SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 4)

Veer, Stop stalking me and take care of your patients! Sanchi chided as she walked to the store room, Sanchi! I’m not going to leave you until you tell me who is your husband. Veer repeated for the umpteenth time as he walked like her shadow to everywhere.

Keep wasting your time, Veer, Sanchi pushed the right buttons so that he will get angry and leave her but he was still adamant. Sanchi, Stop trying to runaway! Why can’t you just answer me, damn it! He barked on her face as he held her by forearm at the doorstep of the general ward.

Dr.Kabir who came for the rounds had just witnessed the last part and waited for Sanchi’s reaction. Learn how to behave with a woman, Veer! Dare you touch me next time, She warned pushing his hand rudely and walked in to the ward leaving Veer shocked.

Why is this Veer always behind Sanchi? Did he had or has feelings for her? And Sanchi? He thought as he walked back to his cabin.

Good evening, Sir. Actually, Vinod’s patient is not responding to the dosage of the medicines, that we had been giving to them. Should we prescribe an increase in dosage, Sir? Sanchi asked as she walked in keeping all the case file of the interns for him to go through.

Yes, Sanchi change it to AV 75/20, He told as he wrote the same in the case file and gave it back to her taking the other file. Okay, Sir. She told waiting for him to excuse her.

Is everything fine with other interns? He asked trying bring the topic of Veer.

Yes, Sir, No issues. She told nodding as he looked up from the files. And….What about Veer? I mean he is your assistant right? Is he helping you around well? He asked cleverly while she washesitant.

Sir, I…..I don’t know, He has been doing duties well till now..She told avoiding the last question. She was not lying atleast, He thought to himself. So, he is not helping you, with other works? He repeated and she fumbled with her words.

Sir, I didn’t mean like that,She went silent as he showed his palm, indicating her to stop. I know, Dr.Sanchi and I hope you can manage your work well without any assistance, Can’t you? He asked standing up from his seat as he slayed his bag to his shoulder.

I……I can, Sir, She told nodding. When someone has any interest they will help you without invitation, Dr.Sanchi, you need not ask anyone, He advised and she frowned not understanding the exact point but getting the outlined advice.

Yes, Sir…She told as he walked in front and she followed behind. Did you informed Dr.Pragya, to be here at 7 for the surgery? Dr.Kabir asked as he turned behind and she moved aside for him to lock the door. Yes Sir,She told and he nodded as they walked in the corridor.

What happened girls? She asked as she walked into the room to find them lost in some thoughts. Sanchi, Close the door and come. Isha told and Sanchi obeyed.

Areeyaar, We are worried about that Veer, Pragya told and Sanchi looked at them clueless. He has really become a DEVADAS, Sanchi. He has been asking us if you are really married or cooking up a story. Pragya informed while Isha was silent.

And what did you tell him? Sanchi asked composed and calm. We told you are really married and he asked us who is your husband, we told we don’t know. Pragya told and Sanchi told them to stick to the same and stood up to leave.

How could you be so heartless, Sanchi? Isha yelled while Pragya looked at Isha confused and Sanchi looked at her amused. Heartless? Pragya asked as they two stood up from the bed too. Don’t you know that Veer likes you, Sanchi? Isha asked while Pragya slapped her own forehead.

What am I supposed to do, Isha? I never had any such feelings towards him and don’t YOU know that? Sanchi questioned back her eyes accusingly stared her. I know, Sanchi but you should think about Veer too, he is clearly shattered. Isha tried to reason while Pragya looked at each other.ItsHIS problem, Isha, He was just a friend to me, She told while Isha looked away with a mock smile, what’s my mistake in it, if he had such feelings for me? Sanchi cried frustrated as she slumped to the bed she was pissed off already with the way he behaved with her and now even Isha had to do that.Its your mistake, Sanchi, Isha accused, while Pragya glared at her.

You never understood him, Sanchi, he was never behaving as a friend with you, you misunderstood his behavior as friendly..Isha continued while Pragya squeezed Sanchi’s shoulder in support.Everyone knows his interest in you, But you were blind in your ambition, that’s why you failed to notice it! Isha offended while Sanchi shook her head in negative as she wiped her tears.

Leave me, Pragya, Sanchi freed herself from Pragya’s support as she stood up. Enough Isha! Even if I hadn’t got married, I will never accept Veer’s feelings. Am I clear to you? Sanchi moved forward holding Isha’s arms tight shaking her. I never saw him like that, never ever. He WAS just a friend to me and now not that too! Did you got it? She asked leaving Isha’s hold suddenly as she moved back. Sanchi, Relax, Pragya told as she raised her hand to console her, while Sanchi shook her head wiping her tears.

See, how she is talking, Pragya. Atleast today I got to know how much she understands me! Sanchi lamented while Isha gave a cold stare to both and ran to the door wiping the lone tears from her cheek which Pragya did noticed!

Precap: What made Kabir marry Sanchi?

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