find it out. But don’t worry. Everything will b fine. pls

Vidya n Jay sat on chairs n Vidya leaned on his shoulder with tears.Whole night they both sat there. Its morning. Jay found Vidya sleeping on his shoulder as she was so tired crying.

Jay: Vidya, pls wake up

Vidya: Dad n mom???

Jay: They r ok but still unconscious. U go to home n have some rest n food. I will b here

Vidya: No I won’t go. I can’t leave them alone

Jay: I will tc of them

Vidya: No I can’t trust…..

Stopped her words seeing his face

Jay: Ok. U don’t trust me. Its ok.

Jay is leaving. Vidya frightened thinking that he is leaving her there alone.

Vidya: Whr r u going? I am sorry I didn’t mean..

Jay: I am going out to call Shwetha to bring brk fst for u. I am not going anywhere n I won’t n can’t leave u for every small thing. I know u r upset. So lets talk abt ur words later. Not now

Vidya: No no. I am sorry. I will go home n will come back after some time. I trust u.

Jay: Its ok. Do as u wish

Vidya: Pls Jay. Don’t talk like dat. I am already so worried abt mom n dad. I need ur support now a lot. If u talk like dis n leave me, I can’t bare it. Pls understand

Tears are flowing from her eyes. Jay wiped her tears.

Jay: Don’t cry. Its ok. But don’t ever say that u didn’t trust me. It brks my heart.

Vidya: No. I really trust u. I nvr say it again. Ok then shall I leave now

Jay: No not alone. Adi will come to pick u. U r not allowed to go alone. That too in this stage. U r so tired n worried. I msged Adi. He will come soon.

Adi came.

Jay: Vidya, remember b very careful. Adi u too. Tell this to Shwetha, Karthi n Vikky too. Be in touch with me all of u. Aft her brk fst, drop her here again. Aft reaching home, give me a call. I want to talk with everyone once.

Adi: Ok bhai. We will tc.Don’t worry

Jay: Ok. Vidya, don’t worry I will tc of ur parents.

Vidya: Ok

Both left. Jay is in thoughts thinking abt wat all happened n who may b the true culprit. Vidya remembered something n called Jay.

Scene freezes showing Jay in thoughts n Vidya calling him.

Precap: Suhana came into conscious n Vidya proved Kiran as fake n not her brother.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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    • Sindhu K S V

      No dear..Real Kiran is not culprit..This fake Kiran is just a puppet in the hands of main culprit..He is also not a culprit…

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      Haan sis, not entire story but clg seminar incident, frndshp between Swecha n mona, Esp concept i.e. confusion in love is based on true story of my frnd. Now a days she is a bit happy aft a long struggle. Hope her happiness continues forever n her husband will understand her..

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