SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3:

Sanchi hurried to the hospital while Isha and Pragya looked at her amused and when she reached the door they finally asked , Abhay oo why so early today ? Pragya asked.

Mujhe Dr.Kabir se milna hai, Sanchi spoke as she wore her lab coat while they both cleared their throats with a teasing sound making Sanchi glare at them.

Shut up girls, He is just my senior..She reasoned while they shook their heads still not giving in. He is angry for not reporting to him about other interns yesterday evening, I just thought to say sorry, She finally told while they looked at her surprised.

Ek toh humse humara prince charming bhi cheen li, aur dekho kaisi hume chod kar jaa rahi hai unse milne, Isha faked sadness while Sanchi rolled her eyes at the drama and shouted a bye and walked out

Tumhari prince charming ko maine nahi cheena, Tum dono apne prince charming aapne paas hi rakh lena, She shouted from the door while they pouted.

Abhay oo, Hum itne bhi shameless nahi hai ki hum kisi ke husband par haq jathaye…Pragya defended and Isha nodded while Sanchi shook her head running out.

Dr.Kabir aagaye? Sanchi enquired the nurse and getting a yes in reply she jumped two steps in one as she went to his cabin. Standing at the closed door she did good breathing exercise to calm her erratic heartbeats and knocking the door she entered inside and he glanced a short look at her and looked at his watch which showed a early time and raised a eyebrow at her as if asking why she came here soon?

Sir, Mei kal raath ke liye sorry bolne aayi thi, She reminded and now he wagged his eyebrows trying to think and nodded finally remembering the messages she didn’t even replied to his goodnight and didn’t wish good morning either.

He stood up and buttoning his coat he walked out of his table and glared at her,she gulped in fear and tried to think of reasons,

First learn to wish your seniors, Dr.Sanchi, He ordered and she nodded, Its called basic manners..He added tauntingly and she nodded again.

And,’ he continued as he took a step forward and she took one back, I think you are not taking me and my orders serious after your marriage, he emphasized on your and she looked up at him shocked and nodded vigorously in NO stepping back as he stepped forward.

No sir, nothing like that, I….She stopped as she realized the tip of her slipper touching the tip of his shoe and moved back while he moved forward and asked, Oh Really?

Yes…yes sir…She find it difficult to breathe in this closeness while he still looked unfazed from his anger.

Sir, I’m really sorry, Sanchi repeated for the umpteenth time while Kabir glared at her and moved forward to Sanchi hit the wall behind and she looked scared as he caged her between the wall and Dr.Kabir who was now a little close to her and her eyes widened as Kabir moved his hand forward near her cheek and she closed her eyes fearing he was going to slap her while his hand went below her cheeks and he grabbed the toy lizard on her coat over her shoulder.

Is your friend ill? He asked taking only one step back and she looked up and composed herself and looked at him confused. Ill ? She repeated and he held the lizard by its tail and swinged it in front of her eyes while she first tried to focus what the object was and soon her eyes widened in horror and she started shouting jumping and covering her eyes with her palm crying.

Maa…Chipkali…Chi…She cried jumping and Kabir first tried to gauge her reaction and soon broke into a laugh as he saw her dancing…

Haha…Ha..Ha..He laughed clutching his stomach while Sanchi looked up from her hands shocked and she smiled, even Dr.Kabir knows to laugh..She thought and looked embarrassed for the way she reacted.

Seeing her silent he too stopped laughing and looked here and there.

I didn’t know Dr.Sanchi who fights everyone has such a weakness. He said as he wiped the corners of his eyes were tears had prickled due to the huge laughter and continued laughing before he stopped short.

Sir, Please…This is not my friend throw it away, She requested looking sideways from her corner of her eyes at the toy lizard in his hand.

Ok, I will leave it in its right place, He told seriously and she relaxed for a second and he smirked before he threw it towards her and she started screaming again and in a attempt to escape from it she tried to run forward and stepped on his foot and stumbled backwards as she slipped.

This is a bad day!! She cried closing her eyes waiting for her head to touch the floor while Kabir soon snaked his arm around her waist and held her from falling and the other hand grabbed her hand as he kept balance.

She opened her eyes only to be lost in his eyes as his face was close to hers as he bent down.

It’s a good day, Dr.Sanchi…He told sternly and she nodded her eyes wide realizing their intimacy, they just looked like posing for a dance pose. He looked at her intently taking his own time to slant backwards to stand straight making her too to stand straight while his arms was in the same position on her just then Ria barged into the room shouting a good morning for Dr.Kabir. As Kabir’s hand was on Sanchi’s waist on her salwar but behind the coat so Kabir left her hand which he was holding and as Ria walked into the cabin they both stood facing her and while Ria took her time to glare at Sanchi Kabir stealthily released his hand from her waist and coughed gaining attention of the ladies.

Dr.Sanchi, I hope you won’t comit this mistake again, Now go ahead with your duty..He quickly ordered seriously and she nodded mumbling a thank you sir and left.

Dr.Kabir, What was Sanchi doing here this early? Ria asked confused as she pointed to the closed door.

What are you doing here, Dr.Ria? He asked and she fumbled with her words and lied that she came to see her patient and left planning ways to insult Sanchi.

Kabir looked at the Lizard on the wall Sanchi was leaning before and picked it.


Sanchi, What happened ? Did you cry? Did Dr.Kabir scolded you? Isha and Pragya asked while Ria who followed Sanchi to scold her heard it and became happy as she saw Sanchi wiping her tears and left elated that Kabir scolded Sanchi.

Nahi, Isha Pragya relax I just saw a lizard on the wall..She told sheepishly and they relaxed finally.


In Class : Duty assigning session

Sanchi kept looking down at her book feeling embarrassed to look at him after the lizard incident while Kabir just took glances at her repeatedly which was only noticed by Isha and Pragya as they stared at Dr.Kabir, heart broken as he was no more single .

Sanchi, Dr.Kabir is looking at you…Pragya tugged at Sanchi’s hand who refused to look at him and stared at the book.

Kabir glared at Pragya and she immediately kept quiet.

Isha and Pragya, You two will assist me in the next surgery go through the case file thoroughly, His voice little loud and they understood it was their punishment for their previous act minutes before and nodded sadly.

Dr.Sanchi don’t forget to report to me later the evening he told in the same tone and asked the class to disperse.

Precap: Dr.Kabir comes for rounds and sees Veer holding Sanchi’s forearm as he questions her about something. Later the next day Kabir changes duty of Veer to other department, when Veer was actually supposed to work in the same department as Sanchi.

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