sab theek ho jayega *3 shots* part 3 *everything’s fine*

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Money was submitted on reception and evry1 took a sigh of relief .It was then that swara noticed ragini’s hand ,she got worried.
Swara-ragini wat’s this,did u do sumthing which u shudnt have?
Rags nodded fearfully.
Swara(angrily)-so wat u did??speak up(no answer)oh I guess u did it for me right coz dadi isn’t so bholi-bhaali that she will change in one day and come to get me out.i m right??
Ragini nods.swara-ragini are u mad??if sumthing wud have happened den?u cud have thought of sum other way.then y dis,harming urself?u didn’t thought of me even once?go I wont talk to you.(turned her face other side)
Rags-swara…………… response……………………….swara……………………pls yaar u cant say lyk dis to me.ur chotu sissy…………tum apni behen ko datogi.(u will scold ur sis)(made a puppy dog face)
Swara-ragini don’t even try to do this,it wont affect me now,how cud u harm urself lyk dis?
She had melt but wanted to play along as she was getting her sister’s whole attention where even their hubby’s weren’t to disturb them.
Rags(she too played along coz she knows swara wont get angry on her for much tym)-ohho wah ji wah tum karo to sahi hum kare toh galat baat h(if u do then its right and if I do its wrong).
To dis swara smiled thinking of the movie main tera hero and its song,in which his favourite hero VD IS.rags saw this and asked for an answer.
Swara-wat I did lyk this?hun??
Rags(innocently)-u don’t remember ,oh my sweet sissy wat happened wen u cutted ur wrist jst to go to hospital to find out about nurse.???answer me?
Swara-wat ……….woh it was demand of situation………..yes demand of situation
Rag-I didn’t saw any such stupidity,u cud have made excuse lyk stomach ache ,head ache or sumthing ……but no u had to harm urself,u know how u r feeling now I too felt lyk that .
Swara(getting irritated)-wat ragini…………..i cant lie lyk this………u know na……………..but u cant divert the topic
Rags-I surely can wen it’s the question of my sister’s betterment.even u cant cum in b/w.and about ur being always truthful cum on swara its 21st century so atleast sumtym it happens.
Swara-ok………..madam ok I will be satyawadi and u be wat u want …………but don’t even dare to pull this kind of stunt again ……..or I wont leave u .
Ragini(obeyingly)-ji badi behana………….so u forgive me.
Swara nods and dey hug.guys u also must be knowing that not always we share an all tym warm relation,conflict happens due to our varying views but its our wish how to handle them to take it lightly or exaggerate was jst a glimpse that too not of fight but their care for eo.
Both sisters then luked at their respective hubby who were luking little uneasy ,they were walking slowly as if their leg’s bruised so they luked at eo and went to them.swasan went in one direction while raglak in another.
swara (worriedly)–sanky wat’s happening r u alright?
San-yes swara I m(cupping her face)don’t worry ok!
Swara nods.swara-but……….but where did u got such huge amount of money from?
Sanky-ohho wifey don’t worry wen tym will cum I’ll tell u myself.
Sanky-promise!!(and took her into a hug)

Raglak side
Rag-lak where did u went ???(checking him from tip to toes)
Lak-hey stop luking at me lyk this or I wont be able to control myself(to avoid the topic)
Rags (startled)-wat???come on laksh tell me where u went???(lyk a teacher asking her student have u cheated)
Laksh-ragini(lovingly)its not a tym to talk about all dis wen the correct tym will cum I will surely tell u.
Rags-ok but keep ur promise
Laksh-yes madam
All family came to home including dp and 2 days went lyk dis.then one day they were discussing on parish’s behavoiur.
Ap(noticing dp lost in sum thoughts)-wat r u thinking ji?
Dp(in his dreamy tone)-our lyf has changed so dramatically in these 3 days ,our son falsely took all the property,we had to go through financial crisis ,our lyf took a whole 360 degree turn,
Ap-yes it all happened ,I didn’t thought that they cud do sumthing lyk that but at other side I m happy atleast we r together in this hard tym.(consoling him)
Dp-where r all the children??
Ap-ragini ,laksh ,swara and sanskar are in kitchen(wid a smile),preparing bf for us.
Dp-annapurna I wish they will be together wide o ,supporting eo and not fighting.
Ap-now nothing bad will happen.
Suji-jiji the boys r in the kitchen ,do they know to prepare food,wat if they mess up the kitchen,will we have to stay hungry in morning?(worriedly)
Rp(taunt her)-are u always r consicious about ur hunger,swaragini r too there they will handle it.u jst have patience.
Suji sniffs at his and dp and ap smiles a bit.

In kitchen
Raglak at at one side and swasan at the stove.
San-swara is dis much sugar enough?(showing a spoon to her)
Swa(irritated)-sanskaar don’t disturb me I m making pranthas here ,I said earlier if u don’t know then don’t do it but no u had to,god y r u so stubborn.
San-u were challenging me that I cant do any kitchen work so I had to prove it ,acha pls tell me naa how much sugar?
Swa-give me the spoon(snatching it from him)
San-no (pulling it to his side)
Sanky’s hand touched the hot utensil and he winces in pain.swara immediately left the spoon and took his hand in hers and started caressing it giving him lectures.
Swa(in one go)-cant u be patient?see how much it burnt?oh god is it paining?who told u to show our culinary skills?(wid tears)
San(soothingly)-swara nothing happened see its fyn,ok?now pls don’t cry(wiping her tears)now will u tell me how much sugar?
Both laugh and again get to their work.
Ragini was sitting on the kitchen platform and watching laksh lovingly who was busy in making veg. sandwiches.
Lak(concentrating on sandwich)-ragini don’t luk at me lyk this u r distracting me.
Rag-wat did I do?i was jst staring my hubby wid out disturbing him,how is it bothering u?
Lak(flirtatious tone)-jab aap jaisi kisi khoobsurat ladki ki nazar hum par ho to kya koi banda yeh kaam karega(pointing on sandwiches)(if a beautiful lady is luking at me then how cud a man do this work)
Rag(shyly)-laksh now stop it!!
Laksh-y u only wanted it na,then enjoy baby!!!
Rag-ok sorry now pls concentrate on the sandwich
And they both carried on their work ,they didn’t even bothered to luk at swasan same wid swasan who gave space to eo to romance which they were’nt getting.they prepared everything wid much cooperations and sum tiffs.
Swarag and sanlak brought the food on table and everybody luked amazingly at the fud.evry1 proceeded to eat.and praised all 4 of dem.

It was now noon tym
Dp ,rp,laksh and sanky were sitting talking about how to get job and all.wen swaragini came from the room and called every1 to their attention.evry1 asked wat happened.
Swarag(in unison)-we have got a solution
Suji(eagerly)-for wat???
Rag-to get all the property back.
Ap-is it true??
Swara-haan baadi maa(yes)
Rp-but wat have u thought??
Swara-wen ragin was blackmailed by bhai we always kept our phone on recording so we have evidence against them,so it cid help us.
(flashback shown wen swarag were threatened by adarsh swara always kept her phone on camera mode)
Suji-y didn’t u told us this earlier??
Rag-chachi ji we were going through this much so we thought wen evrythnig gets stable we will tell evry1,now see papa ji is also fyn and we all can now think together wat to do.
Suji-par but will we do wid this video blackmail dem???
Swara-lets see wat to do???
San-I have an idea.
San-we will file a case against them for kidnapping and cud get them sum punishment till then we will think of sumthing.
Lak-swara do u have video of him get signs of papa too.
Swara nods.
Laksh-then we cud file a case of counterfeiting and forgery on them,they have illegally acquired papa’s wealth.
Rag-yes it will be gud.
Ap-but we will need money to fight case ,where will we get it??
Laksh-maa we can have public prosecutor too who is appointed by the court only and also we have 1 lakh wid us(luking at sanky)
Ap-but atleast once we shud talk to dem.
Lak-par maa???
Ap-no talk to them atleast once!!!
San-ok badi maa as u say ,if they wont agree then we wont have any other option than court.
Evry1 nods.they head to mm.
Suji(shouts)-adarsh,parineet where r u ???(whispering)ab chakhaenge mazaa(now we will teach them a lesson)
Listening to it parish cum out wid the same attitude luk on their faces.
Pari(coldly)-y r u here ???have u been thrown out of baadi too??that u came here to seek shelter??if it is then don’t expect anything from us.
Adarsh-jst get out of my house(shouting)
San-before throwing us out,see this once .

And swara shows all the videos she has and evry1 smirks luking at parish’s’we r dead luk’.
Adarsh-wen u recorded dis???(stammering)how did u got it??
Pari(still in attitude)-wat can u do wid this haa?
Rag-we have done anything till now but r thinking of many things.lyk jail for u for kidnapping,cheating,threatening.
Lak-then u wont be able to even have 2 tym fud which u r enjoying now.
Suji- u said its ur house but I wonde till wen,see now also its tym apologise and we will think.
Ap(emotionally)-beta realize the truth atleast now that no one can live alone.
Adarsh(shouting)-no never,it is better to be orphan than live with a family where the children r not treated equally.
Ap-beta I know we sumwhere unknowingly have hurted u a lot and see we r even guilty for it.
Adarsh-guilty??r u ??ok lets assume if I still forgive u and give u everything back then again it will start and now I cant tolerate this anymore.
Ap-beta don’t say lyk this(she falls on her knees)
Evry1 gets teary eyed seeing ap break down lyk this ,swaragsuji cum forward to get her up while adarsh signs pari to snatch the phone.pari rushes to swara and snatches the phone from swara,it was widin a fraction of second that nobody knew wat to react.then they realized wat happened and rushed tp pari to snatch the phone.
Pari-u wont be able to do anything,I will delete the videos (and she runs ,evry1 r behing her running lyk mad while sanky was enjoying all dis standing at a corner luking at the fish market that they created)
Dp was silent ,but he was happy from inside that now he will get his property back ,his dignity back but now his dream shattered wen pari announced she deleted the video.his face was one of lyk wen a bone is snatched from a dog,really disappointed.
Every female of the house was luking no less than a witch wid messed up hair ,their sarees drapped in water which pari threw at them and their make up it was all washed away.they were moaning in pain holding their backs crying cramp.
Swara luked at sanky and asked him loudly y was he smiling??
Sanky-u need not have done this.i actually have a copy submitted in police station to be on safer side.

Evry1 was shocked cum surprised cum happy cum sad.they did all this running marathon and wat they got nothing.
San-so bhai I think I shud file case in court only,then only u have a chance of redemption.
Adarsh-where will u get lawyer from.???money??u have it??no!!!
Lak-bhai don’t worry about it ,we have everything in place.
Adarsh luked a little worried now and then he was pushed by laksh suddenly.he was lying on floor wid lak besides him and saw that the chandelier has dropped.he luked at laksh emotionally while laksh was helped by ragsan ,dp and rp forwarded their hand to adarsh which he had to take.
Laksh was wincing in pain due to a piece of glass in his hand sitting besides was rags who was having tears in her eyes and bandaging him.pari was luking at adarsh teary eyed thinking of wat wud have happened??.Now realization dawned upon them that whatever they did but it was their family and will be always.
Dp-I think he’s not ready to listen anything so jst lets leave.
Suji-but bhaisa(he shows his hand and she quiets)
Adarsh-wait…………how cud u go lyk this…………..papa u cant leave lyk this………..pls I m sorry ,I have realized my mistakes pls…………………….i am guilty for my deeds……………………I was jst insecure………….i m sorry (and he breks down)
Dp cumes ti him and they luk at eo and adarsh hugs him mumbling I m sorry.evry1 was having happy tears in their eyes .
The family shifted again to mm nad adarsh returned the papers back to dp but dp decided to divide the property in =parts among evry son.but adasanlak retaliated so evry1 was happy to see all the family together.
2day was dere holiday so ladies were cuking in kitchen while sanlak were in garden discussing sumthing.
San-at last evrything’s fyn now!!!(happily)
Laksh-yes but swara and ragin iasked us where did we got money from???shud we tell dem??
Sanky-wait for sum tym,we will surely tell them.
Laksh-ok,I hope now no problem cumes on our family.
Jst den his phone rings ,he picks it up and is shocked to know the info.he browses the net and sees a video.
Sanlak-OH SHIT!!!
Swarag came running to the garden while sanlak turn around to see their angry young women which lets their hearts skip a beat and they say luking at eo-we r finished.
Swarag reached to dem and luk at them angrily.sanlak make such innocent faces that dey don’t know anything.
Swara(angrily)-don’t u dare make that faces!!!!
Ragini-this tym u crossed all ur limits!!!!
Laksh(stammering)-wat…………wat …….r u saying?
Sanky(gulping)-yes wat we did???
Swara show them a video in which 2 boys are riding a sports car in full speed and it is at many tyms about to get off track or hitted,moreover the road on which they were driving was dangerous right near hill side from which any1 can fall.the audience is hooting in joy,whistling and wen race finishes the boys take out their helmets and r revealed to b sanlak wid beads of sweat over their face and a satisfied smile.the host announces-the winner of daredevils 2016 is lucky and sanky(dese name only).they receive cash prize of 4 lakhs and r really happy.
Swara-r they sum1 else???
Rag-laksh how cud u do this if sumthing wud have happened to u,then???(teary eyed)
Laksh-ragini nothing happened na,so wats the big deal.
Sanky-see at that situation we cudnt think of any other way so did this ,moreover we r doing it from our college tyms so we have practice of it.
Swara(teary eyed)-wat if sanskar ur experience wud have deceived u??didnt u even thought even once about me???
Sanky(cupping her face)-chill swara ,nothing happened we r all right!!!u r always in my mind and heart and doing this too I felt to tell u but thought that it will disturb u more.
Laksh(wiping rags tears)-we didn’t wanted to create more problems and if family wud have known they wud have got worried so we didn’t told u .
San-tell u did we do anything wrong.????
Rag-ok ,but u have to promise us(luking towards swara)dat u wont take such step again before telling us.
Sanlak kept their hands on swaragini’s hand and uttered-promise.
Swaragini smiled through their tears and sanlak pull them into a hug.
Swaragini have their hands joined while hugging sanlak and the 2 boys were winking at eo smilingly.

************************the end*****************************
So guys done wid my piece of imagination which I think was quiete dramatic,logical,illogical and fast forward at the same tym but I hope u liked the story and I didn’t bored u all.thanks for taking ur precious tym and reading it.
Thanks for reading.

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