SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8:
Saturday Noon:

Dr.Sanchi, I will be leaving early this evening, stay back a little longer and do complete these paper works. He told her as he closed the file and Sanchi’s lips stretched in a thin line as she understood where he was going.

Sure Sir, I will do that, you can go and enjoy your evening with Ria! She snapped at him while he looked at her in disbelief. She turned back and pulled the door open and walked out even when he asked her to wait.

Dr.Sanchi, he called angrily while she just shook her head and continued walking while Veer from nowhere jumped from nowhere making her touch her chest in fear before she composed herself. Kabir glared at Veer as he watched him smile.

Let’s go for an date, Ms. Golgappa, he offered and Sanchi just wanted to drag him to the big pillar and slam his head to it but now, she wanted to irritate her so called -ready-to-date husband .

Sure, Veer She smiled unusually broad as she looked from the corner of her eyes to see Dr. Kabir standing few steps behind her. As soon as her affirmation reached his ears he clenched his jaws tightly and walked back to his cabin.

Besharam Veer! And this Sanchi? What the hell is wrong with her? Date? For all the goodness in the world she is married! He thought to himself as he sat in his chair.

No Sanchi! You are not going anywhere, he told to himself plotting something to ruin the date.

As soon as she heard the loud shut of the door, she victorioisly smiled and gave a disgusting look to Veer.

Dont you have any sense, Veer? How many times do I have to tell you I’m married ? Get lost with your date! She barked on his face and stormed off.

The whole world wants to date! Shameless people,… She thought to herself as she went to the steps and collided with Ria.

I’m sorry! Sanchi apologized while Ria just shoot a look and went to approach Dr.Kabir. Sanchi looked at her till she opened the cabin door and huffed.

Oh god! She shouted in disbelief before she thought of some ways to ruin his date as well.

Dr.Kabir….Sanchi barged into his cabin and Ria and Sanchi looked at her.

Dr.Kabir, can you please come with me? She asked politely as she walked to him and stood beside his chair making him stretch his neck backwards to look at her properly.

Actually, we have to check the blood bank for deficient bloods. She quickly came with a reason.

Come, please she held his arm as soon as he stood up and dragged him.

I can walk, Sanchi he told as soon as they stepped out of his cabin and she left his hands and looked away.

What the hell happened here? Ria asked the empty room as she watched them her mouth hung open, Sanchi just held his hand and dragged him outside. And what about Kabir he didn’t scold her at all. No this can’t happen. She shook her head.

Oh my god! What next to do? She thought to herself as they walked down the stairs. And mentally encouraged herself to go ahead.

Nurse, can you give the static counts of the blood we have in the banks.she asked the nurse and the nurse left to bring it.

Strange girl! He thought to himself, this work didn’t need him at all, why did she drag him then? He thought and shook his head as he looked around while she just shrugged as if she understood his ramblings.

Dr.Sanchi, here it is, The nurse gave and she forgot about Kabir as she went through the papers and Kabir too ocassionally peeped into see enough information.

Sir, many blood groups are deficient here, she pointed out and he nodded.

We should put up an advertisemt soon, She told and he nodded signalling her to go ahead with her plans and she left from there and he walked back to his cabin. He had to work on a mission-ruin-sanchi’s-date immediately.

Sanchi returned back to the blood bank after putting up a noticeable advertisements in all social networking sites and checked up with the statistics of the last blood campaign completely forgetting Kabir’s date.

Evening 6:0 pm

Adarsh, why such a rush in the ground floor? Anand asked surprised and worried at the same time, since the day Kabir has married Sanchi, he had been hesitant to do any malpractices for money in the hospital.

They had come for Blood donation, Adarsh told even they had never seen so much people before.

Ramnik, Call Dr.Kabir to my cabin. Anand ordered as they looked from the first floor before they walked into the cabin.

Good afternoon,Sir. Kabir wished as he walked in and Adarsh and Anand smiled in acknowledgement.

Kabir when did you announce for blood donation and how could it become possible for so much people to attend it this time ? Anand asked.

Sir Sanchi was doing the advertisement task for it and that too just few hours before. He informed clueless.

Ramnik, call Dr.Sanchi to my cabin, Anand told and now the trio waited for Sanchi.

May I come in, Sir, Sanchi asked and walked in after getting his affirmative.

Dr.Sanchi how did you gather so much people for the blood donation in such a short time? Anand asked.

Sir, actually wehl had too much deficiency of rare blood groups, thats why I spreaded a word in social networks and to other field college students . she told as she looked straight into his eyes. I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know so much people would come. She added the crowd was noticeably high.

Well done, Dr.Sanchi, good job! Yes there is too much crowd this time but I think we can sort it out too. He told no matter how much he was against her but he couldnt deny himself being clearly impressed of the talent of this girl. Kabir too nodded supportingly at her.

Since its the weekend, I think we can make it an official campaign for the blood donation. He told and she nodded in affirmative as this was the first time he was agreeing to something she had done.

Adarsh, will guide you for the formal procedures we follow for the campaign, you can suggest your ideas and merge it! He told amusingly.

Thank you, Sir. She told and left with Adarsh followed by Kabir.

Dr.Malhotra looked at the door thoughtfully. Unusual gathering had caught eyes of the media and soon the nosy TV channels had clustered in front of the hospital. Sanchi was just like her dad, she could earn me with her talents, wherever sh was but she was generous, money doesn’t matter to her, neither it mattered to her father, they helped and saved people for free but what is the use of name without fame?

If only Sanchi could join hands with him he could take Savitri Devi College and Hospital to heights. But the girl was too smart and it was impossible to cheat her. So he let her use her talents to get name for his hospital for now and thought to find other ways to earn fame.

Good job, Dr.Sanchi he told once Adarsh left them alone and they stood in front of the blood bank monitoring the pre-donation tests for the donors.

Thank you,Sir she told and again got busy with the files she held.

I think you should stay back this evening and check with the procedures, he told and she looked up at him,while he mentally patted himself for such a good idea to stop her from the date.

Sir? She asked unsurely but seeing his no nonsense face nodded nonetheless.

Yes I should sacrifice my weekend but he will not even sacrifice his date! How selfish! She thought to herself and made faces behind his back.

OK…Take care of it! He told pointing to the queue and left.

She huffed as she saw his retreating figure, Sanchi you lost it! He and Ria are….No this can’t happen, she thought to herself defeatedly.

After a huge battle between her mind and heart, between her duty as a doctor and a wife she chose : to fulfil her duty as doctor, leaving the rest upon her fate. She sighed a part of her wanted to stop him but she didn’t wanted step into his personal life too much either.

Nurse, call me if anything is important, she told as she grabbed a bench and the chair to the farthest corner of the ward and sat down with her book. She could see who comes and goes but none could see her.

It was past eight thirty and the queue had lessened she looked up from her book like many other time and saw the job being done smoothly, she had left her phone in Kabir’s cabin thankfully that none disturbed her by inviting her to the Saturday night party.

Buy now she needed a break, closing her book she looked up only to see a familiar pair of eyes staring down at her with an unfamiliar emotion : proud.

Sir, actually I….she tried to reason for her absence at the counter, but stopped in the mid. You here? Didnt you go with Ria? She blurted and mentally slapped herself for the loss of control on the boneless weapon.

Dr.Kabir had actually visited the bank a hour before, during his rounds and found her buried in her books, sensing his eyes on her, the nurse had offered to call her while he bluntly refused and asked her instead to show him the checklist of the donors and after checking it he gave a one last glance at Sanchi and left from there all while Sanchi had been too busy in her book that she didn’t notice her caring husband’s gaze on her.

I didn’t go, he told and she made a victory dance in her head but kept her face blank.

Why? She asked and he stretched one of the two coffee cups in his hand for her to take .You were going to get this anyways, right? He asked her sensing her hesitancy. She nodded as she mumbled a thank you and took the right one.

Dr.Malhotra has went for some meeting, so I didn’t go…He told and she looked at him puzzled from her coffee cup.

Why would Dr.Malhotra come with you on a date? She asked and he choked on his coffee. She took hold of a tissue papers and passed it to him, mumbling a sorry.

Are you mad? Why would he….and
..wait… who told you I was going for a date? His expression changed from bewilderment to shock and sticked to a smirk.

I…I…Riya told me so…She told bravely after all she was not lying.

Dr. Malhotra invited me for a family dinner,that’s all, he told shrugging and she sheepishly smiled sending a million thankful prayers to god silently and both sipped their coffee silently.

Well, I can punish you for not doing your duty properly Dr.Sanchi! He spoke in his stony baritone.

Sir, You just asked me to make sure there was no problem here, see there is none. So my duty is done perfectly! She pointed out and he bit back his smile as he shook his head,she had answers for all.

He sat down in the chair she was sitting earlier and flipped pages of her book randomly while she collected the coffee cup from him and threw it in the dustbin.

You thought I will go on a date with Ria? He asked still flipping pages, his voce was so low that if she hasn’t strained her ears she would haven’t heard any word of it!

Yes….he looked at her amused…no..I mean I thought you might…she told feeling ashamed.

Already I married my student and now this da…He spoke while she looked at him apologetically feeling really sorry for him. For a man like him, who was full of high principles and disciplines, it was a mistake.

I’m sorry, Sir. She told and he shook his head in negative. Neither of the two knew for what the sorry was, was it for putting him in a situation to get married to his student or for being stupid to think he will date his student.

Do you regret? She asked indicating their marriage, after a few painfully silent minutes still standing at the same spot when he had stood up from the chair and walked away to the door and stopped at her question.

I feel proud of myself, Dr.Sanchi. He told his eyes conveying his sincerity as he smiled slightest and she nodded tears brimming in her eyes as she turned her back to him and he left from there.

Precap: Sanchi walked out of the hospital and her eyes widened in shock as she saw Ria hugging Kabir tightly while Kabir looked around in clear discomfort and his innocent eyes met hurt eyes of hers and she left back inside the hospital.

P.S: How was it? Do let me know…waiting eagerly.

Love all!

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