SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7:

Dr. Kabir, Sanchi was not feeling well, so she left soon after her duty, so she gave me the files, Pragya told as she walked into the open cabin.

He hasn’t seen Sanchi the entire day, not in the canteen, when he tried to sneak peak, not when he had walked across her department. He felt too happy for being strong in his resolution but a part of him wanted to see her, to make sure that Veer didn’t disturb her. But he kept himself in check.

Sanchi, well she was frustrated, with her behavior. She for all rationality in the world she couldn’t understand why she was so worried. Just because he is her husband? Husband for the world, not even to the world just to Mr.Malhotra -es and her mother, that’s all. He married her to save her career that’s it, nothing less nothing more.

She should be grateful for his help rather than being angry, he deserved all chances to enjoy life, just because he married her, she couldn’t stop him how could she? That would be unfair.

She wiped her tears one last time before she decided to go out and catch some fresh air. As she drapped the duppata over her shoulders she silently walled out of the room dropping the key in her pocket.

She walked to the hospital and sat down on one of the benches out at the lawn walk space for the patients. Luckily there was no one to disturb her.

Kabir felt uneasy sensation fill his throat as he for names sake went thorguh the case files and nodded at Pragya to go.

He didn’t knew why but he could himself remember Sanchi’s teary face outside the OT. He didn’t knew why she was so angry. He looked at his phone as he slayed his bag on his shoulder.

Should he? Or shouldn’t he? The battle began and he walked out of the hospital shaking his head.

Excuse me, The weather is cold and also patients are not allowed to be out of the hospital for this long, Go inside. He told to the lady or maybe girl who was sitting on the lawn bench.

Sanchi first stiffened as she heard his voice and relaxed as she realized he didn’t know her and nodded her head in affirmative so that he would leave and she could back to hostel. But he was Dr.Kabir, stubborn and arrogant, who made sure what he ordered happened.

Go inside, he repeated and she stood up and turned to face him.

Oh, Sanchi.He told in a whisper and she smiled politely before she walked past him. She stopped and for a second, she felt she was imagining things but when she tried to take next step, she stopped and turned around trying to find what was stopping her.

She was not imagining, Dr.Kabir was really holding her hand, No! He just had his little finger interlinked with hers, but even that hikd was tight for her to stop taking a step.

I want to talk to you, He told in his no nonsense tone and she nodded as they again approached the bench.

I….I…He looked at his shoes as he tried to frame a coherent sentence.

I’m sorry Dr.Kabir, she told and he frowned.

Why? He asked and she shrugged.

I’m sorry too! He told and she looked at him from the corner of her eyes. Why? She asked and he mirrored her earlier action.

She chuckled and he smiled quickly turning his face away hiding his smile.

You did a great job today, Dr.Sanchi. He told and she beamed making him look at her amused.

Why are you so happy now? He asked as he pinched the skin at an inch away from the corner of his left eye.

Dr.Kabir hearing a word or two as a praise is a prize we win after spending a nervous hours in the OT. She revealed and his lips stretched in a thin line.

But you didn’t seem nervous today! He had observed.

Because you were there. She told and he froze the cool air kissing his face.

How’s your mother? He changed the topic and she smiled at his attempt.

She is fine. She told in a low voice and he nodded.

Dr.Kabir can I ask you something? She asked and he again nodded emotionless.

What about your parents they know about us, I mean about this marriage., She asked in a whisper as she admired her slippers.

I just have my mother and I’m yet to tell her. He told his voice like a stone.

She.. She began only to be cut off. You need not worry about her, Sanchi.He informed and she nodded as she looked down.

They sat there, the silence comfortable yet awkward Kabir looked from his corner of his eyes as she fidgeted with the hem of her salwar tops on her knee.

Why did you come here, this late night? He asked trying to ease the awkwardness.

I….I didn’t feel sleepy, She told sheepishly while he seemed to give a thinking look.

Pragya told you were not feeling well. He told and she looked anywhere but him.

Yeah….. She told her hands now plucking the thread out of the salwar and he chuckled.

You can’t even lie for silly things! He pointed out and she looked away smiling.

And you? She seemed to give a thinking look while he looked at her intently.

You can’t even smile for the funniest joke in this world! She remarked and that didn’t went well with him.

He raised his eyebrows at her while she shook her head in negative.’But going down the memory lane I remember laughing recently,…..he tapped his chin with his index finger and her face turned red in embarassment , ‘on someone’s face for their yellow streak of…’
He continued and stopped while she face palmed herself.

Your secret is safe with me, Sanchi he brought his lips closer to her ear for a whisper and she clutched to the cloth on her neck tight as goosebumps kissed her neck. His voice was husky and hoarse than ever and it chilled her spine as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes innocently.

He nodded and she smiled.

Tell me one of your big secret then! She asked moving back and making him too to retreat.

I don’t have any secrets. He said shaking his head.

Haww, Don’t lie Dr.Kabir. You are such a mysterious man! She told playfully and he smirked.

I’m mysterious ? He asked biting his lip to hide his smile and she nodded confidently.

Maybe, he told faking thoughtfulness and she looked at him in disbelief before they both smiled to themselves and kept quiet.

I hope you are not finding difficulty in your studies with this added duty of head intern. He asked just to make sure she was fine with it. But the next moment he saw Sanchi standing on her feet her hands fisted as she glared at him.

You know what Dr.Kabir I don’t want to be a head intern, not at all, you can go ahead and ask your Ria to be the head intern. She half yelled before she turned away to go.

What the…. He looked at her retreating figure in disbelief. One second she was smiling and the other moment she was erupting like a volcano.

I just asked her if she was fine with added responsibilities, what’s the big deal and where did Ria even come from? He wondered and looked down to see her hostel key on the bench.

Everything was going fine, why did he had to ruin it? I hope, she mimicked him…I hope my foot! She told as she walked back to the hostel only to find her room door locked and looking at the clock in the doorway she didn’t really wanted to wake up her friends sulking she traced her way back to the hospital garden.

She stopped in her tracks as she saw Dr.Kabir still there but now in a different posture as his one leg on the other knee his foot dancing there as he rotated the key in his hand.

Come, Ms.Angry Bird, come ! He thought to himself as he heard the footsteps, and smiled as the sound came slowly as she neared him.

Its my key, She told standing behind him sulking like a five year old and he smirked before he rotated it very fast.

Dr.Kabir give it to me, She tried to snatch it from his hands while he was quick to move it forward.

Argh, Dr.Kabir don’t increase my temper now, Please give it to me, She told as she walked around the bench to face him.

He looked at her his eyebrows raised boyishly as he smirked at her.

Take it if you can, He challenged as he stretched his hand in all possible directions in a rabbit speed. While she tried to be at least in a tortoise speed.

She sat on the bench tired from the exercise and he looked away to control his smile and turned with a serious face. He gave her a discouraging look and stood up while she too got up and tried to grab the key from his far hand and stepped on her duppatta making the ground slip under her foot.

Oh…! She shouted as she realized she was going to fall forward taking him too to the floor, Kabir sensed the situation and twirled around as he grabbed her waist pulling her close as he balanced himself. She looked down from their bent position to see his deep orbs staring into hers as if searching for something to decipher and found herself getting lost in his gaze.

Ah! She winced as she tried to wriggle from his arms and stand straight, he straightened himself too and looked away as she pulled her duppatta from the ground.

Give my keys, Dr.Kabir, She chided as she noticed the key clutched in his hands, I’m still angry with you, she told and he frowned.

May I know why? He asked in a calm tone as he crossed his hands across his chest. She twisted her mouth looking away angrily.

I don’t owe you any explanation, its my keys please give me. She told stubbornly and stepped forward to take while he moved his hand indicating he will throw the keys and she stopped.

Dr.Kabir! She whined.

Why did you bring that topic again? that’s why I am angry with you, She gave in.

He looked at her confused thinking which topic they were talking and frowned as he found nothing wrong. I’m doing my work properly than why do you want to change the head intern? She continued now crossing her arms across her chest and his hands fell to his side.

Sanchi, He called and she turned her face away making him move a step front and hold her fore arms making her look at him. I just wanted to make sure you had no difficulties in your path, He told sincerely and she still didn’t seem to cool down. It was you who asked to change the head intern not me. He pointed out and she smiled slightly realizing he had no such plans.

I don’t have any difficulty in it, Dr.Kabir I can very well manage it. She told confidently but not proudly and that’s what he maybe liked in her, there was not a tad bit of head wait in her, her confidence was always in boundaries, not much, not less, just perfect!

Good! He told as he pushed back a strand of hair from her face to her ear and her pulse rose as she felt his nails touch her skin and her cheeks reddened.

Come I will leave you till your hostel, He told as he moved back consciously and turned, Its Okay, Dr.Kabir, you can go. She told and walked in front and he followed her.

She sensed him walking behind her and stopped in her tracks, Dr.Kabir! She chided and he shrugged nonchalantly.

Its not safe, Sanchi. He told as he walked to her and she rolled her eyes. It’s hardly fifty steps from here. She pointed and he nodded outstretching his hands for her to go ahead.

You are impossible! She huffed before she turned and he smiled on her back before he joined her and they made their way to her hostel little slowly.

Thank you,…She told sheepishly as they stopped five steps away from the hostel so as not to give a chance for the watch men to spread rumors.

He nodded and she smiled before she took steps ahead he stopped her again holding her wrist and she frowned turning to him,he kept the keys in her palm and closed her fingers leisurely, all along staring into her captivating eyes.

Good night, Sanchi He told leaving her hand.

Good night. She told and turned back to leave. He stood there his hands crossed across his chest as he waited for her to step into the hostel premises safe. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at his over protectiveness.

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Precap: Let’s go for a date Ms.Golgappa ! Veer blocked Sanchi as she stormed out of Dr.Kabir’s cabin followed by Kabir wh stopped as he heard Veer’s words, she looked at the person behind her from the corner of her eyes and smiled broadly at Veer. Sure, Veer. She told and Kabir clenched his jaw angrily.

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