Sab Tera- Tashan e Ishq Three Shots (Part 1)


Hi. I m back with a three shots of Tashan e Ishq. I am writing this three shots not as a Twinj or Twiraj fan but as a Tashan e Ishq fan. The first part is the shortest, but the next two parts will be much longer I promise.

Shores of water is being ringed into his ears. It seems that his eyes looking over the shores of water was actually looking for something. His grief could be clearly seen in his eyes. It seems that he was very guilty of something and was hiding it closely to his heart for a long time, but at the same time he also had a sign of relief. It seems that he was happy, but he was not at all happy. His eyes was the one which said that, he was really longing for something. The only thing he could do was just to regret and this guy was none other than Kunj Sarna.
” I never expected I will ever come through this situation. Oh god, what kind of situation is this! Why did you do like this with me? Why?”

This aroses in Kunj’s mind. And he gets into a flashback.
A girl is shown adorning herself in the mirror. Her earrings are sparkling just like the smile present in her smile. Her eyes is shown.
Just then Kunj comes in the room,
“Twinkle!” Kunj says in an instant as he opens the door.
Yes, the girl is none other than Twinkle and along with her smile being broader, her heart also starts beating faster.
“Kunj!” Twinkle said it with a very low tone which was totally contradictory to what she was really feeling. This was because Twinkle was very nervous.
Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj, but in anger Kunj sepeartes Twinkle and pushes her. Twinkle falls down.

“Stop it Twinkle!” Kunj says this burning in anger and Twinkle is super shocked.
Twinkle’s smoke changes into a frown shape and she is stunned.
“But Kunj, what’s the matter?” Twinkle says as her heartbeat of happiness becomes her heartbeat of nervousness.
“Just get lost!” Kunj says this angrily and holds Twinkle’s hand tightly which frightens her.

What happened two years ago which has made Kunj so furious on Twinkle?

If I get good response, I will continue with this three shot, and when should I update next part Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday?

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. Its good….in fact loved it….pls update the next part on friday…plz

    1. Thanks manasa for commenting , yes I m thinking to update on Friday, as tomoorrow my schedule is quite tight

  2. Heyyy just plz upload soon im anxious to know what will happen ir what had happened if possible so upload now plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ??? pleeeeeassse good job?????

    1. That you will get to know in the second part or maybe even the third part 🙂

  3. Wow random fan
    It’s superb and upload the next episode soon

    1. Sanam re thanks for commenting in my ff re

  4. Nice beginning… I guess there is a big suspence… N y on Friday n so on plzz try to upload before…

    1. If I will update I will update on Fri as tomorrow my schedule is quite tight

  5. Just loved the intro plzzz do continue will be surely waiting 4 d nxt part ?

    1. And yeah 4 d nxt part plzz update it as fast as u can ie. Friday or if u could do it more fat den it would be much better

    2. If I will update I will update on Friday thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Plzz continue…It’s nice..

    1. If I will continue I will publish the second part on Friday

  7. ohhh Jo u r awesm as usual…..waitng eagerly fr the nxt prt….plz upld asap..

    1. Thanks utu for commenting If I update I will update the next part on Friday 🙂

  8. Correction :
    It is smile not smoke turned into a frown
    it is five years ago not two years ago

  9. awesome strt yr …… pls update d nxt one asap ……

    1. I will most likely update the next part on Friday as tomorrow my schedule is quite tight 🙂

  10. Really good…..pls post on Friday…..continue this as ff….its really too good?????

    1. Hey rashi thanks for commenting I will update it on Friday most likely this is a three shot happy u loved it sorry can’t continue it as ff as I m alredy working on two ff and due to lessons m free in weekend only , this was first week of lessons that why was possible for me to write a 3 shots

  11. Verrrrry nic
    Plz post d next epi as earlier as posssible

    1. Hey mannat I will update the next part on Friday 🙂

  12. It’s really a good start please continue I love it vry mch and lm also curious to know what really happened with those two

    1. Ur questions will b answered on Friday and I will continue 🙂

  13. nice…very eager to reaad ur next part!!

    1. Hey harna next part will be updated on Friday 🙂

  14. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing…outstanding….lovely episode…cant wait for it post on friday itself….

    1. Yes sure I will post the next part on Friday 🙂

  15. Wooooow it was really osmmmmmmmm do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. Yes I will update the next part on Friday 🙂

  16. Awesome Friday pls wonderful

    1. Thanks for commenting Sam yes I will publish on Friday 🙂

  17. woooooooooowwww….so nice…..

    1. Thanks for commenting Gopika 🙂

  18. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee……………… so niceeeee………………..

    1. Hey mitali thanks for commenting 🙂

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