SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 6)

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I’m going to take my hand, Be silent! He warned and she nodded obediently and took his hand away.

Dr.Kabir? She begun and he glared at her composing himself surprised rather shocked of the way he had pulled her in and their closeness.

Do you come to the hospital to play tom and jerry with thar Veer, Sanchi? Kabir faked anger so that they could overcome this awkwardness.

Sir, I didn’t do anything, He is disturbing me, She reasoned innocently.

Enough, Sanchi next time I see you with him, he begun to warn and she looked at him, on the duty time, he added and she smiled stealthily. You will be dismissed, he finished and she gave a disbelieving look.

Did you got it? He asked inching his face closer to hers, his both the hands on either side of her face and her breathe hitched at his furious face and his breathe fanning her face.

Just before he could move back and release her he found a shadow behind the door, it was a man he could figure out and it took just seconds to realize who it was, quickly he pushed her closer to him with one hand and the other hand slightly bolted the door, so that it could take time for Veer to open it.

Run! He told as he grabbed her hand and took her to the farthest corner of the store room and gently pushed both of them to a little space between the storage rack shelves and the wall.

Soon the door opened with a thud to reveal a evilly grinning Veer. Sanchi looked at Kabir with puppy dog face and he had an emotionless face, as if saying she didn’t call him.

Oh god! So thought as she banged her head on Kabir’s chest hiding her face to save her from embarrassment. It was Kabir’s turn to freeze.

Unkowningly or unconsciously his hand went to touch the back of her head and he gently tucked her ear to his chest as he turned her face to the other side, and regretted immediately.

Damn it! It just brought her too close to me. He sighed his other hand fisted at his side.

While Sanchi unaware of his turmoil pressed her ear close to his chest her one hand on his chest and the other holding his arm other side.

Sanchi, is not here, Veer observed and left the room planning something in his mind.

They stayed there for what seemed like ages neither of them moving an inch. As Kabir heard the door shut he looked down at Sanchi’s head, and by the hand which held her head he gently pulled her head back and she looked up at him her big eyes staring into his. It felt strange yet too good.

Do you even have an idea to work or not? He asked and she came out of her dreamland and moved away as if she was on fire.

Sorry Sir, she mumbled as she corrected her hair while he kept staring at her.

She left without turning back and he sighed angrily,but his anger was not towards her but himself, for letting her come close to him.

He had to stay away from her! He decided and walked forward while she came inside with the same speed she had left and collided with him at the door making him glare at her, as if he would eat her.

Sir, my file is inside, she told and he didn’t even move a inch as he walked past her his shoulder brushing hers well and she huffed and puffed at his arrogance and walked into the store room took her file and left in the opposite direction.

Evening 7:00 pm :

No matter what happens I’m not going anywhere near him. She said to herself and walked front and back in the corridor with the case files supposed to be submitted to Kabir.

Sanchi, you are here, give me the files, Kabir asked me to bring it, Ria boasted snatching files from her hand and smirked at her before she catwalked to Dr.Kabir’s cabin.

She watched as the door closed behind Ria and her face fell. Yes, she didn’t wanted to go near him, but he? How could he just ask Ria to bring the files? She questioned herself as she looked at the door.

Why Ria ? She frowned and turned around and left.

She walked around the reception area not knowing what to do and specially not knowing why she was thinking to do something.

It’s time to go home Sanchi, why are you waiting here. Go from here ! She self spoked to herself and looked around frowning, while Ria walked down the steps, or she should say jumped down the steps. It was not a problem but the happy face and the big smile disturbed her.

Why is she so happy ? She thought to herself and turned away to go to the hostel frustrated.

Hey! Sanchi wait, Kabir asked you to be ready for the surgery tomorrow, Ria informed still her big smile intact.

Oh, she said and added Okay, by the way why are you smiling ? she asked trying not to sound creepy.

You want to know, she asked crossing her hands and smirked, Kabir agreed to go on a date with me this Saturday! She proudly told and all the color in Sanchi’s face drained while Ria happily left out.

Date ? With Ria? She asked herself as she walked out of the hospital gloomily.

She smiled at Pragya and looked from the corner of her eyes at Isha who was pretending to sleep.

She looked at the phone expectantly as she slipped into the covers to sleep while she felt uneasy in her throat ever since she heard the last words of Ria.

He is married how could he date ? Her mind pondered.

He just married you for your career’s sake! Don’t fly high. He had clearly told that his marital status meant nothing to him. her rational side counter attacked the former.

Why do I care if he goes on date with Ria? It means nothing to me I will just focus on my internship. She consoled her own self as she shrugged.


Dr. Kabir looked at Sanchi as she stepped out of the changing room and slightly nodded in acknowledgement before he walked ahead and she followed him her thoughts lingering on the date.

The surgery stretched longer than they assumed. The patient was tough and the operation lasted with a thick atmosphere, he thought it would be difficult for anyone new to do the stitches and intended to do it instead of Sanchi, but she was ahead him and started stitching, he looked at her hands vigilantly, any other day he would have left but it was a tough case and he was unsure to leave her to the honors as it was a tad bit difficult, but Sanchi nailed it as she carefully stitched the operated area with her utter focus.

He nodded in affirmative and they walked out, Sanchi waited behind him waiting to hear him say something like always but he seemed to be in a cloud of thoughts.

As soon as they came out Kabir remembered his earlier decision and was struggling between his thoughts to praise her not and it took a good two minutes for him to decide to keep his fight aside praise her a word and turned around only to see Sanchi shaking her head in a no before she walked past him angry tears brimming in her eyes.

Kabir looked at her retreating figure until she closed the door loudly and he walked in the opposite path.

Not even a word of goodness! She threw her gloves to the dustbin angrily.

What wrong did I do? She asked herself in the mirror of the bathroom and shook her head to throw away all the thoughts and washed her face before she returned to the class.

Madhu general, Garv nutrition, Ria swayed in the classroom happily as she passed the files, Sanchi walked in just then from the back door and silently sat beside pragya who smiled at her asking if the surgery went well and she nodded faking a smile.

He didn’t even waited for me to return and give the files, she thought her eyes staring at the book in front of her. Sanchi, I had called you ten times, what are you dreaming? Ria shouted purposely and Sanchi took the file from her while Kabir looked at her just then.

Dreaming? He thought.

He thought she will take rest after the stretched surgery so asked someone to distribute the files while Ria had happily volunteered to do so .

Ria, Ria and Ria for everything! Her mind screamed internally while she clenched her teeth staring at the open file.

Ria, consult me before you prescribe medicine to your patient. He told and she nodded, with a smile too broad to be normal!

The patient assigned for her was too old, and probably low dosage would be enough, thats why he had told her to consult him but Sanchi.

Her anger just rose to higher level and she fisted the file in her hand. Waiting for him to get out of her sight.

Okay, everyone focus on your duty I don’t want anyone playing around in the campus! He ordered and they all nodded in obedience while Sanchi just looked into her file.

Ria, stay back we have to talk, he told,about your patient he forgot to add and Sanchi just left the class with Pragya.

Talk about your date, date my foot! She thought to herself.


Precap: Date? Or No date?

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  1. Definitely date but of kanchi. Here a suggestion for you, you can show like sanchi brust her anger on kabir and a light romantic scene happened something like that. Now coming to your story like all ff and of course yours too all are showing kabir vs veer but the best part is sanchi vs ria. I am in love with your ff #love

    1. Thank you maliha I’m glad you liked it! And thanks too for the idea. I will try on it surely. Stay tuned.

  2. Superb nailed it. I like Jealous Saachi.

    1. Glad you liked it. Thank you. 😉

  3. ofcourse date but with saachi …wooowww…awesome really eagerly waiting for the next update…omg dude…day by day ur ff is addicting me like drug…please post asap yaar…ummmaaaa…vaaahhh what a creativity,hats off dude…loved the scene in store room…

    1. On really? Let’s see…?
      Thank you so much. Glad you are interested. Stay tuned.

  4. You nailed it today…. Awsm ff… Loved it so much.. ?….. Pls Kanchi date… And jealousy part was superb….. They both were jealous… Great work… Next ff soon pls..

    1. Will try to update soon.. Thank you Richa! Happy to see you.

  5. Oh my god its just amazing first kabir was jealous of veer and now saanchi is jealous of riya love the way the story is moving ahead???

    1. Thank you sweety! ?

  6. Thanks fr ur update…..It ws amazing…especially the storeroom scene….it ws soo realistic…..sanchi shld feel jealous nd date must be fr kanchi..let veer realise tht sanchi so nw married….plz update not part soon

    1. Will try to update soon. Thank you lots! Stay tuned ?

  7. oh god………..sanchi’s jealousy too good…….now sanchi should backfire and make kabir jealous too……… far as date is concerned, definitely like to see our kanchi, but ya would like to see some tashan betwn sanchi and kabir as well………..want to see them fight like tom and jerry types……..always fighting but can’t stay apart:):)

    1. Sure!
      Stay tuned something is cooking in my mind *evil smile*
      Glad you liked it.
      Thank you so much, stay tuned.

  8. eagerly waiting for ur next update asap……….

  9. Swetatitli

    Too good.there should be a date but of kaanchi. And that Ria should be jealous not
    our innocent saanchi.

    1. Yeah…yeah.. Lets see. ?
      Thank you sweta I’m glad you liked it.
      Stay tuned

  10. Amazing update…. i think sanchi is jealous… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

  11. U nailed it plzzz update as soon possible

  12. Dear be_witch nice ff… Really dramatic and the jealous part was too good and it obvious that a wife should jealous with every women who came between their relation no matter in which condition are behind the marriage..
    And please update ff on daily basis like serial update at least it create a good impact…

  13. Amnaa

    Now its saanch’s turn to be jealous… Amazing story

  14. It was a blast dear?? Amazing skills u have yaar. hats off. Pls try to update daily.. I’m getting addicted to it??

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    but i want more kanchi romance and especially that date should be between kanchi only..not that riya…
    but you rock it..
    waiting for next one

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