Sacred Bonding (Episode 13)

Its evng n Vidya came out of institute. She called to pick her.

Adi: Hello bhabhi

Vidya: Whr r u? Didn’t u come yet to pick me

Adi: I told u na bhabhi, today is my exam n I can’t come. Sorry. Karthi will come to pick u

Vidya: Oh I forgot ok. Hw is ur exam

Adi: It went very well

Vidya: Ok will call Karthi. Bye

She called Karthi.

Karthi: Hi bhabhi. Tell me

Vidya: Whr r u? Adi told u r coming to pick me

Karthi: Yes I thought to come but Jay told not to come. May b he will come.

Vidya: ok bye

Call to Jay:

Jay: Ya tell me

Vidya: Actually

Jay: Hmm actually

Vidya: R u coming to pick me?

Jay: Do u think I am ur driver?

Vidya: Why r u talking like dat again? R u still angry?

Jay: May b

Vidya: Jay I have lots of things to study today. So pls tell me r u coming or not

Jay: No

Vidya: Then y did u tell Karthi not to pick me?

Jay: Can’t u come alone? R u a kid?

Vidya: Ok will come.Bye

Jay: Come by walk.

Vidya: R u mad? How can I walk such long? I will come by an auto

Jay: No. Come by walk

Vidya: Jay u r irrita….

Jay: I am angry on u. So u must come by walk

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Actua…

Vidya disconnected the call n started walking n her eyes filled with tears. She took two n suddenly a car came near to her n opened the door.

Person: Get in

Vidya: Jay

Jay smiled

Jay: Get in

Vidya sat in car n started beating him

Vidya: Y r u playing with me. Y r u hurting me. U r so mean n rude. I hate u. I hate u so much

Jay smiled n caught her hands.

Jay: If u beat me like dis I will die swt hrt

Vidya stopped n turned another side.

Jay: I am sorry

Vidya didn’t talk.

Jay: Sorry Sorry Sorry. Even if I am in anger, U shouldn’t do watever I say. How do u think I will make u to walk such a long distance?

Vidya: Don’t talk to me Jay

Jay: Seriously?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Vidya, I am sorry dear

Vidya: Start the car. I want to go home soon

Jay started the car. He took her to icecream parlour

Jay: Wat u want to eat

Vidya: Nothing

Jay: Waiter, Bring one nothing n one pista ice cream

Waiter looked confusedly.

Waiter: Sir, Nothing?? I didn’t understand

Jay: My wife likes flavour of Nothing ice cream. Bring it

Waiter: We didn’t have any ice cream with that name

Jay: Oh so sad. Wat kind of a shop it is.Didn’t u send even that ice cream..Hmm Vidya, shall we go to some other shop

Vidya seeing him seriously listening his conversation.

Vidya: Bring one strawberry sundae n one pista ice cream

Waiter gave a strange look to Jay n went off.

Vidya: R u mad

Jay: y darling?

Vidya: Y r u playing even with waiter?

Jay: Wat I did?

Vidya: Don’t u know there’s no ice cream with name Nothing

Jay: Its not my fault. I just ordered wat u said

Vidya: Go to hell

Jay is njoying her anger. Both had ice cream n Vidya asked to pack ice cream again

Jay: How much will u eat?

Vidya: Its not for me. For Adi n our frnds.

Jay smiled listening her answer. Both went to home n Vidya went to room n got fresh.

Jay: Bring me coffee

Vidya: No

Jay: Wat

Vidya: I won’t bring. U hurted me so much today. I won’t

Jay: U know y I am angry on u at mrng

Vidya: U can tell me to inform u slowly too. No need to shout n scold me. Yesterday I also so tensed when u n Shweth didn’t reach home on time n both didn’t calls. But I didn’t say anything

Jay: We r in hospital Vidya. So I didn’t see ur calls.

Vidya: U can ask Vidya to inform us abt ur accident

Jay: U all will get tense. So I didn’t say

Vidya: Watever u do n say is right but watever I do n say are wrong. Its ok. Let me study now pls

Jay: Vidya Y r u talking like dat. I am sorry

Jay tried to hug her but she moved away from him n started studying.

Vidya: Stay away from me pls Jay. I am sorry for going out without informing. Let me study now

Jay got upset but didn’t say anything n went out of the room. Everyone reached home. Shwetha went to Vidya to give her dinner but she refused.

Shwetha: Pls have it

Vidya: Pls leave me alone Shwetha.Pls

Shwetha: Ok I will go. But have dinner

Vidya: I didn’t want anything

Shwetha: My sweet bhabhi na..pls have it

Vidya: Shwetha if u really think me as ur bhabhi then pls go

Shwetha left to Jay. She told him everything n he took the plate n came to Vidya.

Jay: Vidya, Have it

Vidya: I said I didn’t

Stopped as Jay kept food in her mouth with his hands. She had it. He sat in front of her.

Jay: Wat r u saying swt hrt

Vidya didn’t open her mouth now.

Jay kept plate aside n took her hands into his hands.

Jay: Vidya, I agree I am wrong. I shouldn’t talk like dat with u. I didn’t expect that it hurts u this much. I am worried abt u. So I am a bit harsh to u. If u don’t want to talk with me then I will stay away from u. But pls have food.

He opened cup board n gave a gift pack to her.

Jay: A small gift for u. Have ur food pls. I won’t disturb u again

He stood up to go but Vidya hold his hand. Jay looked at her

Vidya: I didn’t know to eat

Jay: Wat

Vidya: I didn’t know to eat. If u want me to have dinner then u urself have to make me eat

Jay: Sure my dear lovely angel

Jay feeded her.

Jay: So

Vidya: So??

Jay: Give me a smile

Vidya: No

Jay: Why? R u still angry on me?

Vidya: U didn’t convince me properly

Jay: Wat? I said sorry, gave chocolates, bought icecream, gave gift n feeded u with my hands. I tried all the ways but still u r not talking to me properly. Wat should I do?

Vidya: Convince me in ur way

Jay: In my way??? I didn’t get u. Tell me clearly. I will do anything for u

Vidya: The way which u taught me to convince u.

Vidya gave smile filled with naughtiness. Joy smiled as he got wat she said.

Jay: So u r not angry now. Thank God. U know Vidya I can’t stay away from u. I love u so much.

Vidya: I love u too

Jay: So let me convince u in my own way darling

Jay cupped her face n kissed her on forehead, eyes n cheeks. He came near to her lips n Vidya closed her eyes. Her phone rang.

Jay: Who is that with no sense disturbing us at right time?

Vidya looked mobile

Vidya: Dad

Jay: I am always right

Vidya: Jay

Jay: This is the only issue in which we fight with one another everytime. Ok leave it. I am going to hall. Call me aft finishing call.

Jay left n Vidya picked call

Vidya: Dad

Rajeshwari(mom): Vidya, dis is mom. Dad is still unconscious

Vidya: Maa tell me

Rajeshwari: Ur bhai Kiran came to us with hus wife.

Vidya shocked

Vidya: Wat did u say?

Rajeahwari: Ur bhai came to us aft long time

Vidya: Kiran bhai

Rajeshwari: Yes. r u ok Vidya?

Vidya: Haa. I am coming. Bye

Vidya came to downstairs.

Vidya: Shwetha, I am going out

Jay: Now? Did u see the time? Ok I will come with u

Vidya: Shwetha, I can go alone

Jay: Whr r u going?

Vidya is not responding to Jay n talking to Shwetha.

Shwetha: Whr r u going

Vidya: To hospital

Jay: Vidya, wat happen again to u. Why r u not responding to my words

Vidya: I didn’t like to talk with a lier

Jay: Lier??? Me???

Vidya: Yes u r a lier

Jay: Vidya, I didn’t lie anything to u till now

Vidya: My brother Kiran came to hospital with his wife. But u said he got killed by my dad. U r a lier

Everyone shocked listening her words

Jay: Kiran jiju?? Wat r u saying. its impossible. who said to u

Vidya: My mom

Jay: ok lets go together. Now I really can’t allow u to go alone bcoz I am scared it may be a trap too

Vidya: Don’t worry abt my safety. I will b more safe outside than with u all. No one can trap a person more better than u.

Jay hold his fist tight to control his anger. Shwetha came near to Vidya.

Shwetha: Pls don’t talk like that. We r not lying nor cheating anyone. But now we r equally shocked like u aft knowing Kiran bhai is alive.

Adi: Bhabhi, actually we didn’t see dead bodies of anyone till now. Jay bhai got a msg from Suhana di n Kiran jiju saying that they r chased by goons sent by ur dad n they r going to kill them. They sent some……

Jay: Stop it Shwetha n Adi. There is no need to convince the ppl who didn’t trust us. Watever u say she won’t trust us.

Vidya: I am leaving Shwetha

Jay: Wait. If ur heart says that really I am wrong then go alone. Otherwise let me accompany u n I will prove the truth to u there.

Vidya closed her eyes for a minute n opened her eyes

Vidya: Still my heart says u may not b wrong

Jay: Ok then let me come with u

Vidya: ok

Both went to hospital n saw Kiran there. Kiran hugged Vidya n asked abt her well bring. But he behaved as if he didn’t know who is Jay. Jay totally shocked n seeing him.

Kiran: Vidya, who is he?

Rajeshwari: He is Vidya’s husband Jay

Kiran: Vidya, U got married. Sorry I didn’t come to ur marriage. I missed everything. Jay, glad to meet u. Wat do u do?

Jay: Don’t u know me Kiran?

Kiran: wat r u asking? How can I know?

Jay: Atleast do u remember my sister Suhana

Kiran: Ur sister Suhana? who is she

Jay: Ur wife blo*dy bustard

Jay hold his collar n tried to punch him.

Vidya: Stop it Jay

Jay left him

Kiran: Wat r u saying. My wife is here. Veena, come here

A girl in punjabi dress came there shocking Jay.

Kiran: She is Veena, my wife. We r happily married since 2 yrs. We had a son too.

He showed a kid.

Precap: Jay fights with Kiran. Vidya totally confused. Jay remembering something to prove the truth to Vidya.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Don’t worry abt Jay..bcoz he is very smart n his steps will b awesome next..wait to watch mind game..

  1. Ananya

    OMG wat is happening now.. He is a gud person or bad.. I think kiran might have list Hus memory… Any way Sindhu thanx for the update.. waiting for the truth to unfold…
    Sindhu can u tell me which course u r doing now.?

    • Sindhu K S V

      Dhara darlz, r u scolding me??? No i am not trying to brk their trust..I am trying to say sometimes we need to trust things which we can’t see coz of the character n actions of a person…Vidya knew Jay’s character n his actions are always good..She have to decide now wats she gonna do..

  2. Lakshmi

    Sindhu u r beyond our expectations dear. Nice twist. Someone is trying to confuse jay n prove him wrong…hope jay will prove himself n truth…luv u…tc…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Dear, I want to show that we should see the things which u can’t see with eyes..Only mind can sense it..U will under wat I mean in next episode..U r right they r trying to confuse Jay..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Judgement ff needs time..I wanna show few techniques n use technology to protect girls themselves..takes time…pls forgive me dear for slow update of that ff..

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