Sach ki jeet….Episode 4


hi.thanks to all readers who read my ff
recap:swara telling sameer all that happened
during breakfast
ragini:tommorrow i have arranged a dinner party,in that party papaji is going to transfer the whole property into my i want all the members of mm to behave properly
everyone made sad face

ragini:and i want to make an another imp announcement that in u.s we r going to develop a new branch,for that adarsh bhaiyya and pari bhabhi r going to u.s by afternoon
dp:but u only said that there is dinner party tommorrow then adarsh must be also here na
ragini:wats the need papaji,for signing papers u only reqiured others r not.

everybody were sad thinking abt adarsh but somewhere they r happy that atleast they are going to be out of this torture.

ragini:adarsh bhaiya here r ur tickets.ur flight is sharply at 3’oclock,start packing now itself and u have to stay there for three to four years .saying this she left
pari:maa,papa i dont want to go.i cant leave my family in this state.adarshji pls speak to ragini abt this.
ap:r u mad pari?pls dont talk like this.pls go with adarsh to u.s,atleast u will be freed of this torture.
adarsh:but maa i too want to stay here
rp:b eta,pls try to understan d the situation,u must go and try to start a new life wid pari.try to settle in u.s itself.atleast we will be relived that u r safe.
dp:i too agree wid rp,beta its my order u should go to u.s
sanlak:haa bhai,pls accept it.
swara:haa bhabhi pls accept it naa.

after a long discussion they agreed to go.seeing the entire familys affection and care towards each other sameer was teary eyed and left from there.
swara saw him and went after him.sanlak saw this and also went after them.
when they went they saw swara consoling sameer and sameer out of frustation hurted swara a little(actually guys when he saw the family atmosphere he got to remind of his own family and depressed by it).sanlak who saw this understood that sameer was hurting swara.
sanskar:”hey mister think before u act y r u hurting remember she is my wife mrs,swara sanskar maheshwari”.saying this he pushed him in that process he got hurt in his right arm
swara:y r u behaving like this sanskar.he is my friend a very close friend.he is like my bhai.pls dont ever do this again.bhai u wait here i will go and get firstaid box.
she left the room

sanskar(in his mind)”what a fool r u sanskar,u thought a brothersister relationship as something and u were jealous abt it.oh god she consider him as her brother.anyways i shouldnt be guilty coz she never told abt this so called bhai to me.”
sanskar:sorry,for hurting u i thought u r hurting my wife sorry once again.
sameer:its ok.i know u r happy now after hearing the word bhai from my teekhi mirchi isin it?
sanskar:i dont understand wat u r talking?
sameer:sanskar dont act too much.i know everything about u,teekhimirchi ,rags and laksh.i know u were jealous of me being close to swara.i kow how much u 2 love each other
sanskar:yes,i was feeling jealous because i love her a lot but she dont love,she came to this house only for family sake not for me
sameer:sanskar wat a fool u r?dont u see love for u in her eyes.
sanskar:i think u r lost.did she told u that she loves me.
sameer:no,but i have seen in her eyes that she love u the most.u want proof,then i can prove it
sanskar:ok then wat should i do?
sameer:just give me ur phone.(he takes phone from sanskar’s hand and dial his number and picked it)
sanskar:wat r u doing?
sameer:after u left this room.i am going to ask swara whether she loves u or not.i will keep my phone on so that u can hear swara’s answer
laksh:great,then wat r we waiting for lets go bhai
swara just then entered the room
swara:give ur hand bhai i will do 1st aid
sanlak:sorry sameer.and they left the room and gone to swasan room and turned on the speaker
they r hearing swara-sameer’s convo

sameer:so teekhi mirchi,i think ur hubby is jealous of me
swara:i know that bhai,thats y to irritate him more i was calling u by ur that he donot know our relationship
sameer:then,y,r,u irritating him dear bechara he loves u much and according to me u also love him na.
swara:yes bhai i love him very much(blushes)
sanlak who r listening to this r shocked
sameer:so when r u going to confess it.
swara;bhai i tried to confess my love but all gone into vain.whenever i tried something or the other mishap is i thought let him confess first
sanskar”but i already accepted that i love her”laksh”pls be quiet bhai dont be so excited”
sameer:but u told that he already said i love u to u
swara:i know bhai,but it was before my marriage and that he was drunken thats y he had courage to say it
sameer:then u too get drunk and confess ur love to sanskar.its not a bad idea at all.
swara:do u think its joke i am serious bhai.
sameer:ok,baba when did this happened to u,i mean u were so modern u were also saying that love doesnt exists its just an attraction .so wen did this teekhi mirchi fallen in love?
sanlakb eagerly listening to covo
swara:actually,bhai ragini did many bad deeds but in her bad deed also she did good to me by making me to marry sanskar.when sanskar is abt to fill my forehead wid sindoor,i understood that i love him.that moment itself i realised my love for him.u know bhai sanskar is my 1st love.
sanlak r shocked to hear so is the sameer
sameer:what,u told me that ur 1st love is laksh,then how it would be sanskar.
sanlak too waited for her reply
swara:bhai,the truth is i never loved laksh,i just treated him as my best friend,when i got to know abt his love for me i tried my best to make him understand that i dont love him,but wen he broke his engagement wid ragini i hated him 4 hurting her.after the mms drama whole city saw those clipping in which i and laksh were close to eachother.after finding the culprit,i thought this mms drama would end but to my surprise badepapa brought proposal for me.i wanted to reject it but the circumstances ,ragini’s behaviour and maa-dadi’s presure made me to accept the proposal.i thought laksh is my best friend after marriage i can be comfortable wid him.i
didnt had any other choice bhai

precap:swara’s confession continues

Credit to: KIRAN

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