Sacred Bonding (Episode 10)

Episode 10:

Frnds, I want to know ur opinions on story. I mean do u want to see episodes on Jay’s anger n Vidya’s serious n cute trials to convince Jay n gain his trust aft betrayal n Jay hiding his love n showing care n love mixed with anger or u didn’t want her to betray Jay??? Don’t worry I won’t show Jay’s character with much rudeness. His character will b as sweet as it is now but he punishes Vidya for her betrayal.

Jay is a bit upset with Adi n Shwetha behaviour towards Vidya.

Jay(inner voice): Vidya is pure n sweet girl. She didn’t know to hurt or cheat anyone. I am sure she is like her brother n not as her dad. I want Adi n Shwetha to understand her. Though she says she didn’t mind I am sure it hurts her a lot. I didn’t want her to get hurted. At the same time I can’t hurt Adi n Shwetha. 3 r sensitive n important to me. I want to do something to solve this. Let me see wat Vidya is doing.

Thinking this he came to kitchen n saw Vidya lost in thoughts n milk overboiled n flowing. Jay went to her n tapped on her shoulder.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya came into this world n saw milk boiling n abt to catch it with hand. Jay caught her hand n switched off stove.

Jay: Wat r u doing? R u ok? Thinking abt Adi’s words??

Vidya: No just headache

Jay: Go n take rest Vidya

Vidya: Ya aft preparing lunch

Jay: I will do it my dear. U take rest

Vidya: Its ok Jay. I can manage. Pls leave me alone for sometime

Jay: What? Say it again

Vidya bent her eyes down thinking he got angry with her words. Jay lifted her chin.

Jay: U want to b alone. It means u r upset. How can I leave u alone wen my angel is upset? Vidya, lets prepare lunch together n then lets talk abt all this. Don’t worry I am with u always.

Vidya: Ok

Both prepared lunch n had together. Adi refused to eat n went out.

Jay: Don’t worry everything will b alright

Vidya: I dreamed to go into a family where everyone loves me. But now…

Jay: In every family there will b few prblms. Have to adjust n move on. Time heals everything

Vidya: We will b interested to read n see hate to love stories but in reality its very tough n painful to bare such situations Jay

Jay: Vidya I am not hating u. I love u. Y r u picturising small issue as a big one.

Vidya: Leave me alone for sometime. Pls I request u.

Vidya stood up to go n stopped as Jay hold her hand.

Jay: Ok. But remember no one can hate u if they know wat u r. U can win the heart of anyone through ur love n innocense. As u did with me.

Saying this he hugged her from back n kissed on right cheek.

Jay: Go n take rest. U will b ok.

Vidya: Hope so.

Jay: Evng we shall go to institution for ur admission.

Vidya: ok.

Its evng n both went out n they took her admission n came home. Jay got a call

Jay: Is it? Its really a great news. I am coming immediately. Send me the address.

He disconnected the call.

Jay: Vidya, pls pack my luggage. I have to leave to Delhi urgently. I will b back within 10 days.

Vidya: 10 days???? I will come with u pls

Jay smiled seeing her expression.

Jay: Can’t u stay away from me at least for 10 days. Do u love me that much?

Vidya bent her eyes with shy n nodded. Jay smiled n kissed her on forehead.

Jay: Its important. So I must leave. I can’t take u with me bcoz u hav coaching n Adi is also at home. How can we both go like dat leaving him. He can’t come with us bcoz he had exams within a week. So pls take of urselves n Adi too

Vidya: Ok. Sure don’t worry I will take care of Adi.

Jay: Tc of urselves too

Vidya: ok

Jay took his luggage n went to Adi.

Jay: Adi

Adi: Bhai

Jay: Listen I am leaving to Delhi for 10 days

Adi: ok. I will stay in Karthik bhai’s home for 10 days.

Jay: Adi, Vidya will b alone here. How can leave ur bhabhi alone n go like dat?

Adi: I told u already she is not my bhabhi n only ur wife

Jay: Ok. U agree that she is my wife, I mean ur brother’s wife. So its ur duty to tc of her in ur brother’s absence.

Adi: Ok. But don’t expect me to respect or treat her as my bhabhi. I will tc of her till u come.

Jay smiled.

Jay: Ok. Bye

Adi: Bye

He went to hall to leave n saw Vidya dull.

Jay: Don’t get upset. I will b back as soon as possible. I will call u once everyday.

Vidya: U should nvr forget to call. Not once call me wenever u r free. I will miss u a lot

Jay took her close.

Jay: I know. I too will miss u a lot. I love u

Vidya:Love u too. Come asap. if ur work completes before 10 days then start immediately. Don’t wait till completion of 10 days.

Jay laughed listening her words n kissed her on cheek.

Jay: Swt hrt. I can understand ur love but u r talking like a kid. U r going to become IAS in future. So b strong n bold

Vidya: Being bold n courageous doesn’t mean staying away from loved ones happily without any feelings.

Jay: Ok madam. Agreed. Will come asap. Bye for now. Tc

Vidya: U too take care. Bye

Vidya hugged him

Jay: If u leave me only then I can go my dear

Vidya left him hardly. He smiled n kissed her again on forehead n went off. At night Vidya called Adi for dinner but he didn’t respond n as she asked again he said he ordered it online. Vidya felt a bit sad n went off n slept. Two days passed by n Jay is calling her when he is free n she is continuing her preparation for civil services. 3rd day she came at evng from institution n going to her room but heard groaning from Adi’s room. She went n saw Adi. He covered himself with blanket n shivering.

She tried to wake him up but he didn’t. Vidya called doctor. He treated him n gave medicines n went. Vidya as per doctor suggestion made him to drink hot milk n feeded light warm food with her hands to give medicines. He wanted to refuse but he can’t coz he is not completely conscious. But Vidya’s care reminded him of his mother n sister. Whole night Vidya didn’t sleep n gave him medicines from time to time n wrapping his forehead with wet cloth. At early mrng she felt temparature came down n saw him sleeping without groaning. She leaned onto the chair n slept on chair itself.

Aft sometime Adi woke up n is taking water n due to the sound she woke up n saw him.

Vidya: Adi, do u want anything?

Adi: Water

She gave water to him. She went n brought tomato soup for him n made him drink n gave tablets. She skipped her coaching n stayed at home n took care of him for 2 days. He recovered completely.

After 10 days Jay returned to home n surprised to see Vidya talking with Adi, Shwetha, Karthik n Vikram. They are so close as a family. It remembered him of old times when he, his frnds n family are together. Vidya saw Jay. She went to him.

Vidya: Hi, hw was the trip?

Jay: Ya fine

Adi: Bhai, u r fine but bhabhi missed u a lot.

Shwetha: Her face glowed up just now with ur arrival Jay

Karthik: We are back

Vikram: Why r u standing like statue

Adi: Bhai mesmerised seeing my bhabhi aft a very very long time of 10 days.

Everyone laughed.

Jay: Stop it guys. I am totally confused. First tell me Adi who is ur bhabhi?

Adi: Oh God. Bhai lost his memory. I am talking abt my Vidya bhabhi

Jay: Vidya bhabhi??? Did u accept her as ur bhabhi??

Adi: Yup

Shwetha: Me too. I too accepted her as my bestie. She is better than u.

Karthik: One more shocking news, we 3 are going to stay here as before.

Vikram: Y r u dumb Jay??

Jay: I didn’t know how to react. I am so happy. But tell me how did this happen???

Vidya: You can know everything later. Now pls go n get fresh up.

Shwetha: Ya Jay. Let’s all have dinner together aft a long time.

Jay: Ok ok.I am going.

Jay left n Vidya followed him. Vidya is arranging his clothes n he hugged her from back.

Jay: How r u swt hrt?

Vidya: Same as u

Jay kissed her on cheek.

Jay: Wat magic did u do to them?

Vidya: Which I learnt from my husband

Jay: What

Vidya: Sharing love

Jay:Pls tell me clearly

Vidya: Go n get ready first

Jay: ok ok

Jay went n got ready. Everyone had dinner teasing one another n laughing.

Jay(inner voice): You brought past hpyness into my life Vidya. I love u so much. You are so loving. Today u won the heart of my family n made me so happy. You are the best wife.

Jay went to wash his hands n Shwetha too went there.

Shwetha: Are you shocked how we all accepted Vidya?

Jay: Yes

Shwetha: You are right Jay. She is so loving, caring n innocent. When u r not here, Adi suffered with fever. Vidya took good care of him day n night remembering mom n sis n she even skipped her classes. She herself took him to exam as he is not well. I met with a minor accident which made unable to walk n u, Karthi n Vikky are out of station. I didn’t know whom to call. So I called Adi. But as he is not fine, Vidya came to hospital n brought me to home. Really she is so grt. Though I hurted her with my words still she helped me. She took care of me n Adi. Her concern, love n care changed us completely. You are lucky to have her as ur wife n We should be thankful to u for making Vidya a part of our family. When I told dat before missing our family we all used to stay together with ur family,she asked us to stay here as before n that makes u n Adi normal n happy. She loves u a lot. She is not like her father. She is too good.

Jay felt happy to know all this. He went to room n found Vidya studying n preparing notes. He is admiring her. After some time he went near to her n hugged n kissed on her back. Vidya who is writing notes stopped n closed her eyes. He is abt to kiss her on cheeks.

Vidya: I have exam at institute tomorrow. Can I study pls Jay

Jay stopped n left her. Vidya turned towards her.

Vidya: I am sorry

Jay:No. Its ok. Study well but pls don’t study till late nite. It spoils ur health. Gud nite

Jay slept n Vidya resumed her studies. Aft sometime he woke up n saw Vidya still studying. He smiled n went n came with tea.

Jay: Vidya, take a small break. Have tea n then study.

Vidya: Thank u.

Jay smiled n went to bed n slept. Aft few hours

Jay: Vidya, Its already 1 am. Pls sleep. Its
not good for health.

Vidya smiled n lied on bed.

Vidya: Jay did I hurt u by stopping u

Jay: No no. Actually if I knew ur goal before, I would not come close to u. from now its not ur goal, its our goal. I won’t disturb u till u reach ur goal. Never think it hurts me. Love is not to b close with one another but to support one another to grow in their life. Sleep now its late. Gud nite angel

Vidya: Love u. Gud nite

Jay: Love u too.

Morning Jay woke up n didn’t find Vidya. He got ready n went downstairs n saw Shwetha, Adi, Karthik n Vikram having brk fst. Jay went there.

Shwetha n co: Good morning Jay

Jay: Good morning all.

His eyes are searching for Vidya but didn’t find her.

Shwetha: Vidya left coz of her exam Jay

Jay: ok

Adi: Brk fst

Jay: I am not hungry

Jay(inner voice): Vidya, y didn’t u tell me atleast once that u will leave early in the mrng. I didn’t know y but I feel upset for not seeing ur face at mrng. Ur smile makes ne happy n feel good. Y didn’t u wake me up at least. I miss u.

Jay abt to go n heard someone calling him. He turned back n its Vidya.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya:Wat happen? Y r u looking like dat? Did u hav brk fst? Y r u leaving so early?

Jay came n hugged her. Vidya blushed

Vidya: Jay leave me. Everyone are here.

Jay: Oh sorry

He left her

Vidya: Wat happen to u?

Shwetha: We said u left for exam. He felt upset n even said he didn’t want brk fst.

Vidya: Wat? Jay, how do u think I will leave without telling u?

Jay: I don’t know but I felt for a moment that I am missing u

Vidya: Its ok. Come n hav ur brk fst. I will bring coffee for u

Jay: Where r u till now?

Vidya: I saw u r sleeping. So I am in prayer room. I am doing prayer n I thought I can come by the time u get ready. I am getting late, u pls have brk fst fast.

Jay smiled n had brk fst n left to office. Then everyone went off as per their works.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Superb episode dear. I think vidya will help her father coz she doesn’t know truth n if she comes to know about truth then she won’t betray jay. Anyways love b/w them won’t change so both options r nice dear. I’ll like anything u write dear.Luv u …tc…

  2. Ananya

    Sindhu both options will be OK with me… I will read with any of those options.. I just love these stories.. Plz continue with which u feel more apt…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Ananya..I will not show her betrayal n will continue with their cute n sweet love..

  3. Bisha

    Superb aweaum lovely..they share a v cute relationship..nd i really admire Vidya ..c is so gud at heart..i juz hope the betrayal remains small n it doesnt hurt thm much…love must enter freely

    • Sindhu K S V

      Betrayal means stealing pen drive n giving to Her father..But as no one wants Jaya to b separated I will highlight their love..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..I actually planned before to show her betrayal n Jay’s love mixed with anger as he can understand her well n knew her love for her father…But now I am confused..

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode, plzzzz show her love for jay, no batrayal…let her father realize his mistake n apologize or even surrender himself to police if his fault requires that…just my suggestion. ..if you like…love you loads

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