SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter1)

SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos.
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Chapter 1:

.Chapter 1:

How dare you ,Dr.Kabir? Dr.Malhotra shouted as he stood at the door step of the police station. Making Jaya, Kabir and Sanchi to look up.

What’s wrong, Sir? Kabir pretending surprised while Anand raised his eyebrows and glared at him.

Why are you helping Sanchi, Kabir after all why so much concern for an intern ? Dr.Malhotra questioned as he came inside.

She is not just an intern to me,Sir. She is my fianc. I came to take her in bail because we are getting married today. He told and gave the pen to Sanchi to sign her bail papers.

What nonsense? Dr.Malhotra shouted as he glared at the trio.

Sir, this is police station, If ou can wait kindly, I will do the honors and return back. He excused as he turned to the lawyer spoke few words and glanced at Sanchi and Jaya before he left with Dr.Malhotra.

Sanchi was arrested under the charges of manipulating identity in the name of Sanchi Agarwal soon after Ria and Malhotra suspected her extraordinary study skills inspite of her UG certificate of 65%. Plot after plot sanchi ws trapped and handed over to the police under Dr.Malhotra’s complain. It was just eight hours before she was dragged to the police station and Dr.Kabir was there with her mother and the highly influenced lawyer of the city gaining bail for her.

What the hell is wrong with you, Kabir? Anand asked as they approached his car. How did you decided to get married to her ? He probed.

It was already decided, Sir. I didn’t wanted to mess my personal life with my profession. That’s why I didn’t tell you about her. He lied.

Which means you knew already she was cheating ? Dr.Malhotra asked him shocked.

No sir, I didn’t knew her surname back then. Anyways sir, Now I apologize on behalf of her, I would be glad if you could attend my wedding, now, Sir. Kabir didn’t wanted to beat around the bushes.

Now? Dr.Malhotra scowled at him.

Yes, sir in the register office we are heading there now, I would be glad if you could mark your presence there. He told in a no nonsense tone.

Will you, Sir ? Kabir asked as he looked into Anand’s eyes who nooded with uncertainity.

Thank you, Sir. Now Excuse me. He told as he turned back and approached Sanchi and held her hand as he opened the passenger door for Jaya and asked Sanchi to sit in front and walked across the car to the driver’s seat.

What happened to this Kabir? Anand shouted at his brother who still looked at the car moving past them.

I don’t know, Bhai..He told shooking his head in horror.

The marriage went in a silent affair as Dr.Kabir tied the wedding lace in Sanchi’s neck and filled her hair line with sindoor before they signed the papers. Sanchi looked at Jaya in tears who nodded assuring squeezing her shoulders in support.

Kabir bent down taking Jaya’s blessings and he smiled at her knowingly while Sanchi hugged jaya and Kabir left to Anand. Congratulations Kabir. Anand told as his brother tugged at his arm and he smiled nervously as he stared at Jaya and Sanchi.

Anyways, Tell me Kabir, what you want as your wedding gift? He asked trying to keep his evil side hidden in front of Kabir.

I wonder if you will be able to give what I ask you Sir. He told with a tone of sarcasm amusing Anand.

I will give you what you want, Ask me man.. he told confidently.

He nodded as he pinched the skin on his forehead near his right eyes.

I want you to take back your complain against Sanchi and let her continue her internship in Savitri devi college and hospital, Sir. He asked his gift while Anand stared at him in utter hatred.

Adarsh, Take back the complain…Anand told his eyes spitting venom at Jaya, You can go forward with her re-admission in the Savitri devi, college and hospital Kabir. Happy Married Life. Anand told in defeat as he excused himself and left behind Adarsh.

Let’s go, Kabir told as he went back to Sanchi and Jaya.

Maa, Sanchi cried as she stood out of her house as Jaya dragged her trolley and her hand bag to the car.

Remember, your ambition Sanchi, You will forget all the other troubes, easily..Jaya told and Kabir nodded silently as he placed her baggage in the boot.

Sanchi shook her head in disagreement before she sat back in the car as Kabir closed the boot and came to Jaya.

I’m indebted to you already for your help, Beta. Please take care of her, She told as she placed her hand on his cheek and he nodded in okay before he went to the car.

Sanchi ? He called unsurely as she sat in a daze not realizing that they had reached their destination.

She came out of her strance as she tried to look at which place they had reached, and turned back to him surprised as they stood infront of the college hostel.

Sir? She asked confused.

I won’t let this relationship affect your carrer, Sanchi, I will help you achieve your ambition in Savitri devi college and hospital without any expectation from this relationship. You don’t have to worry about this he told encouragingly and she found herself calming in his words.

Thank you, Sir. I still can’t believe what is happening with me…She told as she smiled in grimace as another tear cascaded down her cheeks.

The day when you will achieve your ambition, you can free yourself from this relationship, Sanchi. I won’t stop you. Focus only on your career right now. He adviced and she nodded.

Now let me talk with the warden, He told as he signaled her with his hands to move out and soon they both found themselves standing the reception hall with Sanchi holding her baggage when Kabir spoke with the warden.

Sanchi Mishra, He wrote her name in the application form they were asked to fill up and she found herself being washed with a relief.

Fill it up, He gave her and she frowned before she smiled in realization that he knew nothing about her except her name.

Thank you so much,Sir She told as she turned back after doing the formal procedures.

You’re welcome,..He told and looked around nervously as he wanted to tell something.

I won’t let anyone know about my husband, without his consent,Sir. She told and he looked up at her in surprise while she nodded understanding his dilemma.

Good, Thanks…He told before he left from there.

Sanchi? Isha and Pragya found themselves gasping as they saw her coming back to their room while they sat cuddling in each other’s arms praying for Sanchi to return.

They stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the sindoor on her forehead and the wedding lace in her neck. Sanchi followed their eyes to see that stop at her mangalsutra and nodded ironically before she locked the door and filled them with the recent happenings before asking them to swear on her to not to breathe about her “Husband to anyone.

You married him!!! Isha and Pragya shouted accusingly after a round of consoling, assurance, victory dance and happy hugs they shared.

Now we have no more rights to drool over him!! They pouted faking tears while Sanchi shook her head in disbelief while they continued their ranting for an hour completely.

Okay, Come now let’s tease out jeeja ji!!! Pragya announced as she dragged Isha and grabbed Sanchi’s phone while she resisted in shock.

The phone rang in speaker mode as Sanchi held her breathe in fear while Isha and Pragya planned their dialouges.

Tell me, Sanchi, Kabir told as he picked up the phone at last ring and phone slipped from Pragya’s hand to the bed as she masked her fear as she gave Isha a same look.

Sanchi looked at Isha and Pragya in shock for their retreating behavior at the end moment and picked up the phone and held it in position in between them.

Sir…vo…vo…She stammered…Abhay…Don’t call him Sir now…Pragya found herself blurting before Isha slapped her hand to Pragya’s mouth and The trio looked at each other in horror.

Did you tell something, Pragya? Kabir asked before they could think to manipulate.

No…no…sir,,She stammered, We…I mean…Me and Isha just called you to congratulate you on your wedding, Sir..Pragya stammered. As Sanchi wiped her hand which turned sweaty in fear.

He rolled his eyes.

Meet me in my cabin, tomorrow at nine’o clock, Pragya..Kabir ordered and she looked at Sanchi shocked before she stammered a yes and he cut the call.

Precap: Veer and Ria look at Sanchi who is at the door, from two different corners of the room and the file they hold falls to the floor as they notice her mangalsutra and sindoor. While Kabir manages to smile a short one before he asks her to get in.

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