SaBir/KaNchi SS: Married to Mr.Khadoos (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2:

Sanchi, Help me yaar! Pragya cried as they stepped into the hospital with Isha and Pragya tagging along while Kabir looked up from the phone at the receptionist and nodded at Sanchi to go ahead with the re-admission and Pragya and Isha went to the steps…

Thank you, Sir…She told returning the pen to Mrs.Ferandez who smiled at her in confusion and Kabir gave her UG certificate to the nurse before she excused herself. You’re welcome, Sanchi..Go Ahead I will meet you in the class…He told to her and left without looking at her .

May I come in, Sir.. Kabir asked as he peeped his head through Anand’s cabin.

Come in, Dr.Kabir. He told raising his head from his hands and composed himself. Sir thank you for letting Sanchi continue her internship here, He told and Anand nodded his head in yes, Sir, I wanted to request you something else too…He added while Anand raised his eyebrows in questioning.

Sir, I don’t want anyone to know about my marital status still Sanchi completes her internship here because…He was interupted by Dr.Malhotra.

Yes, Kabir, Even I was thinking to talk about this to you, Because I don’t want any one disturbing you with their queries about the sudden wedding.,Since you won’t like it,…He manipulated cleverly while Kabir nodded his head.

Exactly sir, Thank you for understanding. I will leave now,Sir, I have a class..He told and Malhotra showed his hand to the door.

Bhai, Why did you agree to him blindly? Adarsh asked as soon as the door shut behind them. What else am I supposed to tell, Fool that,that Kabir went against me and brought the girl back to my hospital, by marrying her? He shook Adarsh’s shoulders.

People will make fun of ME not that Kabir? He shouted and Adarsh mumbled a sorry and left the room.

I can’t lose Kabir in between my fight with Sanchi…Dr.Malhotra murmured as he threw the paper weight to the wall.

Knock! Knock!

Come in, Pragya… Kabir spoke as he worked on his laptop and Pragya gasped amused to find his guess correct.

Good Morning, Sir… Pragya wished as she prayed not to be scolded by her new jeeja ji this early morning..

Morning, Where is Isha? Go get her here too! He told without looking up and Pragya mumbled a yes before she closed the door behind her and did a happy dance to have company in getting scolded by Dr.Kabir and rushed to the canteen and dragged Isha with her back to Dr.Kabir’s cabin.

Good morning sir, Isha wished in a low voice as she walked into his cabin and he gave a slight nod asking them to get in.

Sir,…We are actually sorry…Pragya begin while he cut them short.

I called you both here to Thank you, for informing me about Sanchi’s case at the right time.. He told looking up from his screen and they both nodded vigorosly smiling in relief.

I hope Sanchi would have told you both about the situation, He spoke and they nodded following his words.

Not a word about the wedding and her husband, he spoke in third person clause and they nodded again.

Yes,sir Sanchi told us already…We won’t even let a word about it out…Isha assured while he looked at her and raised his eyebrows cockily.

Weren’t you the one who were behind the Sanchi’s divorce rumors spreading in the town? He asked wagging his eyebrows while Isha looked down embarrased while Pragya giggled before Dr.Kabir gave her a glare to stop her giggling.

Sir, I won’t mess this time…Isha promised and he nodded.

Thanks again, Now you both can go…He told before he turned to his laptop and they both looked at each other knowingly.

Sir, Even we want to thank you for helping Sanchi this time, It really means a lot to we three of us,…Isha and Pragya told hand in hand before they rushed out and Kabir looked at the door before he shook his hed back to his work.

Sanchi, Relax, Behave normal and brave, Now you are here legally, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone now…Pragya adviced as they slowly walked to their class.

As they stood infront of the class the entire interns looked at Sanchi in confusion and their eyes wided as they saw her sindoor and the wedding lace Ria and Veer had an expression of utter shock as they stared at her from different corners of the room and Kabir looked up from the interns file and smiled a shortest one, before he nodded at her to get in.

Sanchi is back and that too married, soon they were hushed and shushed voiced of shock and surprise in the room which stopped as the tri-besties took their rightful place and slapped the interns file to gather their attention.

So, I hope I have assigned everyone’s duty, Nw go ahead! Kabir said and turned to leave before Ria placed her hand over his upper arm stopping him.

Dr.Kabir, you didn’t told who is the head intern..She reminded and he looked at her weird behaviour and moved a step back making her hand cascade to her side and turned to the class.

Since, Sanchi is back, She will be the head intern until anyone tops the next exam. He told loud before he left and Isha and Pragya sighed while Sanchi stood blank.

Sanchi you got married to whom and when? Bala turned to Sanchi while the whole class waited to hear her answer.

Abhay, What are you going to do knowing that, Go from here before I break your nose…Pragya raised her fisted hand as Isha glared at them.

Which surname are you using now, Sanchi? Ria mocked while Sanchi held back Pragya’s hand stopping her from being violent.

Sanchi Mishra, She is, Now will you excuse us, Isha told as she dragged both of them out of the class.

I have to talk to my dad, immediately, Ria told to herself as she rushed out by the other way and all left excluding Veer.

Sanchi got married ? He asked himself in disbelief as he stood rooted to his spot. How could she do this? He screamed before he grabbed his file and went out.

Sanchi, This is your first duty rightfully as Sanchi Mishra, All the best!!! Isha and pragya told as they hugged her from either side making Sanchi smile faintly.

Thank you girls, She told hugging back before they parted their ways to their assigned departments.

How could dad let her return here,…Ria huffed as she joined Madhu and Bala…Leave her Ria, now you should give us a treat, because now your route to Dr.Kabir is clear na…Madhu told as she hi-fied with Bala giggling while Ria smiled dreamily nodding an yes.


Dr.Sanchi, How is your patient ? Kabir walked into the Azheimer’s patients room to see the patient glaring at Sanchi.

He is fine, Sir just…little upset…Sanchi fumbled with her words while the patient glared at Kabir too.

Aree!…Doctor…You? I was waiting for you, See, How late you are ? I told youl to not to delay…See she got married…Now you have no chance..The patient scolded Kabir while Sanchi looked at him in disbelief. Kabir stared at the patient as if he had got two horns on his head while Sanchi smiled at him apologetically.

It’s okay…You should take rest now…Kabir told as he signalled her and she nodded at him before she asked the patient to sleep as she pulled the blanket up and he huffed before he complied.

Good night, Uncle, She told before she switched the light off and both awkwardly left the room.

Sorry, Dr.Kabir…She told as they walked in the lobby, Its okay…He told pressing his forehead as they walked ahead.

Sanchi, I want to talk to you.. Veer told as he popped up in front of her and noticed Kabir beside her and mumbled a sorry to him.

Go Ahead, Sanchi…He told and Sanchi looked up at him unsurely while he turned away. Come, Veer nudged while she looked at Kabir who looked away nonchlantly.

She sighed before she left with him.. What do you want to talk,Veer? She asked trying not to lose calm while he cleared his throat.

Ofcourse about your new marriage, Sanchi, He told seriously while Sanchi looked at him confused. What do you want to talk about it ? She repeated.

What the hell is wrong with you, Sanchi? He half yelled and smiled at the nurses walking past them while Sanchi glared at him.

You got married ? You didn’t even care to inform me. How could you do this,Sanchi? He asked as he shook her by holding her arm while she looked at him shocked by his weird behavior.

Leave me and Behave yourself,Veer. She pulled her hand away from his hold and stepped back.
Yes, I got married, what’s wrong in it and Why should I even inform it to you? Who are you to me? She snapped at him while he looked at her in disbelief.

I’m your friend, Sanchi.. You owe me an explanation. I have all rights to know whom you got married to, Sanchi raised her eyebrows, I just wanted to know if he is a good guy…He reasoned and she smirked.

First, You are just my classmate, Veer , Second I owe nothing to you and third you have no rights to know about him…She continued in the same tone while he glared at her his ego hurt.

And, Yes…You need not worry about my husband, He is the most good person I had everet in my life and I’m very happy being married to him. She told before she walked past him.

Kabir looked at Veer from a measurable distance surprised as Veer slapped his palm to the nearby wall frustrated.

Curiosity tsking the best out of him Kabir had followed back Veer and Sanchi only to hear Sanchi’s last statement and smiled to himself before he frowned at Veer’s behavior.

Why is Veer so much worried about, Sanchi? He thought to himself before he left the hospital.

Sorry Dr.Kabir, I will report about all the interns duty earlier tomorrow morning, He read Sanchi’s message later that night when he plugged his phone to the charger.

Sanchi sighed as she found no reply from him after waiting for two minuted after sending the message, having got into a verbal scuffle she had completely forgot her duty as the head intern.

You have a slow functioning Brain, Dr.Sanchi…He typed his message surprised at his own behavior.

Sanchi pouted amused at his reply and typed back.

Sorry Sir…He read and raised his eyebrows.

Good night, Dr.Sanchi..She read and kept her phone back.

Still not forgiven?


Precap: Sir,I’m really Sorry, Sanchi repeated for the umpteenth time while Dr.Kabir glared at her before he moved forward to Sanchi making her trace her steps back till she found herself caged between the wall and Dr.Kabir, who was now a little close to her and her eyes widened as Dr.Kabir’s hand moving foward to touch her cheek.

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