Sacred Bonding (Episode 11)

Episode 11:

Its evng..Adi, Shwetha, Karthi n Vikky are at home. Vidya reached home n Shwetha tried to talk with her but she left without listening n closed her room door.

Shwetha: Wat happen to her?

Adi: Is anything happened between bhai n bhabhi?

Vikky: Come on Adi may b she is tired.

Karthi: Haan. They r lovely couple. I don’t think they will fight.

Shwetha: Lets wait till Jay comes

Adi: Ok

Jay came aft one hour n sat on sofa leaning his head on its back.

Adi: Wat happened to him?

Shwetha: Work pressure. Let’s talk with him

Shwetha: Jay

Jay: Hi guys.

Karthi: Hey bro, hw r u

Jay: Really so tired. I need some coffee. Didn’t Vidya come yet?

Shwetha: Haa she came but..

Jay went to room without listening her words. Jay knocked the door n she opened. She sat on bed. Jay took his watch n keys n kept on table. He didn’t notice her dullness coz he is also tired.

Jay: I will get fresh up. Pls bring me a cup of coffee. I am so tired today.

Vidya looked him seriously but he didn’t look her n went to fresh up n came aft sometime. He saw her still sitting on bed.

Jay: Vidya, pls bring me coffee. I am really tired today

Vidya(shouting): Do u think only u will b tired n I will nvr be tired as I am not a human. I didn’t have energy to prepare coffee now. Prepare urself or ask Shwetha

Jay: Wat?? Ask Shwetha?? Look Vidya I didn’t know y r u making it as an issue. But listen u r my wife. So I can’t ask Shwetha to prepare coffee for me. I can ask only u. Just don’t argue with me n bring me a coffee.

Vidya: Wife is not a servant to do all ur works. Prepare it by urself if u can’t ask anyone

Jay: Vidya, Now r u going to prepare coffee or not?

Vidya: No. Don’t disturb me I need some rest

Saying this Vidya covered herself with a blanket n slept. Jay went off seriously.

Karthi: Jay actually Vidya

Jay: I am not interested to talk abt her anything now. I am going out. Bye

Jay left n they didn’t understand anything. Jay came at nite n saw Vidya studying. He didn’t talk anything n Vidya too didn’t talk. Jay slept aft sometime. Vidya studied for sometime n she too went to bed. Its morning she woke up n saw him. He behaved as if he didn’t notice her. She got ready n brought coffee for him. Jay is getting ready but didn’t even look at her.

Vidya: Jay coffee

Jay: I can prepare it by myself or will ask Shwetha. U no need to get tired by doing my works

Vidya: I am sorry

Jay: For wat?

Vidya: For my yesterday’s words

Jay: U didn’t talk anything wrong Vidya. U r right wife is not a servant. But the thing which I didn’t understand is I nvr asked u to do any work I nvr knew that u felt that I am treating u as servant. I nvr had such stupid intention. U urself started doing my works n removed servants. U told u r doing everything coz of love on me. But Yesterday u urself shouted on me just for asking coffee

Vidya: Jay I am really upset. So unfortunately I vented my frustration on u. I am really sorry pls understand. I really love to do all ur works.

Jay: Hmm. I don’t understand why most of the girls are so mad n vents anger on their loved ones all the time

Vidya: U r talking abt me. Talk only abt me. You hav no right to talk abt all girls

Jay: Ya u r right. All girls are better than u. Most importantly no one in the world can beat u in madness.

Vidya: I thought u will understand me. But u didn’t. Its ok I am not going to disturb u.

Vidya is going seriously n Jay hugged her from back n kissed her

Jay: You always disturbs me with ur beauty swt hrt

Vidya: Leave me

Jay: Do u really want me to leave u. Ok then I will stay away from u forever

Jay removed his hands from her but Vidya hold his hands.

Vidya: No. I can’t stay away from u

Jay: Then y r u leaving like dat

Vidya: Bcoz u r angry on me

Jay: I am pretending to be angry on u bcoz I want u to convince me.

Vidya: How?

Jay: Should I make u learn that too swt hrt? Ok then I will

He kissed her back.

Vidya: Are u not angry on me?

Jay: No not at all

Vidya: Then y u didn’t talk to me from yesterday evng?

Jay: Why didn’t u talk?

Vidya: I thought u r angry, so

Jay: I can understand. As we r human beings we will b stressed n upset sometimes. We can show our emotions only to our closed ones.

Vidya: Hmm. But really sorry

Jay: Don’t start chanting sorry angel. Lets come to an agreement. From next time wen u want to say sorry for anything just give me a……..

He kissed her again.

Vidya: You are really so

Jay: Romantic???

Vidya: No

Jay: Understanding?

Vidya: Mad

Jay: Yes I became mad aft marrying u. Ur madness came to me too

Vidya: Love u. U r so sweet. U always understands me.

Jay:Love u too angel. Thank u thank u. Yes I am very understanding n not like u.

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Ok lets leave it.

Jay turned her towards him n cupped her face.

Jay: Now tell me wat made u upset yesterday

Vidya: Actually I wrote my first mock test of civil services yesterday. I got less marks n I didn’t expect that. Till now I am topper in my acadamics.

Jay: Thats a very small thing. As u know civilservices is different from academics. Vidya, u started preparation recently. So it happens. It doesn’t mean u r less capable. Marks nvr decide the abilities of a person. I am sure u will achieve ur goal. Do one thing from today extend ur study hrs n lets appoint maid for household works. I didn’t want u to waste ur time n become tired in works.

Vidya: Its ok. However we all share our works. Dats not a problem.

Jay: Now leave it. I didn’t want u to b overburdened with works.

Vidya: Ok. For today let me prepare brk fst.

Vidya n Jay went down.

Shwetha: Come fast. Getting late. Have brk fst

Vidya: Brk fst prepared?

Shwetha: Haan. I n Adi prepared it. You both join with us for brk fst n then go to ur works.

Vidya: Thank u Shwetha.

Shwetha: Arey don’t b so formal.

Karthi: Bhabhi, actually we thought to say something to u. From today we 5 (Shwetha,Karthi,Jay,Adi,Vikky) will do all works. U just focus on ur studies.

Shwetha: Don’t waste time

Jay: Ya dats better. I am hiring servants too

Shwetha: Ok then I will do cooking leaving other works to maid

Adi: We will help u di

Karthi: I will check on bills we need to pay every month

Vikky: I will tc of groceries we need

Shwetha: Wat abt u Jay?

Jay: I will help u by eating food.

Adi: U r suitable only for that

Karthi: Exactly n his non interference is the best help he can do for us.

Jay: Acha, now I will kill u both

Jay started beating Adi n Karthi n they both running n Jay is following them. Aft their fight they reached to dining table again.

Jay: Ok lets do everything together.

Jay showed his palm n remaining 4 joined with him by holding his hand.

Vidya: I am so lucky to hav all of u.

Shwetha: We too bhabhi

Vidya: Bhabhi???

Shwetha: Shouldn’t I call u like dat. Actually I am jealous on these 3(Adi, Karthi, Vikky). I want to call u as bhabhi too like them.

Vidya: You can call me bhabhi swt hrt.

Jay(in low voice audible only to Vidya): For ur kind information, I am ur swt hrt not Shwetha darling

Vidya blushed. Both lost in thoughts of one another.

Shwetha: wats going on there?

They came to their senses n had brk fst together.

Precap: Jay met with an accident.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ananya sis…Don’t worry its another twist in the story…Unfortunately exam postponed..its a mock test..Its postponed for we had a discussion cls on the topics..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yup..Jay is superb n swt forever..But actual twist is abt to come…to test their love on one another..

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