Sach ki jeet….Episode 3


sorry guys 4 the late update.
recap:swara and sameers bonding
swara:he is my bestfriend,guide,teacher and wellwisher.sanskar iam really worried 4 him,he is more attached to ragini,when he come to know her real face what will happen?i cannot imagine it
sanskar left her without saying anything

at night
all r present in the hall even sameer
ragini:papaji as sameer is working in project related to mm campany he will stay here 4 few days.
sameer;its good till my project completes i will be here and we will party.this sounds nice isint?aunty iam feeling hungry let us eat.

at the dinning table
ragini is speaking harshly wid ap
sameer:wat the hell is this ragini ,y r u treating aunty like this.she is elder to u .show some respect
ragini:i know wat to do and u r my friend i dont want u to interfere in these matters.
sameer was shocked he didnt expected this from ragini.he was about to say something but swara interrupted.
swara:sameer pls be calm .i will tell u all the things but be calm.
all of them finished dinner,after that swara asked ap and sujhatha to take rest while she will do work kitchen.and while working in the kitchen someone placed hands on swaras was sameer.
sameer:u told me that u will tell everything wat had happened.y ragini is behaving like this?wat happened to her?still swara kept silent
for god sake tell me the truth
swara narrated the whole incidents starting from the marriage of her maa-baba till raginis makeover.”i know u will not believe this,but it is the truth.i loved her more than myself but she betrayed me for twice, when she betrayed me 4 the 1st time,i thought the love which he had 4 laksh is making her to do this,once she,realises her mistake she will be positive
again and we will become swaragini.but i was wrong.even i forgived her .but 2nd time she wanted to ruin my character ,i can forgive anything but when it comes to my self respect i cant tolerate it.i am feeling helpless bhai”saying these lines she cried bitterly and hugged sameer.sameer tried to console her but couldnt.sanlak at the window saw this but they understood in the different manner.they didnt heared their conversation but came to conclusion that,both r veryclose.

next day
ragini’s mobile is ringing.when she saw the caller id she got scared.she didnt want to attend the call,but she had no option left she had to do so.
man:hello,darling looks like u r enjoying a much time will it take to lift the mobile
ragini:wat did i do?y r u punishing me like this?i loved u very much but i n return u r giving me this punishment?pls leave me and my family
man:dont cry darling.if u gonna cry then who will workout my execute our next plan
ragini:y r u punishing me like this?
man:u have to do this if not u r going to bear the consequences,understood.bye sweetheart
ragini:y god y me.y r u doing this to me.i cant tolerate this pain anymore,pls god save me from this devil,pls
by saying these she picked up family photo and cried “all these things r happening because of me i hurted my family a lot,especially my sister swara,swara u r not only my sister but my soulmate,it really hurts me to hurt someone whom i love the most””god pls save my sister from this trap’

precap:swara telling abt her love to sameer and sanlak r hearing it over the phone

i know there r many grammatical mistakes in my ff,i kindly request readers to forgive me

Credit to: KIRAN

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  1. Hry can someone tell me how sonia shah is named in swaragini???

  2. nice to see u back. .
    pls clear misunderstanding between swasan

  3. Omg ur track is awesome make it like someone is forcing ragini to torture them then laksh saves her from that person

  4. atlast u posted
    it is fabulous dear…………..

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