Sach ki jeet….Episode 6


HI guys,
recap:swara’s confession
swara:u know me na bhai,i cant do it.
sameer:ya,swara i know but u should try atleast once,bechara sanskar bhagwan hai kya,jo tumhare man ki baat samjhe.
swara:i know bhai,i will try but not now, first i should solve ragini’s matter and then i will think abt my personal matter.
sameer:look be fast,if not sanskar may like another girl and he may marry her.
swara;r u losted bhai,sanskar wont do such thing ,if this is abt laksh he may do this.sanskar is gem bhai.
sameer:oh,gem why dont umake him jealous,he will say wat u want to hear
swara:no bhai,i don t want to hurt leave this topic here itself.and promise me that whatever i told u,u will not say it to anybody.
sameer:promise yaar.dont u trust ur bhai.
swara:bhai i know u morethan urself,thats why i have taken promise from u.and dont be too dramebaaz.

sameer:ok ok.look time is 1’o clock,we have to go down for adarsh’s farewell.
swara;yes,we have to leave now.
swara and sameer left the room,while on the other side sanskar”lucky im very happy man,i really dont know wat to do.iam an idiot who thought that swara returned mm 4 family sake.
laksh:bhai,now wat r u going to do?
sanskar:as she said,i will wait 4 her,till ragini’s matter get solved,i dont want swara to take more stress,i will help her in everystep.1st muhje usse phirese dost bannana hai.i have already hurted her,and i must sorry also
laksh:bhai,i think we should go down.adarsh bhai will be waiting for us.
at living room
every body assembled there,adarsh and pari take the blessing of elders and left mm
while everybody came inside,sanskar and sameer went to garden.
sanskar:sorry,i thought u wrong but u made me to realise my mistake,u have given my happiness,i really didnt know that swara had feelings 4 me.once again thank u very much.
sameer:its ok,but dont tell her that i made this plan
sanskar:ok,iwont tell anything to fact i will act like nothing has happened.i know if she got to know,then she will not spare u.
sameer:yes.and lets be friends and shaked hands
at night
in swasan room
swara is arranging files while sanskar is pretending like he is working on laptop.there is complete silence in that room.
after sometime swara:sanskar,i want to talk to u.

sanskar:(pretending to be anger)whats the matter.
swara:sanskar,i know u r angry at me.iam very sorry 4 hurting u that day.i just wanted to know that u didnt go in to the wrong path.iam sorry sanskar,pls forgive me.
sanskar:its ok swara,when there is no relation how come u will have faith in me.(controlling,his.laughter)
swara:dont say like that sanskar,u r my best friend.pls forgive me sanskar,i dont want to lose my best friend.pls.(literally crying)
sanskar:dont cry,ok i forgave u.
swara:then accept my friendship,wait we will start a fresh relation.
sanskar:ok,as u wish.
swara:let me introduce u.hi this is swara.
sanskar:and i am sanskar maheshwari.both of them shake hands.swara(in her mind)”just wait 4 few more days sanskar then i will bw all yours”
sanskar(in his mind)”wow,this swara is making me crazy.god knows wat is she thinking”.
sanskar:swara,im feeling sleepy.goodnight.
he is moving towards couch,but suddenly he dropped jug full of water and it got wet.
swara:sanskar r u alright?
sanskar:yes,but now i am confused where would i sleep.i think i should go to guest room.
swara:no sanskar,if u do so then there would be problem.(sanskar understands her problem).pls sleep on the bed itself.
sanskar:wat r u serious?
swara:wait let me finish 1st bed is very large,on one side u sleep,and on the other corner i will.inbetween i will place pillows 4 ur convience.
sanskar begins to think
swara:sanskar,dont worry i will not eat u,even though iam non vegetarion,i dont like human flesh that too urs.
sanskar:wat u mean by urs?

swara:i said it because i dont like flesh of those persons who r so boring.
sanskar:u called me boring,u know wat u r so ziddhi.
swara:wat u called me ziddhi.sanskar maheshwari u r finished today.saying this she throwed a pillow on sanskar and he also threw pillow on her.they had a small pillow fight and atlast they fell on eachother,they were very close and had a eye lock.after sometime swara came to real world and composed herself”sanskar its too late i think we have to sleep now,goodnight”by saying this she went to bed and laid down.sanskar too laid on otherside of the bed.both r facing their heads in opp direction.after sometime sanskar turned his head towards her and in the mirror reflection he saw her blushing hardly.he too thought of her confession and their moments falled asleep wid a broad smile on his face.

precap:same as yesterdays

Credit to: KIRAN

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