Sacred Bonding (Episode 1)

Episode 1:

A person is shown wearing black pant n white shirt n blue coat coming up on a escalator at airport . His hair is so stylish. He wore gagools n chocolate colour leather shoes. As soon as he came, he is surrounded by media. A breaking news is shown on tv as

” Rock star Mr. Jay, who is conquering the world of music n established the prestige of India throughout the world by his music, reached India”.

Reporters surrounded the person.

R1: Mr. Jay, U came to India aft 2 yrs. R u going to continue ur career from India?

R2: Mr. Jay, Wat r ur future projects?

Jay didn’t respond to them n his secretary asked them to leave. His secretary gave a file to him n someone took him to parking. Jay reached parking n started his car n moved from there asking no one to come with him. He is driving n Few scenes blurred before his eyes. Tears rolled from his eyes n he kicked on the brake n stopped car n leaned back on to the seat n closed his eyes which r filled with tears.

Scene shifts.

A beautiful garden with different colours n varities of flowers. A girl stood up n she is turned back. A person came n hugged her from back.

Person: I love u Vidya

Vidya: I love u too Neel

Her face is shown now. She is so beautiful wearing lemon yellow lahenga with embroidery on it. Her hair is weavering to the flow of wind touching Neel’s face. He is admiring her beautiful long hairs.

Neel: Today is our engagement. I am so happy. I nvr thought ur father will agree for our marriage. He is a MP n I belongs to a middle class family.

Vidya: Neel, my dad loves me a lot. He will do anything for me. I am so lucky to have such a dad.

Both went in as its time for engagement. With the blessings of everyone, they are engaged. As per parents wish they went to temple. Coming from temple, Vidya slipped n abt to fall but caught by someone. Vidya looked at him n its Jay.Both had eye lock. He placed his one hand on her waist n other hand is catching her hand.

Neel: Thank u for saving her from falling

Hearing his words Jay smiled n left her.

Vidya: Thank u for saving me

Jay: You are welcome

They both left n Jay starring at them from back. Both left in their car.

Jay(inner voice): I didn’t save u from falling. Actually u r going to fall in my trap soon n that will b end of ur hpyness.

Scene freezes showing Jay with anger n Vidya-Neel in car with hpyness.

Precap: Jay blackmailing Anand Singh n marrying Vidya.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode, what a thrilling entry…just loved it. ..sindhu my dear your each story is so different n unique. …I’m addicted to all your stories. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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