SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 9)

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Chapter 9:

I feel proud of myself, Dr.Sanchi, that was the last word she had heard from him, that’s the last time she saw him and it has been nearly one and half a day there was no sight of him.

His words had made her heart flutter, her eyes glitter and her mind shatter. She didn’t knew why she felt so happy, like never before, she wanted to ask him what he meant by his words, but she didn’t.

The next day with few sincere interns like Pragya, Isha and Garv sacrificing their Sunday the blood donating campaign had went successfully on a peaceful note. She had informed Adarsh and Anand Malhotra the same and receiving appreciation from them for the idea and the hard works of the other intern she had returned back to the hostel.

She missed home and now her Dr.Kabir too looking at the phone she twisted and turned in her bed.

Well someone is missing someone I think, Pragya sang from her pillow while Sanchi gaped at her.

Pragya, sleep silently…She chided while Isha giggled.

Isha had apologized to Sanchi for her rude behavior the other day and reasoned that it was only because she felt bad for Veer. Sanchi had shook her head at her guiltiness and happily hugged her friend with no grudges leaving behind bad memories.


Kabir looked from the dashboard of his car to see the sky pouring rats and cats of water. After waiting enough for the rain to subside, he stepped out of the car deciding to change his dress in the cabin if he got drenched.

He looked up as a black cloud covered his head as he stepped out and found an umbrella above his head. Stretching his head down he saw Sanchi looking at him innocently. He smiled in acknowledgement and held on top of the umbrella below her hand and walked to the hospital.

Thank you, Dr.Sanchi He told and she nodded before she pulled the umbrella down and leaving it on the shelves she went inside behind him.

Hope everything went well in the campaign. He asked scratching the skin on his side of the eyes, his trademark action.

Yes Sir, she spoke before he collected the reports from the reception and his eyes wandered on the paper cautiously.

Good! He told her and gave back the papers, We have an important conference at 10, ask all the interns to gather at time. I don’t want any delay any excuses. He told and she nodded in affirmative as they climbed the stairs

Please bring my file from the car, I forgot, He told as they entered his cabin and she left from there not waiting.

Here Keys, he stretched his hand not looking up from the files he had in his other hand and sensing her not reaching for the keys, he looked up to find her missing.

Very good! He mumbled throwing the file to the table and walked out and down the stairs and stepped out of the hospital to see her running to his car in the rain. He picked the umbrella from the shelves and ran out getting drenched before he opened the umbrella properly.

Oh God! I didn’t get keys from that Khadoos! She shouted in the rain to the car door and he looked at her shocked hearing his new name.

Hold this, he shouted behind her and she literally jumped hearing his voice and started fumbling with her words as she reached for the umbrella.

Oh God! It flew away. She cried as she looked at the umbrella which got carried away with the heavy wind which blew on them.

Can’t you even do one thing properly, Sanchi!! He shouted amidst the pitter patters of the rains as he got drenched completely in seconds.

Oh My God! It’s all because of you that my umbrella flew away. She accused him in a sad tone and he cringed.

Stop shouting! I’m just standing beside you and by the way, its you who didn’t hold the umbrella properly, he shouted and she looked at him afraid before she counter attacked.

Oh please it’s you who is shouting Dr.Kabir, Because of you I lost my umbrella She shrieked at his face.

Shut up, you! He pointed his index finger at her and she looked away angrily.

Sit inside, he ordered as he took the keys from his pocket and unlocked the driver door.

No thanks, Sir,I’m going inside! She shouted again and left from there. You are really stupid! He yelled from behind and quickly locked the car before he rushed behind her.

Thank you ! She sarcastically spoke before she walked into the elevator and pressed the buttons, it was not good to walk in the staircase with all the water dripping from their clothes.

She huffed as she saw him getting inside the elevator and turned to the other side, he gave her a disgusted look before he turned to the opposite side and soon the lights flickered as the elevator took a dancing jerk before the lights went off and the elevator stopped.

He cursed under his breath and reached for the emergency dialer above her head and spoke to the technicians who clearly were out of help at this moment as it was due to the rain and they couldn’t think of any alternative as the generator was not in supporting condition at the moment.

Oh God! Why only with me? She cried and he glared at her to shut up.

It’s going to take time, he told loosening his tie and looked around it was too early in the morning and they couldn’t get much light inside the shut elevator either.

What were you talking when you tried to open the car door ? He asked and she looked at her reflection in the steel walls of the elevator stunned.Oh…Nothing…She shrugged and looked away from him.

Khadoos? He asked in his low baritone and she gasped. Yes sir….But no..She looked at him scared and he inwardly smiled at her expression So you accept it too? He asked walking toward her and she glued her back to the elevator wall holding her breathe.

I can punish you for this! He reminded and she shook her head, I just told once but there are so many others who tell this hundred times a day. She reasoned as she kept her hands behind her back on the wall for balance and closed her eyes in fear of what was coming, already shivering in coldness.

She blinked open her eyes as she realised something warm touch her shoulders and looked up to meet his concerned eyes which looked only in her eyes and she looked on her shoulders to see his coat loosely hanging on her and looked down at her to see her clothes slight inappropriately hugging her skin and cheeks turned red in embarrassment as she tugged at his coat lapels and brought his coat close to her front.

Thank you, she told flushed and he turned to look straight ahead.

Why did you stitch ‘Sunny’ on your umbrella? He asked frowning as he remembered it when he picked it from the shelves.

It’s my brother’s name, he did it, saying rain would stop, seeing it! She smiled at her memories.He is in his high school, she informed and he nodded as he noticed her becoming silent again.

You miss him? He asked seeing her tears and she looked away shaking her head. Why? He asked her in a low voice. I couldn’t go there becuase Maa hadn’t informed anyone about…she stopped….your marriage…he completed and she nodded smiling ironically. He looked away as she wiped her tears. I’m fine, she told bravely and smiled her usual one.

By the way, Dr.Kabir we both went to take the file, she stopped and looked at him tentatively, but neither of them brought it. She told and started giggling at his embarrassed face.

It was raining that’s why I left the file in the car at the first place, he informed giving a I’m-not-a-stupid-look and she frowned. Then you purposefully sent me to get the file so that I could get drench? How bad of you? She accused innocently in disbelief and he mentally face palmed himself.

If your lazy brain didn’t remind you to take that stupid umbrella, what’s my fault in it? He snapped at her and she gaped at him. First, she begun my brain is not lazy and second don’t dare to call my umbrella stupid, it helped you at the first place, Dr.Kabir she listed and he made faces at her reasons.

What’s the result? I got drenched now and it’s all because of you! He blamed and she opened and closed her mouth to reason.

Why me? You should have given me the key first, and by the way, Dr.Kabir I only got drenched first and that was all because of you! She pointed her finger to his chest as she moved forward.

Fine, now can you shut up, Dr.Sanchi! He asked sarcastically polite and she turned her back to him stomping her foot.

I should haven’t asked her to get the file. When I knew it was raining, he thought as he heard her sneeze and sniff. After few minutes Kabir coughed and she felt guilty. I could have been little vigilant and took the car keys with me. She thought.

I’m sorry, Both of them said in unison and turned to look at each other in amusement.

I could have behaved responsible, She told in a low voice biting her lips. Glad you realized! He told arrogantly and crossed his arm across his chest.

Not just a khadoos! He is an Akdu too! She thought loud and smiled at his new name.

Dr.Sanchi! He reprimanded and she shushed herself.

Sanchi, your…actually…on your forehead…there is…He fumbled, as he saw her after they turned to face the door of the elevator, with his words as he pointed a finger at her forehead where her sindoor had just ran down from her hair line.

Where and what? She asked unaware of what he was actually intending to point. Wait…He told and took the kerchief from her stepping forward and gently traced her sindoor to her hairline and she understood what he was trying to say earlier.

He nodded one last time as he looked at her clean forehead now and stepped back the air between them turning awkward now and she mumbled a thank you making him stare at her.

Soon the lights flickered again and the elevator jerked before it came to life and they reached the floor, only when the doors opened and the fresh air hit their face did they realized their proximity and moved away.

They stole a glance of each other before they left from there to their respective places,one with the other’s coat and the other with one’s kerchief.

As they got busy with their duties, they didn’t forget to message each other to take medicines for the respective cold and cough.

Have Chlorpheniramine after lunch -Dr.Kabir
She read.

Benadryl, 7.5 ml – Dr.Sanchi
He read and a small smile crept his face.

Evening, 6:30

Sanchi searched for Kabir in his cabin to inform about the patient’s X-ray report but he was nowhere to be seen, his bag was still in the cabin, where did he go? She wondered and hearing from Pragya that he went out of the hospital, she went out.

Meanwhile, Kabir had just went to get his file finally after the rain seemed to take some rest, but still there was thunder and storm with the chill breeze. Picking the file from the seat he had took only few steps ahead, when Ria came to him and enquired about his absence on the dinner yesterday. He was answering her curtly when they heard a thunder strike and Ria hugged him tightly out of fear and Kabir just fisted his hands as he looked away in discomfort , there was repeated thunder which just made her still cling to him.

He looked around awkwardly and his innocent eyes met with her hurt eyes she looked at him one last time before she went into the hospital.

He with all his strength pulled away from riya and mumbling a excuse he rushed into the hospital and maintained pace with her as he skipped steps.

Sanchi. Will you…Ermm, listen to me? He asked as they walked to his cabin and she nodded.

I….I…no I mean she, He was frustrated, he didn’t know why he felt the need to explain to her and even when he wanted to explain he couldn’t find words to suffix.

She was afraid of thunders, that’s all She told calmly and he looked at her surprised.

Dr.Kabir, I don’t like acting like a jealous girlfriend, she remarked and her cheeks turned red in embarrassment and both looked away slyly.

I know you a little well, Dr.Kabir you don’t have to explain anything. She told shaking her head as she gave him the X-ray report and left from there leaving behind a surpsied Kabir.

Was it because she trusted him or because he didn’t matter to her ? His subconscious mind asked as it stood away his momentary happiness.

Precap: Sanchi I want to speak to you,Veer told from the door of Kabir’s cabin as Sanchi and Kabir were talking about something. Sanchi turned to Veer while Kabir held her wrist firmly stopping Sanchi dead in her tracks and Veer to look shocked.

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