Sach ki jeet….Episode 1


hi guys.iam kiran. iam going to write a ff based on characters r same as in serial.

so my story starts like this.after the ragini makeover,swara went to mm to confess her love to sanskar.but he is arrgant in his decision.he even didnt paid attention to swaras words.
next day

a handsome guy wearing a black leather jacket with blue jeans.he went directly to the living room where all the members of mm except swara ad sanskar.seeing him ragini was shocked as well as surprised.she exclaimed sameer.
Ragini:sameer what a sudden surprised?how r u?when did u come from london?
Sameer:just relaxe u look awesome in this u will not introduce me to ur family.

Ragini:sure.why not.papaji,he is sameer my collegemate and my best how come u r here?
Sameer:actually i am here to do an important project wid mm and karma campany.but its very nice to see seeing mangulsutra in neck and sindoor in her forehead,he understood that she is married now.he said”what yaar u got married without informing me.what kind of friend u r?really its very annoying.

saying so he hugged her.evey1 r shocked to see this,while laksh was bit jealous.
meanwhile swara and sanskar came down.they saw ragini hugging someone they found it strange.when swara saw sameer she shouted “sameer”.even sanskar was shocked to her response.
Sameer:”teeki mirchi,i mean swara u r also here”.there was silence everywhere in the air.

Credit to: KIRAN

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  1. Good start 🙂 but pls make it as long update

  2. nice….

  3. nice episode yaar 🙂

  4. Gd plzzz dnt stop

  5. nice track..interesting..make ragini positive plz..hey one suggestion give one actor’s name who can suit as sameer according to his character in ur we can imagine him while reading ur story..

  6. Nice start plz continue

  7. Very good start…don’t make ragini negative

  8. nice start…

  9. good starting…
    sameer entry nice… he is commond for swarag i think
    make rags positive yar pls

    1. is sameer positive or negative

  10. Karan tacker is good for sameer

  11. Hi Koran its very nice but pls can u make ragini positive n also pls read my ff”” raglak ki ek kahani…”””

  12. so nice

  13. Nice start yaar

  14. Good start… N whether sameer is positive or negative???

  15. pls make Sameer fall for ragini

  16. nice start. .
    pls can u make it lengthy

  17. Good start dear plz make long ones

  18. wow !!1 kash aisa real serial me hota….

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