Sacred Bonding (Episode 15)

Episode 15

Recap: Vidya saying to Jay that who came as Kiran is not her brother Kiran. Vidya revealing abt acting frndshp for pendrive n apologising Jay n promising to support him forever.

In Jaya’s (Jay+Vidya) room:

Vidya: Can u tell me actually wat happened. I mean y our family got missed?

Jay: Surely I will tell u bcoz today its first time u said our family instead of ur family. Now I am sure u became not only my wife but also a part of our family

Vidya: Tell me wats the reason

Jay: Vidya, Actually I am not here for 2 yrs. Shwetha n Karthi are the one who knew better than me. Morning we can ask them. Now its too late lets sleep.

Vidya: ok. Gud nite

Jay: Gud nite

Both slept. Its morning n they got ready n everyone seated in hall. Jay asked Shwetha to explain wat happened exactly. Shwetha eyes filled with tears.

Shwetha: Suhana is posted as Additional Secretary at CM office as she proved to be an honest n daring officer in her earlier works. Suhana took charge n started working. One day while we all are on picnic, Suhana got a call from unknown.

fb shows:

A girl is shown in simple sari of cotton fabric. Her attire is so simple yet dignified. She is Suhana. Her phone rang.

Suhana: Hello

Other side: Is this Suhana madam, additional secretary of CM?

Suhana: Yes. May I know who is dis?

OS: Madam, I can’t say my details. I called to inform u something important.

Suhana: Tell me

OS: Madam, Avani’s Superspeciality hospital recently announced that they r going to treat mentally disabled, who had no one to care for, at free of cost. But its all a drama

Suhana: wat do u mean?

OS: Yes mam, the doctors r killing them by giving wrong medicines n then are using their organs for transplantation. This business is giving them high profits n many high profile ppl like ministers n MPs are involved in this.

Suhana: Wat?? Organ business???

OS: Yes mam

Suhana: But do u have any proofs regarding this?

OS: Yes mam. I had few pics n a video regarding this

Suhana: Ok. Mail them to me to my personal id [email protected]

OS: Ok mam, thank u. I will mail it in few minutes.

Suhana opened her mail n shocked to see the pics n video in which MP Anand Singh n few more high profile ppl are discussing regarding this organ business.

A person in chocolate colour blazzare came to her n patted on her shoulder n she turned. Its Kiran

Kiran: R u ok Suhana

Suhana: Haa

Kiran observed Mobile in her hand n took it from her n saw the video n pics which she saw till now. He is in shock seeing his father in illegal business

Suhana: I know it hurts u but

Kiran: No it didn’t. I know abt my dad n his illegal businesses but I nvr thought he will play with the lives of ppl. Suhana, u do one thing. As many high profile ppl are involved, submit these proofs to President directly. But b very careful

Suhana: Sure. I want to visit hospital once

Kiran: But its risky

Suhana: But we can’t trust info given by unknown. So we must confirm it first

Kiran: Ok. watever I am with u.

Meanwhile Suhana’s parents, Shwetha, Karthi gathered there. They discontinued the topic.

Next day Suhana made an official visit i.e. inspection to the Avani hospital. Suhana found a room locked.

Suhana: Unlock the room

Doctor: Its just a spare room. Nothing else madam.

Suhana: Its ok Mr. Niranjan. I want to see it. Open it

Niranjan: Keys r not with us. I mean scattered somewhere.

Suhana: Ok then lets brk the lock.

Suhana ordered her driver to brk the lock. They opened the room n shocked. Organs of humans are stored with chemicals n few dead bodies are found. Doctors tried to threaten her but Suhana’s plan succeeded.

Suhana: Do u think I am a fool to come alone to inspect this hospital?

She showed a key chain to them which is a spy cam n photos of the room are captured n already sent to media. Hospital was seized.

fb ends

Vidya: Suhana is so smart. But wat happened next?

Shwetha: Its proved that illegal activities are done in hospital but MPs n ministers who are behind those are not yet arrested. Aft few days, Suhana got a threat call saying her family will b killed. Suhana di n Kiran appointed private security to the family but didn’t leave the case. Aft a month threat calls are stopped. Kiran n Suhana planned to visit President to give the proofs. But next day we heard the news that Sunana di is involved in scam. We are in shock. Then Kiran’s dad called him n said its all his plan. If she leaves the case then she will b free from scam allegations. They didn’t agree.

Jay: Next day morning I got a call Kiran. He told mom n dad were abducted n goons are chasing him n didi. He is saying abt proofs n suddenly I heard the screaming of Kiran n didi n call disconnected. In news its given Suhana di escaped with family coz of scam allegations.

Vidya: Ok

Vidya sighed Jay that she wants to talk with him personally.

Jay: Haa Vidya. Lets get ready. Getting late

Vidya: Lets get ready

Both went to their room n Jay locked the door.

Jay: Vidya, do u have anything to say?

Vidya:Hmm. Actually Jay, I didn’t understand few things told by Shwetha.

1. Why did my dad planned suddenly to kill ur family? He didn’t know abt the proofs ur sis had

2. I guess he knew abt proofs. If its true then how did he know abt proofs? How he knew that Kiran bhai n Suhana r going to visit President to give the proofs?

I think someone informed him. It may someone in ur

Jay(seriously): Enough Vidya. Stop it. So now u r doubting my frnds. They will do anything for me but can nvr betray me or my family.

Vidya(inner voice): But we can’t trust anyone completely. However I didn’t want to hurt u now by arguing.

Vidya: I am sorry. I am not saying its ur frnds. It may b my bro too. I am just asking my doubts. Thats it. pls don’t get upset

Jay(inner voice): Vidya had a point. May b she is right. Is there any informer in my frnds or family?

Jay: Its ok. May b u r right too. Ok anyways lets find abt that Kiran first n then we can think on this.

Vidya: ok

Jay: I want to say something important to u that no one knows till now.

Vidya: What?

Jay: Kiran sent those proofs to me on that day before their missing n Suhana di is alive. Do u remember I went to Delhi for 10 days. I got info abt her n I went to see her. She is in coma now. No one including my frnds n Adi know this.

Vidya: Suhana is alive??? Thats grt. Atleast we knew abt her now. I hope if she comes into concious, we will know everything abt our family.

Jay: Hope so. But b careful. Don’t say this to anyone including Adi.

Vidya: Ok

Precap: Vidya n Jay failed to prove that Kiran is not really her brother Kiran.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Woww…this is superb dear. Amazing episode dear. Will be waiting for next update.Luv…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u lakshmi darling..Will post soon..luv u…Hw did u celebrate ur bday?? wats d spl decision for this year which u took on ur bday?

  2. Dhara

    Finally u updated.. u r building suspense in ur each update.. how ur exams r going on? al d best..

  3. Kavya

    Hi Sindhu.. This is Kavya..! One day while searching for something i fortunately found ur ff Sacred bondng..!! I loved reading ur ff.. While reading 5th episode i got the list of ur previous ffs.. My joy knew no bounds after started reading ur stories..! I completed reading all ur completed 4 fan fictions nd also Sacred bonding nd my judgement..!! Seriously while reading ur ffs i will forget my surroundings nd other issues.. I will be completely lost in ur stories..!! I am completely in love with ur stories..! U are just amazing dear..! Wonderful fantastic and what not..!! Love u.. 🙂 keep going..!!

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi Kavya darling..Thank u so much..U made my day..I am happy to know that u r loving my stories to that extent..Luv u darling sis..

  4. Wow di superb epi n finally truth is out in front of vidya.
    Di can u suggest me the name of some books helpful for civil service actually i want to start my preparation for I.P.S. form my 10 th class itself pls if will say me the name then it will be helpful to me n pls tell me that when u are posting the next part.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi Sneha dear..As u r un 10th first start ur preparation with NCERTs of geo,his n sci and tech (6 to 12th)..Aft this read pol sci n eco NCERTs (11th n 12th standard)…Cultivate the habit of reading The Hindu newspaper(its must) n listen AIR news which comes at 9 pm everyday..u can install android app of AIR from Google play store..

      Thank try to post asap..

  5. Ani

    hey sindhu di i am back………..
    my exams are over and now i am free……
    but worrying about the main enterance exams hope so it goes well…

    you are awesome and amazing .
    reading this episode it seems that you have sent me back in my memory because once a film called COMA had the same story that a hospital was running illegal process like organs removing from patients and then selling it……

    If ever you have time please see film COMA its really amazing ,,
    also for writing the story early befor saturday and thnks for update.

    waiting for the next update .please update soon…..bye

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi Ani sis..Welcome back..Hw did u write ur exams??? Don’t worry abt entrance exam..I am sure u will do it well..All the very best…

      COMA?? Which lang dear? I can’t understand hindi..if its english will watch for sure…

      Thank u dear..Will post soon..I will b having mock tests once every week n wanna read 2-3 books along with old current affairs for tests + daily newspaper for covering present current affairs..hectic schedule..May b from now I may post one or 2 eps for a week ?

  6. Ani

    Yes di Coma is an english movie you can search on internet.

    An And I have given of 12th bio stream
    And now preparing for AIPMT AND AIIMS exams so i am very nervous. ..
    All ll the best for your civil service exams….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Don’t b nervous dear..U will do it well.Just b confident n njoy ur preparation. Make a schedule of study hours n follow them strictly. Surely u will achieve ur goal..All the very best swt hrt..Thank u for ur wishes..

      Coma is eng movie then surely I will watch..I love that kind of science fictions..Actually I got this plot from a telugu movie “Rajugari Gadhi” (room of a king). In an old palace, mysterious murders of ppl takes place. Hero brother dies too in that palace. Hero finds the truth. Its done by a doctor who is involved in Organs business..

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