Sab Tera- Tashan e Ishq Three Shots (Part 3)


Hi. This is part 2 of my Sab tera Tashan-e-Ishq three shots and this is really my ff this time. Sorry for the inconvenience caused that day, I think the publishers accidentally published a wrong ff that time. Anyways enjoy my Sab tera Tashan-e-Ishq three shots part 2. And thanks for all your lovely comments.

A lady is shown. She is just like the typical housewife who does everything for her family and busy in taking care of her family. But there is a difference here, she is doesn’t have the happiness which other housewives get from their family. She seems happy but she is not, as if something very close got to detached to her. She is none other than Twinkle.
“Mom!” Two little kids call Twinkle out, Twinkle is the mother of a twin now.
Twinkle fakes her smiles and goes to her children so that they don’t get worried and to keep them happy. The name of her two children are Ananya and Abhi.
Twinkle runs and hugs her two kids and found condolence in that.
Just then the kids smiles as they look behind,
“Dad!” The two kids runs to their dad, and Twinkle looks.
He is none other than Yuvraj. Abhi give a punch to Yuvi’s hand and Ananya gives a hi-5 to Yuvi. And smiles.
Yuvi smiles and hugs them, and looks at Twinkle. He knows very well and can clearly see the pain in Twinkle’s face. He is not showing it but from heart Yuvi is feeling very much guilty as if it was him not Kunj who hurt Twinkle. He knew he was the perfect dad but not the perfect husband.
Twinkle leaves as she knows there is nothing she can do about this and Yuvi looks in his understands Twinkle’s situation. He knew he had to face this one day. Twinkle gets into flashback.

5 years ago
It was raining heavily, and in this beautiful weather and weather of love there seemed to be a soul who lost her love which was none other than obviously Twinkle. Twinkle is crying her soul out and her tears are dropping like shattered pieces of heart which is hidden by the drops of rain. Her heart was totally shattered and she knew that nothing could fix it back. Just then a flashlight flashes into her eyes, which was her ray of hope, not really. And then came out Yuvraj totally different from what he is today.
” Congratulations. Now Sab tera. Do whatever you want to do.” Twinkle says it angrily to Yuvi.
This sentence strikes Yuvi’s both mind and heart at the same time. He was not feeling and because Twinkle spoke rudely to him, but because he knew he was responsible for Twinkle’s state. From that moment onwards from his inside, he began to curse himself. Twinkel gets out of the flashback.
Yuvi is sad thinking about this. He felt like a criminal who did theft but feeling as if he did a murder. He was too guilty. He didn’t know what to do. Nothing could console his heart. His invisible tears was the one which said it all.
Later Abhi and Ananya who was the solution to this problem comes to Yuvi. They were like the super glue who could fix anything but could never bring the real shape back. They were the only one who was always there to make Twinkle and Yuvi feel better.
” I want to go somewhere” Abhi said who was very stubborn.
“Where do you want to go?” Yuvi asked him.
“Let’s go to the beach.” Ananya who was the calm and smart one replied.
Twinkle and Yuvi were refusing but Abhi and Ananya’s childishness went ahead of their will and finally they agree to go to the beach.

Later, at the beach,

Ananya, Abhi, Twinkle and Yuvi reaches at the beach. The beach was still the same, but was in low brightness mood however Abhi and Ananya were in full energy and are enjoying themselves, twinkle and Yuvi as usual didn’t speak to each other much and minded their own business. While walking Twinkle colldies with a guy. But this encounter gave her the shock of her life, It was none other than her Kunj, her love. Twinkle didn’t know what to do. On one hand was Kunj, and on other hand was her children. She was in her own world asking questions. Kunj as the moment he saw as if he came back from comma. His excitement knew no boundaries. They both look at each other with a glance, question drills were in their mind but in their heart there was only thing going on Sab tera. All yours.
Just then Ananya and Abhi rushes to Twinkle and hugs her.
“Mom!” Both Ananya and Abhi said happily and hugs her.
Kunj gets stunned, and Twinkle looks at Kunj angrily. Kunj knew that it was something which was totally unexpected for him, but what was it was questioning Kunj over and over again. Of course, Kunj wasn’t fully convinced with what he saw. He felt as his eyesight was deceiving him. He prefered to be confused in between dreams and reality. He sees the kids going to Yuvi and hugging him. He couldn’t tolerate it anymore.
How will Kunj react seeing Twinkle not really but specifically moved on in her life? What will he do now?

I will publish next part this sat or sun or latest Monday. I will inform once I submit the article. And its a must must read as part 3 will have the biggest twist, I hope you all love it. And I am sure after you read part 3 you will love it more hopefully.
And please do comment and feel free to express your opinion. Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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