Sach ki jeet….Episode 5


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recap:swara’s confession

swara:bhai i thought laksh is my best friend,it would be right to marry him,after marriage i will ask him some time to convince myself to love him.i was totally shocked when i came to somebody is trying to stop my marriage,thats why i tried to prepone it.but at that time i dont know that it was ragini behind all this.bhai,sach mein if she said atleast once that she
loves laksh then i myself would have stopped the marriage.but she didnt.when she pushed me in to the lake also,i tried to convince her that iam doing this marriageonly for our family respect,but she didnt listened.after her marriage wid laksh i thought she would rectify herself.but no she didnt.i came to this house,wid sanskar as his wife to unite my maa-baba,
this was my motive,i dont want to hurt ragini,but when it comes to truth i will always support the truth only.

she cried
sameer:ok,pls dont cry.u have told me that u tried to confess ur feeling to sanskar,but when?
swara:after the relivation of ragini’s truth,i thought to say no to divorce,but mom was very admant in getting sanskar divorced wid me as she wanted a marvadi bahu.i dont want to hurt her so that night i went to baadi wid my day sanskar came to baadi,i was very excited to see him there,i was abt to tell him i love u but he handed me our divorce papers,i was speechless,i just needed sometime i want to talk to him privately abt this relation,i got a chance also that same day he brought me to a isloted place and gave a choclate i thought he is also thinking as me.but suddenly laksh entered into that scene,he wanted me to give a chance to me,bhai really i wanted to give a tight slap to him,i was more angry on sanskar than laksh.due to anger i told that nonsense things to sanskar,he hurted my ego,how could he thought that i will marry laksh.i have told him many times that i dont love him,to me he is my jiju,ragini’s husband.when maa asked me to sign divorce papers,i told that i want to give a chance to this marriage.laksh,ragini,even sanskar understood that i was lying,but the truth is i really want to be wid him my love.but i didnt said to him due to anger,infact i told him that iam doing all this to make everything set.and he accepted it

sameer:bechara,kya janne iss ladki ki nautanki?teekhi mirchi u should have told him.
swara:i know bhai that i did wrong,i was going to tell him iloveu on durga pooja,but the circumstances r not favorable.ragin’s memory loss and laksh behaviour made me pagal.i thought 1st iwill make all set and then i will xpress my feeling.but it didnot happened
sameer:so what yaar,now u write a letter to him xpressing ur feeling,yes its an old idea,but it works out well
swara:bhai,i have even tried that also.
swara:do u say something bhai?
sameer:no,i mean yes when did u wrote letter?
swara:on karawachauth.i wrote the letter but forgot to write my name and sanskar name.i placed it in a file,i thought he will get but he gave it to adarsh bhai who inturn gave it pari reading the letter she thought it was adarsh bhaiya who had wrote it and forgaved him.i dont want to spoil her mood so i didnt said anything.

sameer:wow,what a love story u have.
swara:bhai,u r laughing at me.then i decided that he should confess me,tell me to not broke this relation,after that i will say my feelings
sameer:stupid,for that u should give him some clue,u r a brilliant actress,how will he know that u have fallen for him.tryto be somewhat romatic so that he can understand u
swara:u r saying to be romantic but bhai i cant flirt wid him even,after having official licence.
sameer:what r u trying to say?
swara:u know me na bhai.

precap: myestry man entering mm

Credit to: KIRAN

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