Sacred Bonding (Episode 17)

Episode 17

Its morning. Vidya wakes up n stares at Jay n caresses his hair. She kissed him on forehead. He opened his eyes.

Vidya: Good morning

Jay: Very good morning

Both got out of bed. Vidya got ready n Jay is getting ready.

Vidya: Jay, coffee

Jay: Its not tasty

Vidya: U didn’t taste it

Jay: But I can say

Vidya: Again wat happen to u?

Jay came close to her n hugged her from back. He took coffee from her hands n placed it near to her lips.

Jay: Taste it only then it becomes very tasty

Vidya: U r gone mad my sweet husband

Jay: Yes mad for u swt hrt

Vidya: Have it n come down. Lets have brk fst

Jay: Have a sip pls

Jay took coffee more close to her lips. She tasted it n then he drank it

Jay: Now its tasty

Vidya: Hmm. Great

Jay: By the way Vidya, b ready at evng by 7pm. We r leaving to my frnd’s party

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Wear this dress

He gave a cover to her. Vidya opened it n shocked seeing it.

Jay: Wat happen?

Vidya: I..I don’t wear such kind of dress

Its a western wear which is sleeveless n comes till knees.

Jay: Then wat will u wear?

Vidya: Sari or chudidhar

Jay: Vidya, In that party everyone will come in western wear. If u wear sari or chudidhar, u will look odd. So don’t b so old fashioned. Wear it. U will look pretty in that dress.

Vidya: But Jay…

Jay left without listening to her. Vidya eyes filled with tears

Vidya(inner voice): Jay is so loving but sometimes he behaves like dis. How can I wear this. I won’t feel comfortable. I nvr wore this kind of dressing. But if I didn’t wear he may become angry. Its ok I will try to wear it. But how?

Jay:Vidya, r u coming? I am getting late

Vidya: Ya. Coming

Aft having brkfst everyone left to their works. At evng Vidya came home n got ready wearing dress brought by him. Jay reached home n saw her.

Jay: I will get ready in 10mins

Vidya didn’t respond. He got fresh up n saw her. He came close to her. He lifted her chin n looked her face

Jay: Didn’t u wear this type dress anytime

Vidya: No

Jay: Don’t u feel comfortable

Vidya: No

Jay:Then y did u wear it?

Vidya: Bcoz u liked it n u want me to wear it

Jay hugged her n whispered in her ears.

Jay: I am sorry. I brought it bcoz I want to see u in this dress, but only me. For party I brought this for u

He have another cover. She opened it n saw dark maroon lehenga with silver beads on it.

Jay: U really look so cute in this dress. Do u feel uncomfortable wearing this even before me

Vidya nodded no

Jay: Why

Vidya: U r my husband. U can ……

Jay: I can????

Vidya: see me as u want.

Jay: But u didn’t like to wear such dress right?

Vidya: I will wear it for u. If u really want me to see in that dress but only before u

Jay: I love u but I don’t trouble u

Vidya: Luv u too. I will change the dress

Jay: Now I am not in a mood to go to party. I need u now. I want to

Vidya: As u wish

Jay took her to bed n suddenly his phone rang

Jay: Hello

Viraj( Jay frnd): How long will u take to come? Come fast. Everyone r waiting for u here in the party.

Jay: Ok ok coming

Vidya smiled looking him.

Jay: Don’t smile. You are mine forever. I will see u aft coming from party swt hrt

Vidya: Yes I am ur’s forever. Don’t b angry on me. I didn’t do anything

Jay: Luv u so much. Go n get ready. We shall go for party.

Vidya went n got ready in the lahenga he brought for her.

Jay: U look cute even in this dress too. Watever u wear u makes me crazy. How lucky I am to have this beautiful with beautiful heart.

Vidya: Not more than me

Jay: What?

Vidya: I am more luckier than u. I have very sweet, loving, caring, smart n handsome husband. He always tries to give me all the hpyness in the world.

Jay: sweet, loving, caring, smart, handsome n angry husband

Vidya: Angry yes but as I told u, I love dat too.

Jay came near her. She is getting ready near dressing table. He stood behind her n kept his hands on her cheeks n rised her face n kissed on her forehead.

Both went to party. Jay hold her by keeping his hand on her shoulders n took her inside. All his frnds came to him, all are girls. Jay introduced Vidya as his wife n he introduced all of them to her. Jay hold her carefully. His frnds are talking to him but his total focus is only on Vidya. Vidya smiled feeling a bit happy as he is looking n focusing only on her ignoring his frnds. He told her to sit near a table n he sat beside her. Someone called him

Jay: Vidya, I will come back within 5 mins. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t mind pls. Will come soon

Vidya: Come soon

Jay: Ya sure

He went off n its half an hour he doesn’t return n she felt alone. Suddenly a person came n sat near her.

Person: Hi, I am Jay’s frnd.My name is Aroh

Vidya: Hello. Where is Jay?

Aroh: He may b somewhere with girls. Its a long time that he attended this kind of parties. Whenever he come he will b the centre of attraction to girls. May b somewhere he is trying to escape from girls who surrounds him.

Vidya: Ok I will go

Vidya abt to leave n he hold her hand n made her to sit. She is abt to say something n Jay saw him holding her hand. Jay looked her seriously. Vidya didn’t understand anything.

Aroh: Hey man, whr did u go till now leaving ur wife here. She is all alone.

Jay: Wat r u doing here? R u giving company to her? Get lost from here. She feels comfortable only with her husband’s company n not with strangers like u.

Aroh: I guess u still remember past incident. Now I am changed Jay. Lets b frnds from now. Wat do u say

Jay: I said just get lost from here

Vidya: Jay

He looked her seriously. She stopped without talking. Aroh left from there.

Jay: Wat r u talking with him?

Vidya: Jay, I didn’t talk anything. He came n…

Jay: Why did u allow him to hold ur hand?

Vidya: No I didn’t, I am abt to

Jay: Why didn’t u stop him from holding ur hand or slap him aft holding? Look I know abt everyone here. Just b careful with everyone. I didn’t like taking u here but I want to introduce them my wife.So I took u here. Just b careful n don’t give chance to anyone. Don’t talk with anyone.

Vidya eyes filled with tears with his words coz his voice is so rude though he is talking in low pitch. His eyes are showing his anger. Vidya didn’t understand wat to say seeing his anger.

Jay: Now y r u crying?

Vidya didn’t answer him

Jay: Answer me. Y r u crying?

Vidya: Nothing

Vidya stood from there to go.

Jay: Whr r u going?

Vidya didn’t answer.

Jay: Ok.come with me

He hold her n took her with him to garden. Vidya looking him. Jay cupped her face n kissed on forehead. Vidya is not looking at him.

Jay: Pls don’t cry Vidya. I trust u. But I didn’t trust them. So I warned u to b careful. I didn’t blame u. I know abt u.I didn’t say anything to u. I am serious on Aroh not on u. pls understand.

Vidya: Jay, really I didn’t do anything wrong. He himself came n introduced himself as ur frnd. I thought to go away from there n he hold my hand. I thought to slap but it may become issue here. So I thought to scold him but u came at that time. I felt relaxed n secured seeing u. But u r serious on me. I didn’t do anything. And wen u know here ppl are not good how can u leave me alone like dat? I didn’t know whr u r n I didn’t know anyone here. U told me I should sit there only till u come n shouldn’t go anywhere. I sat there waiting for u n suddenly he came there. Wats my mistake in this?

Jay took her close. Still Vidya is not looking him.

Jay: U r right, if u slap him it may become an issue. I didn’t think much. I am sorry for being serious but its not on u. I am a bit possessive. I didn’t like anyone touching u. It irritates me. U r mine, Only mine. I am sorry. pls look at me once. U r right I should not leave u alone here. I should stay with u but I left u and went to my frnds. Its my mistake. U didn’t do anything wrong. Look at me once

Vidya: No. I hate u I hate u. U r always serious n scolds me without my fault. I didn’t like it

Jay: Yes u r right. I am so stupid. I am so serious n scolds u unnecessarily. I am wrong. I am really sorry.

Jay rised her face to make her look him. She closed her eyes. He kissed her slowly on eyes. He smiled seeing her.

Jay: U didn’t want to see me. Ok then I will leave from here now.

Jay is leaving n Vidya hold his hand.

Vidya: Again u r leaving me alone

Jay: U didn’t want to see my face. So I am leaving

Vidya: Don’t go. I am scared to b alone without u.

Jay turned towards her.

Jay: Then look at me. Otherwise I will leave.

Vidya didn’t respond.

Jay: I am sorry beautiful. pls pls forgive me. I love u so much. Pls look at me. Pls swt hrt. Ok, beat me

He took her hands near to his face n is abt to slap himself with her hands.

Vidya: No. Its ok.

Jay: Then look at me

Vidya smiled n looked him n hugged. Jay hugged her back.

Jay: I love u

Vidya: Sorry for irritating u. May b I shouldn’t allow him to talk. I am only your’s Jay even in dreams.

Jay: Ok. Now stop crying. U shouldn’t cry. If I am wrong, fight with me, but don’t cry pls. If u r wrong, convince me. But watever don’t cry.

Vidya: If u become serious on me, unknowingly my eyes will fill with tears.

Jay: Sorry swt hrt. U sit here. I will bring dinner for both of us. Pls b careful. Just 10 mins.

Vidya: Ok

He left n didn’t come even aft 10 mins. Vidya scared to stay alone there n She went searching him n saw a girl talking to him. That girl’s behaviour irritated Vidya. She is almost falling on him.

That girl: Jay, pls don’t leave me. I love u so much.

Jay: Shut up Lasya. U were drunk n talking foolishly. I am married now. Behave urselves

Lasya: But I know still u loves me. U can’t forget me that easily. I know u r married. But divorce her. I am ready to marry u even now. I can’t live without u.

Saying this she came close to Jay n abt to hug him. Jay slapped her.

Jay: Till now I am controlling my anger. Behave urselves Lasya. This is not the way to behave. Behave like a girl. As u r drunk u r unable to know wat u r doing n saying. Divorcing my wife nvr happens. I love her a lot n she is the only one in my life whom I love n like to share rest of my life with. And I nvr leave her.

He made her to sit on a chair n called someone. A girl came there

Jay: Hasini, pls take Lasya to her home. She is drunk. Take her to home n call me aft reaching there. Pls take care.

Hasini: Ok

Hasini is taking her n Jay sat on chair lost in thoughts. Vidya seeing them

Hasini: Y r u behaving like dis Lasya? U r losing ur respect

Lasya: Ha ha ha. Respect? Which respect? I already lost it. Me n Jay are in living together relationship for 2 yrs n we crossed all limits too. Now he married someone else. I already lost my respect n everything to him.

Hasini took her to car n they both left. Vidya shocked listening her words. She felt someone patting on shoulder n looked back. Its Jay

Jay: Vidya, Shall we have dinner

Vidya: I want to go home


Vidya: Pls Jay. I want to go home immediately. If u don’t come, I will go alone.

Jay: Come lets go

Both went home. Vidya got fresh up n lied on bed. Jay came with dinner.

Jay: Pls have it n sleep

Vidya saw him n had it calmly n lied on bed. Jay came n sat near her n holded her hands

Jay: Vidya, I am sorry for not telling u this. Lasya is my gf in the past. We stayed together for 2 yrs

Vidya: Stayes together or lived together? Both had much difference Jay

Jay: Pls listen completely n then decide urselves


Jay: We loved each other n she is female singer in my band. U stayed together. One day aft celebrating success of an album we reached home fully drunk

Vidya: U told u didn’t hav habit of drinking?

Jay: Yes now I quit completely all such habits. We reached home n I remember only I went to my room. But mrng wen I woke up Lasya is besides me lying on bed. I got shocked n she told we both got intimated in drunken stage. I thought to marry her. But she went off from me for 2 months. I tried to find her, But she escaped from me. In that stage, I got addicted to drugs. Suhana di visited me. Seeing me n my habits, She felt very bad.

fb shows:

Suhana slapped Jay.

Suhana: Wats dis Jay?? We nvr expect this from u. U really changed a lot. Is this wat we taught u? Success must make a person more humble but not a fool who spoils their own life. Smoking, Drinking, drugs n girls, wats the hell is dis? I really feel guilty to say that u r my brother.

Jay: Didi

Suhana: Don’t call me like dat. U forgot values n principles of life. You are npt my brother coz my brother nvr behave like dis. Don’t call me didi till u realise ur mistake.

Jay: I am sorry. I just attracted n forced to get addicted to these

Suhana: Shut up. No one can force u wen u have ur own character n strong will to protect ur character. Leave all this Jay, Tell me one thing, R u going to change or not?

Jay promised her that he will change.

fb ends.

Jay: I promised di n I took treatment n quit smoking, drinking n drugs. Somehow we managed media not to know this news abt me. Aft that I involved myself in social work n avoided such frnd circle.

Vidya: U got intimated with Lasya????

Jay closed his eyes n nodded.

Jay: But Vidya its past n now I am only ur’s

Vidya: If I do the same with anyone n tell u that its my past n now I am ur’s, will u forgive me?

Jay: Vidya, I can understand ur pain but really I can’t do anything for that now. So I agree watever decision u take. If u want to leave me, then I…

Vidya: Leaving u doesn’t change my life Jay. It spoils my life even more.

Jay: So wat u want me to do. I will agree watever may b the punishment

Vidya: From today u should nvr touch me or talk to me in our room till I forgive u. One more thing, no one should know this except both of us. I will b with u n in front of u but u should stay away from me. And I won’t do any of ur works until I accept u again.

Jay: How long?

Vidya: I can’t say now. It may b few days or life long.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya: I am sleeping. Gud nite

Jay(inner voice): I didn’t remember wat happened that nite. But I thought at least u will trust me.But u too didn’t.

Vidya(inner voice): I trust u Jay. I don’t think u will do wrong. I am sorry for talking like dat to u. I am sure u can’t stay away from me. Let me see wat will u do. I am really upset knowing that u got intimated with other girl but I promise I won’t hurt u pointing it out coz its happened unknowingly to u.

Jay lied on bed n turned another side. Its morning he woke up n saw her sleeping. She is so cute n innocent. He leaned towards her to kiss on forehead n remembering her words got up from there. Vidya opened her eyes n smiled. Jay came out aft shower n came out n saw his clothes arranged already asusual.

Vidya: Coffee

Jay: U told..U

Vidya: Wat. Don’t u want coffee?

Jay: Nothing. I mean nothing like dat.

Jay had coffee n searching for something

Vidya:Do u need anything?

Jay: Actually I am searching for a file

Vidya:May I help u

Jay(inner voice): Really I need ur help bcoz I am habituated to take ur help for everything. I can’t manage anything without u now.

Vidya: Ok.If u didn’t want my help, I will go.

Jay: No no. I want ur help.

Both started searching n something fallen from table. Both bent to pick it n their foreheads touched one another. Jay rubbed her forehead.

Jay: Sorry. R u ok?


Jay hugged her unknowingly n then left her.

Jay: U go n hav brk fst. I will come aft searching file. Ur presence is making me mad.Go from here

Vidya: Its ur mistake n still u r shouting on me.

Jay: Yes u r right. Mistake done by me. Ok I am sorry. I will go from here.

He is leaving. Vidya hugged him from behind.

Vidya: Sorry. I just teased u. I love u Jay. Love doesn’t mean only love. It means trust n understanding. I don’t think u will do wrong. One more thing is u didn’t do it intentionally. Thats y I am not angry on u.

Jay turned towards her n hugged her tightly.

Jay: But I didn’t know whether it happened or not. I didn’t remember anything.

Vidya: Its ok. I am with u. We can find it out. Even if u do as u didn’t do intentionally, I forgive u. But promise me u won’t b close to any girl here after. I hate seeing u with other girls

Jay: Promise. Except u no girl had place in my heart n life. I won’t b close to any girl. Vidya pls trust me I don’t think I done wrong with her. I don’t remember. But I can’t prove it to u

Vidya cupped his face

Vidya: Its ok Jay. I trust u. Proofs are not necessary. I am sure my Jay nvr do anything wrong.

Jay hugged her again.

Jay: I am lucky to have u Vidya. I really mean it. I got angry on u wen I saw someone holding ur hand. But even aft knowing that I am close to some other girl, u forgave me.

Vidya: Bcoz I know u will nvr b wrong. I love u. Now pls get ready. Lets hav brk fst.

Jay: Ok. I will drop u today

Vidya: No. I will go alone. Adi taught me car driving. I will go by myself. As u said I didn’t want to depend on anyone

Jay: Thats fantastic. But….

Vidya: Evng we will go out if u want

Jay: I want to spend time with u but at our home

Vidya: Ok sure

Both r walking to downstairs n suddenly Vidya fainted n abt to fall. Jay caught her. He took her to room n everyone came to her. He called doctor. Doctor tested her.

Doctor: Congratulations Mr.Jay. Ur wife is conceived.

Everyone felt happy n Vidya saw him smiling. Doctor left. Jay sighed everyone to go. They left n Vidya sat on bed

Vidya: Jay, Aren’t u happy? Didn’t like to have child now?

Jay: No Vidya. Its not that. Actually u have a big goal before u. As I didn’t know, I came close to u. But now if u think its obstacle for ur goal, U can abort our ch….

Vidya placed her hand on his mouth n stopped him.

Vidya: No Jay. Wat r u talking? How can u think like this? Our child is the symbol of our love. I can’t do that. I will try handling both responsibilities if u support n help me.

Jay: I am always with u. I will surely support n help u. Sorry if I hurt u by saying abt abortion. I am really happy to know that u r conceived. But I hide my emotions as I didn’t want u get stressed.

He kissed her on stomach.

Jay: This is for my child. Not for u.

Vidya smiled.

Vidya: I have to bare 2 kids

Jay: What??

Jay got wat she said n smiled.

Jay: U r right. U hav no option swt hrt. U must bare both of us.

Jay placed his hand on her stomach.

Jay: Ur mom is so sweet n loving with lots of patience. So u can b as naughty as u want like ur dad. She will bare both of us n loves us even more n more. But nvr becomes angry.

Vidya: But ur dad is so serious n always scolds. So b careful with ur dad. But don’t b angry on him. Because his anger is always mixed with lots of love n care on us. When u come out, u have to save ur mom from ur dad’s seriousness. U have to warn him not to scold ur mom unnecessarily.

Jay smiled hearing her words n hugged her from side.

Jay: Oh so u r complaining on me to ur child?

Vidya: Haan because my child is the only one who is capable of saving me from ur anger.

Jay: I am not that serious before Vidya. Now a days I am really becoming angry so easily. I am trying hard to control but…..

Vidya: Jay, I am just kidding. Its ok. I can understand n will bare it.

They heard sound of door knocking. Jay opened it. Shwetha n all came inside. Shwetha gave sweets to both of them.

Adi: Bhai, lets celebrate this occasion. Let’s plan for a trip.

Jay: No.We should b careful abt Vidya. Lets celebrate but only at our home. Vidya, from today u shouldn’t go anywhere alone. If u want to go anywhere I will come with u. If I can’t Adi or Karthi or Vikky will come with u. U must take proper diet n rest too. U shouldn’t keep any tensions in ur mind n share it with me. I will solve them.Watever u want to eat tell me I will prepare it or will bring it for u.

Vidya looking him n suddenly everyone bursted out laughing.

Shwetha: Jay, we know u love her a lot. But this is too much.

Jay: No.I am sure she nvr takes care of her. So these are necessary to tell her.

Vidya: Ok I will follow all ur rules sir

Jay: Oh God these are not rules. I just want u to b careful. Atleast for our baby

Vidya: Ok.I will follow them.

Jay: U guys go n make arrangements for party

Vikky: Ok done

They left n Jay sat besides her. Vidya leanes onto his shoulder n rested.

Jay: Thank u

Vidya: For wat?

Jay: For amazing gift u r going to give me.

Vidya: I feel sleepy. Shall I sleep in ur lap?

Jay made her to sleep in his lap n caressed her hairs.

Jay: Can u do one thing for me?

Vidya: I will do anything u say

Jay: Vidya, pls don’t inform abt ur pregnancy to ur parents. Till ur delivery avoid meeting them or else take me along with u if u want to meet them. Don’t eat or drink anything they give pls

Vidya: Do u think they may harm our baby? I don’t think so

Jay: R u going to listen to me or not?

Vidya: Ok OK. I will do watever u say. Now don’t become serious pls

Jay: Ok. Should I become romantic then?

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Ok ok. U sleep peacefully. I will b here with u.

Precap: Lasya and Aroh meeting Jay n Vidya showing a video to them which shows Jay didn’t do anything with Lasya. Both apologised to Jay n revealed its their plan to spoil his career in the past but how Suhana n Kiran saved him from their trap. Jay becomes emotional n Vidya starts liking Suhana.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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