Sacred Bonding (Episode 14)

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Episode 14:

Recap: Entry of Vidya’s bro Kiran

Vidya n Jay met Kiran. Kiran showed his wife.

Kiran: She is my wife Veena, we r happily married since 2 yrs. We hav a kid too.

He showed his kid. Jay became furious at him n lost his temper completely. He punched him on his mouth n it started bleeding. Everyone got terrified. Then he threw him down on floor n is beating him. Vidya caught Jay’s hand but frightened seeing his face which is filled with anger. But somehow composed herself

Vidya: Jay, leave him pls

Jay: I won’t leave him till he says abt my sister whereabts

Meanwhile hospital staff gathered n separated Jay n Kiran fighting. They tried to call police but on Vidya’s request saying that its family issue n as Kiran too accepted its just a family issue, they stopped calling police. Vidya somehow managed to take him to home. Jay went directly to his room followed by Vidya

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Get lost from here Vidya. I know well u r not trusting my words.

Vidya: Listen to me first

Jay: Nothing is there between us to talk anymore. U r thinking I am a lier n a cheat. Its ok. Now just leave me alone

Vidya: ok but I can’t stay with u anymore. I need divorce.

Jay shocked listening her words. Already he is angry n now it reached it reached to its peak. He came near to her n caught her hair. Vidya screamed with pain

Jay: Divorce?? How dare u to ask divorce? Don’t expect it from me Vidya. I will never leave u. Whether u like it or not u must stay throughout ur life with me as my wife. Don’t change me into past Jay once again. U can’t bare it.

Meanwhile Shwetha n others came to their room to know wat happened. Jay left Vidya. Jay is explaining them wat happened in hsptl n Vidya went off from there.

Vidya sat on sofa n covered her face with hands n is crying. Jay told everything to them wat Kiran said.

Shwetha: How can he behave like dat? Kiran is such a nice n kind person. How can he change suddenly?

Adi: I can’t believe this. He always supported Suhana di in her profession n his love for her was really true. I don’t wat happened

Karthi: May b Anand Singh hide Suhana n blackmailing him to act like this?

Jay: No Karthi. I don’t think so. Because now if u see this Kiran we can’t even think dat he is our Kiran. He changed drastically

Shwetha: Everything needs time. Truth will come out soon. But Jay wat happen to Vidya. Y she is crying

Jay: I am going to file divorce

Adi: Wat?? U know well that bhabhi doesn’t know anything. If its the fault of her dad n bro, y u decided to leave her? I can’t support ur decision

Jay: Adi how can u all think I can stay without her? I can’t even imagine it. But I can’t suffer her. She herself asked for divorce. So I decided to free her soon.

Shwetha: No Jay. Don’t do that. She is so confused now. Give her time. Meanwhile we can prove her everything. Don’t take any decision in anger. Don’t b rude to her. U r hurting her continuously. Try to control ur anger n b with patience. She will understand u for sure. She loves u a lot.

Jay: Ok. Shwetha, I will try. But every time she behaves in the same way. She won’t trust me n it hurts me a lot. Anyways I will try to not to b rude to her. Adi, I think once a newspaper took interview of Kiran with our family,right?? If we can collect that article n show it to Vidya, she may believe us.

Adi: Yes, it came in sunday edition of DC paper.

Shwetha: Lets search it tomorrow. U take rest Jay.

Jay: ok

They all left n Shwetha saw Vidya sleeping on sofa in hall. She went to her n woke her up

Shwetha: Vidya, Y r u sleeping here? Go to ur room

Vidya:Its ok. I will sleep here for today

Shwetha: No. pls go n talk with Jay. Everything will b sorted out. Always Jay’s mom used to say one thing to us. We should nvr prolong fights with our family or frnds. We should talk n sort out misunderstandings soon. Otherwise gap may increase. Finally may lead to breaking of relationship.

Vidya: Ok. I will talk with Jay tomorrow. He may b angry now.

Shwetha: He is ur husband. Can’t u handle his anger for sometime n convince him? Tomorrow it may too late or if Jay is busy u may not get a chance to talk. Hence fight exists n gap increases. Pls go n talk once.

Vidya: Thank u Shwetha..U r absolutely right. I will go n will stop all this misunderstandings now itself.

Vidya came to their room. Vidya knocked the door.

Jay: Who’s dat?

Vidya: May I come in

Jay: Come in.

Vidya came in.

Jay: Y did u start knocking door again?

Vidya bent her face n didn’t talk anything. Jay is coming near to her n she is really scared as she remembered asking divorce n his anger. She walked back n Jay hold her hand n pinned her to the wall. Vidya closed her eyes tightly. Jay smiled seeing her n cupped her face n kissed on forehead. Vidya opened her eyes n saw him smiling.

Vidya: R u not angry on me

Jay:For wat swt hrt

Vidya: For asking………..

Jay: For asking???

Vidya: Nothing

Saying this she hugged him tightly n Jay smiled seeing her actions as first she asked divorce then scared n now hugging him.

Vidya: I am sorry Jay for talking like dat with u. I really didn’t mean it. I am so tensed seeing u beating Kiran bhai like dat.

Jay: Its ok. leave it. I won’t divorce u even if u ask me. Because I value our relationship n I am sure we love one another a lot.

Vidya: I want to say something important

Jay: What?

Vidya: I think he is not my brother Kiran. Jay, I know well abt my bro. But this person is quite different

Jay: He changed completely

Vidya: No one can change completely

Jay: I didn’t understand ur point Vidya

Vidya: I observed his body language n the way he speak. Kiran bhai’s body language will b always so confident n bold. He look into eyes of a person while talking. But this person’s behaviour is not like dat. Did u observe him? He didn’t saw even once into our eyes n even his way of walking is also different. Kiran walks straight n but this person is bending a bit n his shoulders are also not straight while walking

Jay: Do u mean he is not ur bro??? But both look alike

Vidya: Yes but just remember abt Kiran bhai. If he speak with any person, he will speak so affectionately. But this person’s words are so mean n rude.

Jay broke the hug n saw her once

Jay: May b u r right Vidya. Lets think n find out the truth in this way. Thank u so much for saying all this to me. When we returned home, u told u want to say something, Is it this wat u thought to say?

Vidya: Hmm. Yes. But u didn’t listen. In anger I said I need divorce. But really I can’t live without u.

Jay smiled n took her close

Jay: I love u Vidya. Pls don’t ask divorce again anytime even for fun. Sorry for being rude

Vidya: Its ok. U r rude just bcoz of my words. As I asked divorce u r angry on me. I know

Jay: Tomorrow I wiIl prove u that ur brother is really my brother-in-law.

Vidya: I trust u Jay without even any proofs

Jay: Wat did u say?

Vidya: My heart says u r right. I trust u n will b with u in everything u do. But I want to say one thing to u. That may make u angry on me. But its ok I will bare watever punishment u give to me for that.

Jay: Ur trust means a lot to me Vidya. Now really I will succeed in my trials of bringing out the truth. Punishment to u?? Wat did u do?

Vidya: I….I acted befrnding u just to steal pendrive from u to help my father. I am really sorry for that. I am ready to accept any punishment for acting frndshp with u.

Vidya bent her head down n avoided eye contact with him.

Jay: Do u even act love too?

Vidya: No no. I really love u. Its not action.

Jay: How can I trust u that ur love is not an action?

Vidya(tears):Jay pls don’t say that. I really love u. Its not action. I didn’t know how to prove this to u. But really I love u. Pls don’t leave me pls

Jay took her close n kissed on her forehead.

Jay: I won’t leave u Vidya. I trust u. Do u still need that pen drive?

Vidya: No. I want only u. But pls prove the truth soon.

Jay: I am always with u swt hrt. So now I will tell u ur punishment for cheating me. Are u ready?

Vidya: hmm Yes

Jay smiled: I can’t punish u my angel. I love u. U finally trusted me. Thats enough for me. If u support I am sure I will win anything. Seriously if u act love then I would really leave u. But as u really love me I am happy. But nvr do it again. I hate lies, cheating n acting etc. It creates cracks in our relationship. So nvr repeat it.

Vidya: Ok. I promise I nvr do anything that hurts u or brks our relationship. Jay, I had a plan to expose that person who’s acting as Kiran.

Vidya said something to Jay (not audible).

Jay: Ok lets do it. Vidya, I want to ask u something

Vidya: You can

Jay: I feel so tired coz of our fights. Though its small fight, we both get disturbed a lot. As u said u will support n trust me lets stop fighting.

Vidya: Yes. Let’s stop our silly fights n work to reveal secret abt our family. Can u tell me actually wat happened. I mean y our family got missed?

Jay: Surely I will tell u bcoz today its first time u said our family instead of ur family. Now I am sure u became not only my wife but also a part of our family.

Precap: Revealing wat happened before the missing of Jay’s family..Flashback….Reason for their missing.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Pls tell the date u r going to post the next part I’m very excited to know the past n pls update judgement ff vry soon n pls tell that which the other ff u have written other this,judgement, khushi n lov makes life beautifully.

  2. Lakshmi

    Sindhu…thank you so much dear.??.
    Amazing episode n so he’s not real Kiran. Vidya accepted her mistake n trusted jay..nice dear. Will be waiting for next update. Luv

  3. Sindhu K S V

    Frnds, I am so sorry, I can’t post till saturday. If I get any free time before that surely I will try to post the story..Hope u understand. I am busy with preparation for exams. Really everyone,bye..

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