SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5:

Dr.Kabir, How could you do this? Isha and Pragya barged into his cabin and he looked up from his laptop.

Behave with some manners, Dr.San…I…Dr.Pragya and Dr.San….Dr.Isha, He shouted fumblingly, surprised of himself for repeatedly saying Sanchi while the girls looked at him amused.

Sir, how could you let Sanchi be taken away by the police? Pragya questioned she knew their only hope to save Sanchi was Dr.Kabir. What am I supposed to do Dr.Pragya? What she did was indeed a crime….His voice fell at the end, he couldn’t believe it still.

Sir, You do know how honest Sanchi is, then…Isha started while Kabir turned his back to them as he walked to the door. Her honesty was proved today, Dr.Isha…He told firmly while Pragya came infront of him stopping him from going out.

Sir, She was forced to do this, she was never ready to this only we know how much we forced her to do this all along. Please spare some time and listen to us. Pragya pleaded. What do you both have to say? He asked punctuating his each words. He was angry, angry on himself for not figuring out anything before, for being blind in the whole façade, when Sanchi was dragged away by the police for fraudulence of using someone else’s identity. He couldn’t believe his eyes, the girl who kept going against every heads of the hospital to stand for truth has been cheating all along?

No matter how much mistakes she committed and how many times he had scolded her for it he knew Sanchi was the best intern out of the entire batch and her this truth has left him numb. Nothing made sense to him. Sir, See this.. Isha gave Sanchi’s call letter and Kabir frowned as he read it.

Sanchi did receive the call letter under her name, Sanchi Mishra, but when we came here her name was not in the list, someone had purposely striked out her name. Pragya told as Kabir still looked at the call letter in his hands. And that Sanchi Agarwal didn’t arrive for the interview that day, that’s why WE asked Sanchi to attend the interview. Sanchi always tried to tell you and Dr.Malhotra, many times, but we prevented her. Isha told.

Sir do you even know who is Sanchi Agarwal? Remember the girl you found in the store room with us that day, she is Sanchi Agarwal. Kabir looked up at her in disbelief, the day before the interview she had met with an accident and went into coma, her sister blackmailed Sanchi to take her to the hospital in return of keeping the secret safe. Isha revealed while Kabir clenched his jaws in anger.

Sir, Dr.Malhotra is against Sanchi, he was the one who striked her name from the list too,…Pragya spoke while Kabir interrupted them. Stop it, Pragya, Not a word against Dr.Malhotra, he roared while Isha stepped back in fear.

I won’t, Sir, Even Dr.Malhotra was our role model, but did you hear me right? He WAS, not anymore to us. Even Sanchi’s father was a doctor in this hospital, but….Pragya continued while he again stopped her. But what? He shouted and Pragya sighed.

He is no more, His dream was Savitridevi College and Hospital, that’s why Sanchi faked her identity to do her internship here, She wanted to fulfil her father’s dream, that’s why she fought and stood for the justice in her all steps, Sir. Pragya told literally pleading him to understand her.

Sir, Why cant you believe us once? Why an excellent student like Sanchi would have to fake her identity to work in this hospital, she could have easily gone to other best hospitals too, right? Please think about it, Sir. Only you can help her from this situation. If not about her father’s dream atleast think about her career, Sir. Isha requested while Kabir stood there silent.

Fine, if you don’t believe us, atleast talk to Sanchi’s mother, you will know what is truth, Pragya told as Isha too nodded.

Kabir nodded as he folded the call letter and placed in the pocket inside of his coat and they sighed in relief before Pragya quickly ran to the printer took an A4 sheet and searched for pen while Kabir gave her the pen, mumbling a thank you, she quickly wrote Sanchi’s residential address and her phone number. She gave it to him and Isha and Pragya clutched to each other’s hand tight while he stared at the sheet.

All the Best, Sir. Comeback with Dr.Sanchi! Pragya shouted as he went to the door. This is the worst batch, I had ever seen. He shouted back before he left outside.

Mrs. Jaya Mishra, Kabir called as he finally found Jaya out of the police station after searching her at her house and shop.

*End of Flashback*

Good morning everyone, Kabir wished as he walked in to the class room once again to witness Sanchi and Veer in a verbal scuffle and he noticed how Veer stood close to her, Veer went back to his place silently while Sanchi looked down her face gloomy and he took the files from Sanchi to make sure what case he was assigning his interns today.

As he passed the files to everyone, he noticed Veer was assigned the same department as Sanchi, he took the other fellow interns file and Veers and changed their duties stealthily while everyone were busy discussing about Sanchi’s secret husband.

Pass it on, he gave back the files and noticed the stains of tears on her cheek. She took the files from him and informed the department as she gave the files.

Pragya, get ready, he told and she nodded before he left giving a look of disgust to Veer who now had a beard too.

Pragya walked out of the OT, behind Kabir who was now removing the mask she waited to hear from him three magical words, “good job, Pragya” as soon as she heard it she broke into a big smile before he gave her a weird look and she ran away from there to announce a treat for the interns on her first surgery with Dr.Kabir.

Sanchi, listen to me, Veer was once again disturbing her for the third time on her duty, she was infuriated.

Veer, this is the last warning, next time I find you behind me, I will complain to Dr.Kabir, She threatened.

Why don’t you complain to your husband? He asked and she looked at him flustered.

Shall I tell? Because there is no one called your husband! I know Ms.Golgappa you had been lying! Chalo, I will forgive you, Bye! He told her grinning as he ran back and she looked at his retreating figure in agony.

What are you doing here,Ria? Kabir asked opening the door of his cabin to see her playing with paper weight.

Dr.Kabir, I’m going to assist you in the next surgery! She told as she stood up smiling flirtatiously.

Sorry, Dr.Ria, Sanchi will assist me in the next surgery, he told as he sat in his seat.

You can’t do this Dr. Kabir, she screamed and he glared at her while she aapologetically smiled.

I mean why sanchi, Dr.kabir, and by the way I don’t think sanchi will do the surgery properly .She plotted her another plan to put sanchi in trouble.

Why so, Dr. Ria, he asked his eyes narrowing.

Didn’t you notice Dr.Kabir, she is married recently, poor girl, she must be in a dreamland right now or maybe even crying over her lost love! Ria told smirking.

So, let her take her time, I will assist you in the next surgery, Ria spoke while Kabir was lost in his thoughts.

I will let you know if there is any change in my decision, Dr.Ria, now you can go. He told pointing to his door and she pouted a little more and walked off to put her next step in action.

Veer, Searching for Sanchi, she is in neuro ward. Ria told and he smiled a thank you before he left.

Dreamland? No!

Crying? Yes, she was crying at the morning too!
Lost love? Love? He felt an unwanted and uninvited feeling clasp his wind pipe and he stood up.

I will see what she is doing.

Nurse, Where is Dr.Sanchi ? Veer asked politely while the nurse shook her head in a no and left.

Run as much as you can, Sanchi He thought lieing down on the patients bed.

Nurse, Where is Dr.Sanchi ? The nurse frowned before she looked back to make sure Veer didnt here and told him in a hushed voice that she went to attend a patient in emergency ward.

He made a weird face for the behavior before he nodded and left to be caught by Dr.Aswathi who was enquiring about his last surgery. He was busy speaking to Dr.Aswathi at the one top end of the staircase while Sanchi has climbed up on the other end and reached the first floor.

His eyes wandered around and stayed as he saw Sanchi studying the case file as she walked to her ward.

What’s wrong with Ria? Contemplating against others all time, he thought and left from there to have a word with Sanchi.

He walked behind her at a considerable distance, Nurse! She called and the nurse signalled her ‘danger’ and she slapped her forehead as she literally ran away from the ward.

What the hell is happening? He thought but soon saw Veer rushing out of the ward smiling evil and anger took over his confusion.

Are they playing around? He clenched his teeth as he walked by the way Sanchi ran and Veer took the opposite side.

Just before she could pass the store room two hands grabbed her arm pulling her in and shutting the door behind them. He kept his hand on her mouth trying to shut her screams of help!

Precap: Why should the boys be jealous always? Let’s play other way around ?.

Okay guys, any guess who got Sanchi inside the store room? Let’s see who guesses right? ?
Special thanks to Hafi for giving awesome suggestions. Will be writing on it. Thanks sweety.

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