Sacred Bonding (Episode 12)

Episode 12:

Everyone left for their works n at evng Vidya, Adi, Karthi n Vikky are at home waiting for Jay n Shwetha. Jay mobile is switched off n Shwetha didn’t receive their calls. Everyone r so tensed n worried.

Adi: They used to come by 6 but its already 8. Wat happen to them. I don’t understand

Karthi: Adi, we will do one thing. Me n Vikky will search for them

Adi: I will come with u

Vikky: No Adi. Bhabhi will b alone n will b more tensed. U pls b at home.

Adi: ok call us as soon as u find them

Karthi: ok

They both abt to start n heard the car sound n all went out to see. Shwetha is coming with Jay. There is a bondage to Jay’s head. He is walking with her help. Vidya n Adi went n helped Jay to come inside. They took him to room. Vidya sat beside Jay n is weeping.

Vidya: Wat happen? How did this happen to u?

Jay: A small accident. U stop crying Vidya. Nothing happened to me. I am ok

Vidya: How does it happen?

Jay: Leave it

Vidya: Shwetha, we r so tensed. Why didn’t u receive our calls

Shwetha: Sorry bhabhi. I didn’t check the calls

Vidya: Whr did u meet Jay?

Shwetha: Actually he called me

Vidya: If accident happened, then y he called only u n y at least u didn’t inform us.

Jay: Vidya, stop ur cross examination. Now don’t make this as an issue. Go n bring coffee for me

Vidya went from there.

Vidya(inner voice): Something is wrong. I think they are hiding something from me. are they lying to me? I think he asked coffee just to send me from there. Wats the truth?

Vidya stood outside the room to listen their convo.

Karthi: Now tell us the truth Jay. Wat happened

Jay: I sent information of Anand Singh’s illegal liquor business to department before 2 days. He sent goons to office to warn me.

Shwetha: In the fighting a goon attacked him n his head injured. But we r lucky its not deep internal injury. Doctor told one week rest is enough.

Vikky: U married Vidya for ur safety but even though how can he do that to u

Shwetha: He knew that Jay loves Vidya bhabhi. Surely he won’t hurt her. So he is showing his real attitude.

Adi: However he is capable of killing his own son. So killing son-in-law is not an issue to him

Jay: Ok stop it now. Vidya may come. She shouldn’t know all this.

Adi: However even if we say bhabhi won’t trust us. So no issues bhai

Vidya listened n shocked to know its attack by her dad on Jay. She decided to go to her father n ask it directly. She brought coffee n went to Jay

Jay: Vidya, I am fine. Don’t b dull. I can’t see it. Chill

Shwetha: Ok then we will prepare dinner. U take rest Jay

Vidya: Shwetha u may b tired. I will do it.

Shwetha: No its ok. Jay needs u now. So stay with him.

They all left leaving Jay n Vidya alone. Vidya helped him to get fresh n gave his tablets. She sat beside him n he is lying on bed. He observed Vidya lost in thoughts. He pulled her towards him. Vidya fallen on him n came out of thoughts n looked Jay. Jay smiled

Jay: Wat happen swt hrt? whr r u lost

Vidya: Nothing. Leave me

Vidya got away from him

Jay: Wat happen to u? its just a small accident. Y r u so dull n serious?

Vidya: Y r u lying Jay?

Jay: Lying?? I didn’t understand

Vidya: Is it attack or accident

Jay: Do u hear our conversation? Its not gud habit to listen like dat. I hate such things

Vidya: Don’t divert topic. Tell me is it true that dad sent goons to attack u?

Jay: Vidya, leave it. Because even if I say yes u won’t trust my words. So I didn’t want to argue with u n we both no need to get hurted.

Jay closed his eyes as if sleeping to avoid discussion with her regarding her dad. Vidya slept on his chest. Jay opened his eyes n caressed her hairs. He saw her crying

Jay: Don’t cry pls. It hurts me. Everything will b alright.

Vidya: I love u so much Jay.

Jay: I want to listen one day that u trust me so much that no one in the world can brk our trust on one another.

Vidya: Y do u think I didn’t trust u??

Jay: U love me but of no trust. Still u r confused Vidya whether to trust me or ur dad. But I am not angry. Bcoz u r seeing ur dad from ur birth. U knew me only from a month. So its tough for u to trust me.

Vidya didn’t say anything Bcoz he is right. She is seeing her dad from her birth n for her always he is the best. But now she is confused. As Shwetha brought dinner for both of them, they had it n slept silently.

Next day Vidya went to her home early in the morning without informing anyone. She found no one at home n maid told her that Anand Singh is in hospital. She went to hospital. Vidya saw her mom

Vidya: Maa, wat happened to dad?

Rajeshwari: He got heart attack before a week n he is in hospital from a week Vidya.We informed Jay. Didn’t he tell u?

Vidya: How is dad now?

Rajeshwari: He is unconscious from a week. He is in ICU now. They are unable to decide anything till now.

Vidya(inner voice): If dad is unconscious from a week, he didn’t even know that Jay sent info to dept. How can he send goons to attack Jay? Y Jay didn’t inform me abt dad’s heart attack?

Rajeshwari: Vidya, r u ok?

Vidya: Haa I am ok. I will leave maa. Will come at evng.

She saw her dad from the door of ICU n left.

She went to home n everyone r tensed abt her. As soon as she entered all came to her. Jay is looking her seriously. His eyes clearly shows his anger on her. He sat on sofa but didn’t even come to her n didn’t ask her anything

Shwetha: Where did u go? We r so tensed

Adi: Bhabhi, is everything ok?

Vidya: Ya I am ok. I hav small work. So I went without saying, sorry.

By that time Jay went to his room. He called her from room

Jay: Vidya

Vidya went to room n he sighed her to lock the bolt. She locked it. He came near to her. Seeing him in anger, she is so scared. She is moving back. She hit to wall n stopped. Jay pinned her to the wall

Jay: Whr did u go?

Vidya: I….I

Jay(shouts): Whr did u go

Vidya: To dad

Jay: Did u inform anyone of us?

Vidya: I thought I will come fast. So

Jay: Did u inform?

Vidya: N..No

Jay: Why

Vidya:U said I can do anything I want. No need to take permission

Jay: I said permission is not necessary but I didn’t say u can go anywhere anytime without informing. Look, this is the first n last warning to u Vidya, from next time if u go anywhere u must inform anyone of us. Atleast send a message to me. Understand???(shouted)

Vidya nodded

Jay: Speak out Vidya. Say that u will inform me where ever u go.

Vidya: I will inform u where ever I go

Vidya eyes r filled with tears but Jay didn’t react this time. This made her to cry more. Jat left her n lied on bed again.

Jay: How long will u cry like dat? This time I am not going to console or pamper u. Bcoz u must realise ur mistake. Now go n wash ur face n get ready n go to ur coaching.

Vidya didn’t move.

Jay: Should I come again to u to make u move? Go n get ready

Vidya: No I am going.

Vidya went n washed her face n got ready. Jay is looking her. She is still crying n not looking him at all.

Jay: Bring me coffee n bring tiffin to both of us here n then u can go to ur cls.

Vidya nodded.

Jay: Can’t u speak out?

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Good. I like replies through speaking n not just nodding.

Vidya went to kitchen n preparing coffee. Shwetha n everyone r seeing her. Her face is saying that she is crying though she hide her tears. Shwetha went to her.

Shwetha: R u ok?

Vidya: Ya

Shwetha: Don’t feel bad. Jay woke up n called u. He searched entire house n didn’t find u. He asked us too. He is so tensed n even we saw tears in his eyes. He loves u a lot. His anger will go off soon. Pls don’t worry. Don’t cry. pls u r my sweet bhabhi na

Vidya: Its ok

Vidya brought coffee n tiffin to him

Jay: Wat did I tell u Vidya?

Vidya: to bring coffee n tiffin to u

Jay:Dats it?

Vidya remembered that he said her to bring her brk fst too.

Vidya: I am not hungry.

Jay: I asked wat did I say?

Vidya: To bring coffee to u n tiffin for both of us

Jay: Then where is ur’s?

Vidya: I am not hungry Jay

Jay: Go n bring ur tiffin too. Fast. Don’t make me angry again.

Vidya went n brought her tiffin too. He sighed to sit near him. She sat

Jay: Now don’t argue n Eat it

Vidya calmly had brk fst. Jay is looking her but she is not looking him. He too finished his brk fst. She is abt to go

Jay: Sit Vidya, look at me

Vidya turned her head towards him but closed her eyes. Jay found that still she is crying. Jay cupped her face n kissed on her eyes. Vidya bursted out with tears n hugged him tightly. Jay too hugged her n caressed her hairs.

Jay: Don’t cry Vidya. I am just tensed abt u. Don’t u know that I love to see ur face as soon as I wake up? I searched for u every where n called u too. But u didn’t respond. Now I don’t have anyone except u n Adi. If anything happens to u or Adi, I can’t bare.

His eyes filled with tears. Vidya broke hug.

Vidya: Don’t cry

she kept cute kid’s face n wiped his tears. Jay again took her close n kissed her on forehead.

Jay: Never do like this again. Atleast give me a message.

Vidya: ok. Are u still angry on me?

Jay: No. Anger went off now.

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing

Jay: I know wat u want to ask. Y I didn’t inform u abt ur dad’s heart attack n how can he plan attack on me when he is unconscious

Vidya: Ya

Jay: Ur dad didn’t get heart attack. Its a drama. U may not believe but its true.Within 30 days I will prove everything to u Vidya. Till then I didn’t want to argue with u.

Vidya: I didn’t understand anything

Jay: Just wait for 30 days. U will understand everything. Ok come lets go. I will drop u

Vidya: Doctor told u to take rest for a week na. I will go by my own or will ask Adi to drop me. U take rest

Jay: Its ok. I will come with u. I hav a small work. Aft dat will take rest.

Vidya: ok

Both started from home. Jay stopped car near a ice cream parlour

Jay: Ice cream?

Vidya: Early morning?? No

Jay: ok

He dropped her at institute n she getting down from car but stopped by Jay holding her hand.

Jay: This is for u my angel

He gave 10 chocolates to her

Vidya: I like to eat chocolates only wen I am happy. Not now.

Jay: Hmm. U want to take revenge on me for shouting on u, right? ok tell me wat u want

Vidya: No. However u told u will not pamper or console me this time. So y r u doing all these.

Jay: At that time I am so angry on u. So I said like dat. But I can’t see u in tears for a long time. So tell me wat u want me to do to console n make u smile?

Vidya hugged him n kissed on cheek.

Vidya: I love u so much. Even in ur anger I can see how much u loves me.

Jay: Love u too. Now go to ur cls. Bye

Vidya: My chocos??

Jay gave her chocolates

Vidya: Get me ice cream. Will eat at evng.

Jay smiled.

Jay kissed on forehead.

Jay: I love ur innocense swt hrt.Tc bye

Vidya: Bye. Tc

Vidya went off to her cls. Jay while returning to home brought a gift for her to make her smile.

Precap: Vidya’s bro Kiran entry with his wife (not Suhana). A twist in the story..

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      You will know whether he is good or bad in coming episodes..However I won’t stretch it longer coz i am going to end it soon…

  1. Lakshmi

    Superb episode dear. I guess he’s good but he’s trapped by his dad.??lol…. I’m guessing too much these days… U r going to end this too… Luv u dear…tc….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u darling.Sorry ur guess is wrong..Yes but after few more episodes..Don’t worry I have another plot in my mind..So will come with new ff..Luv u too…tc..

      • Lakshmi

        Lol. K i’ll wait..Sindhu I saw someone with sindhu ksv name in fb is that u? Ignore if u don’t want to answer I can understand.

      • Sindhu K S V

        Dear, actually I am on fb with that name..Sindhu K S V..But check will b DABH sandhya’s pic…

  2. Silpa k sivadasan

    Oh god wat a caring husbnd jay is…..

    He wil b vry sad & hurt if vidya betrays him….

    Wat happnd to suhana…?
    Jay told kiran is dead
    How come he is alive…?
    Suspense is killing…

    Plz update today itself

    • Sindhu K S V

      Ha ha ha..Yup..It confuses Vidya too..But watever their love will stay forever..You will know the truth after few more episodes…

  3. I lov this ff a lot .
    Last i have read the epi 9 n now I’m unable to find the link of epi 10 & epi 11.pls give me the link of them…

  4. Ananya

    Its getting more interesting and thrilling.. I am getting impatient.. Just want to read nxt episode… Update soon.. Loving this story…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u…I wrote exam well..will get score in 2 days…Every week I will have one exam..

      Will try bcoz I didn’t write till now..If possible will update today itself..

  5. Ani

    plz post the next part soon……………………………

    i am eagerly waiting for it to see the new twist……

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