Sab Tera- Tashan e Ishq Three Shots (last part)


Hi. I am back with the last part of Sab Tera Three shots. I was overwhelmed by the response u got in the first part but equally disappointed by the response I got in the second part. I hope I get lots of lots of comments in this part. Anyways, without much delay I would love to start the final part.

Kunj and Twinkle are lost at each other’s sight and they share an eyelock.
“Why didnt you trust me at all, Kunj?” Twinkle’s eye was conveying it which showed that this had hurt her a lot and probably nothing was there to help her overcome it. She wanted an explanation from him.
“Twinkle, I am so sorry but did you really move on in your life.” Kunj really wanted to ask Twinkle so but he didn’t have the guts to do so.
They both had this and so many other things arising in their mind, they wanted to ask each other all those, all the questions they had in their mind for the last five years. But they wanted the other one to begin asking questions first, they both were silent and were still by just looking at each other. Someone really needed to speak up the first to break the silence. Finally the one to break silence was not Kunj, was not Twinkle but was Yuvraj.
“Twinkle?” Yuvi comes to Twinkle,
And he also looks at Kunj and is shocked. He knew that Kunj was the love of his wife. He was shocked and surprised which was totally conveyed by his eyes. Was it because he was afraid that hey may lose Twinkle to Kunj despite marrying her as they truly love each other? No that was not the case. Infact, Yuvi was happy that two lovers met each other after several years. He was disappointed that he couldn’t find Kunj in all these years and finally that Kunj was infront of him after several years, his happiness knew no boundaries. He was feeling so relieved, and he knew that only he could be the only one who can clean up the mess he himself made so that two lovers unite, which was separated because of him five years ago.
Twinkle looks at Kunj, but she didnt have the guts to ask him why he deceived her or didn’t trust her. More than confused she was disappointed and hurt with that fact, and she was afraid to get into this mess again. She knew that in pretext of getting her love back she may lose a lot of things, her family. She preferred to stay satisfied with a simple life rather than a complicated life. She didn’t want questions raised on her trust again.
“Finally you are here, baby.” Twinkle pretends as she knew that this is the only thing that could make her move away from this situation.
Kunj’s heart started beating even faster, he still couldnt believe it despite seeing it with his own eyes, he was totally shattered from pieces to smaller pieces seeing this, he wanted to break down but he knew he had to stay strong.

Twinkle takes Yuvi’s hand and takes him away. She does this purposely to show that she was happy and have moved on with her life with Yuvi and her kids.
“No, I can’t let this happen. Yuvraj Luthra you can’t let this happens.” Yuvi thinks in mind as he knew he can’t let this happen. He was waiting for this moment since a long time, he wanted Kunj and Twinkle to meet each other unite them and ask them for apology. He could clearly seen his patience going vain. He knew that this time he had to do something, and finally he did,
” Stop it, Twinkle. Stop this drama right now. I can’t tolerate this anymore.” Yuvi leaves Twinkle’s hand and says this loudly and pushes Twinkle,
And yes Kunj was there to hold Twinkle and Twinkle looked at Kunj. Once again Twinkle could see the concern Kunj had for her once around six years ago and lovingly looks at him and stares at him. Kunj also could see the love and this time he was confirmed that Twinkle still loved him, and always waited for him and is not ready to show or accept it. This scene once again recreated the visible love Twinkle and Kunj had for each other. Yuvi sees this and smiles as he totally knew what was going on in both Twinkle and Kunj’s mind and heart as if he had done a degree in that,

Twinkle and Kunj were leading a happy married and love life which almost everyone in this world wished for and they were always each other’s support system. Like a perfect and genuine couple they both hold hands and overcome each and every challenge of life. But in this world, it is impossible to bring up 100% pass in all test whether they pass it individually or together. Twinkle and Kunj was one couple which seemed to have that 100% pass, but they couldn’t pass one test, and that was set as usual by the biggest villain of their life, Yuvraj Luthra.
Twinkle and Yuvi were girlfriend and boyfriend. But Yuvi did so to ditch Twinkle and make his mom the enemy of Twinkle’s mom happy. It seemed that Twinkle’s life will be destroyed, but her hero Kunj didn’t let this happen who made an entry. Kunj and Twinkle had tashan in their life there was no traces of Ishq. But as destiny’s plan they got married and tashan continued. It seemed that it was impossible for this wedding to have place for Ishq, But gradually Ishq also developed between them.
Everytime Kunj was there for Twinkle be it to save her from Yuvi’s kidnapping, or destroying Twinkle sister Mahi’s life.

After overcomkng all these problems, one fine day Twinkle and Kunj confess love to each other which they have for each other.
“Twinkle,I love you. Sab Tera.” Kunj forwards his hand so that Twinkle can hug him and reply back in the same manner which will lead to their love confession.
Twinkle do run to Kunj and hugged him very tightly with tears in her eyes which conveyed that finally true love won.
” Sab Tera, Kunj. I love you too.” Twinkle hugs back Kunj and they never wanted this moment to end,
Slowly they shared some cosy moments and gets initimate.
Twinkle and Kunj continued enjoying their love life, until one day they both go to the hospital and there their lives changed forever.

After few weeks,
Both Twinkle and Kunj does some blood test and they both get their reports.
Twinkle was happy as her report mentioned that she was pregnant and she wanted to tell this Kunj and show him. But as she looked at Kunj, she finds Kunj’s happy and calm face missing and she knew something was very wrong.
“What happened Kunj?” Twinkle asked Kunj as she expected an answer from him. She was getting afraid,
Kunj was silent and he just shows Twinkle his reports which mentioned that Kunj suffered from some disease and he was need of blood, but his blood group was quite rare.
Twinkle got very sad as she wanted to share the good news, but her husband’s life was in danger, and she couldnt bear to see her husband in pain.
She was walking on the streets thinking about it, and she was getting more depressed. Just then Yuvi comes to her and gives her a solution. That brought a smile on Twinkle’s face but what Yuvi wanted on return stunned her completely.
Twinkle comes back to the hospital and rememebrs how she got Yuvi as Kunj’s blood donor but Yuvi wanted her back in his life in return. Twinkle looks at Kunj’s sad face and she knew she had to do so for her husband. She was quite confused and she didn’t want to do so, but she thought.
” I know my Kunj will understand he can’t do like this, he will save me from this marriage.” Twinkle calmed herself down and decided to accept Yuvi’s offer.
The day, in Kunj’s room
Finally Kunj was totally alright, but he got to know about Yuvi and Twinkle’s marriage. He thought it was Yuvi’s plan but due to circumstances he misunderstood the situation that Twinkle event back to Yuvi as she didn’t want to lead a complicated life with Kunj due to his health issues,
Kunj didn’t know that his love would be this weak, and this totally broke his heart and circumstances made him believe so.
(Same as part 1)
Kunj was so angry that he wasn’t ready to listen to Twinkle a lot, as he couldn’t bear it anymore and he throws Twinkle out of the house as he wanted to prove that love can never weaken him, but it did weaken his heart.
“How dare you treat Twinkle like this?” Kunj looks at Yuvi as he couldn’t tolerate to see Twinkle in pain as he knew that he have already given too much pain to Twinkle.
He was so frustrated, more than Yuvi he was frustrated with himself and in anger which got out of his control, he was about to hit Yuvi,
“Don’t you dare hit him.” Twinkle says as she guards Yuvraj and Yuvraj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj sees this and leaves from there,
Twinkle has still not yet forgiven Yuvi for his misdeeds and Kunj too but Yuvi was there for her in the most difficult phase of her life. She protected him not because she loved him, it was as a wife and also as a small return gift for what Yuvi did for her,
Yuvi didnt know what was going on, he was happy that Twinkle protected him, but he couldn’t see the dispute between Twinkle and Kunj.
” This is all because of me. ” Yuvi shouted to bring Twinke and Kunj’s attention on him which will actually help Twinkle and Kunj’s life.
Twinkle and Kunj’s attention did went to Yuvi as he loud voice did attract them like a magnet.
“Kunj you don’t even know the truth at all” Yuvi says,
Twinkle looks at Yuvi as she knew what he was going to do. But she didn’t know what to do.
“And Twinkle don’t look at me, you also know the half truth.” Yuvi says.
This brought utter shock to Twinkle. She thought she knew the entire truth for sure, but she didn’t know there was also other half. She was totally stunned and the only thing she could do was to stare at Yuvi just like Kunj.

On the road,
Twinkle was crying none stop and she couldn’t believe that everything went wrong. She did this as she knew like as usual her Kunj will be there to save her. She didn’t know where to go as she was pregnant also, just then Yuvi comes she did shoo him back, but Twinkle was so sad that she faints. Yuvi saves her and brings her to the hospital and gets to know about her pregnancy, he knew he was behind this mess. He went to Kunj’s house but Kunj went away from the city, he tried to find him but he couldnt.
He remebers how he made the fake report (Kunj was totally fine) as his master plan as usual, this time the difference was it seems that Twinkle and Kunj’s love failed, but no this time Yuvi failed and he finally realized that Twinkle and Kunj truely loved each other.
Kunj bends down and asks for forgiveness from Twinlle but Twinkle doesn’t listens to him as he thought his trust will not let their love fail.
“Give me a second chance.” Kunj continues pleading but Twinkle doesn’t agrees and Kunj knew he deserved it. He leaves from there,
Twinkle have tears on her eyes.
“All these years I thought was wrong, I was very guilty. But I was not wrong, I was right. Kunj and you never loved each other at all.” Yuvi says it angrily.
Twinkle admits she still loved Kunj but she will never forget what he did.
“Give him a second chance, please.” Yuvi says to Twinkle,
Twinkle rushes to the airport to stop Kunj she runs and runs. But she was too late. Kunj left the place forever. Twinkle bend down and cried a lot. But her Kunj never returned. She always regretted that why she never gave her a second chance,
Years passed by and she continued waiting for Kunj, she knew her Kunj will he there one day for her, she never gave up. One day after many years, she finds Kunj she hugs him and Kunj hug her back too, she apologizes to him none stop and their children sees this and smiles.
The end

Message: Everyone in this world deserves a second chance , no one is perfect. Never be too engrossed in your ego, because you may end up losing something precious, and most importantly always believe in your trust.
This is my short story. I really wanted to share this story, I don’t want any misunderstandings between Twinj and someone told me that whatever happens in fan fiction never happens in real serial, so I hope Twinj won’t be seperated. And this is just a fan fiction.

I write two ff and I publish it on Sundays,
And read my ff The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story that will be comedy no questions for sadness(TPK, TEI, YVR, BHRK)
And read my other ff One more chance, once again that will be romance and suspense based.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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