Sab Tera – One Shot

Hello People.I hope this will make it up for not able to post unknown destination.I am so sorry but i want to take time and think how to write and take the story further not just for writing write.I am very passionate about writing soo… Forgive me please will soon post the next part.Till then enjoy this <3

"She'll not be able to walk ever in her life.."

The doctor's words reverberated in her ears, as her eyes become watery, yet again.

Everything was perfect just a while ago, then all of a sudden, an accident cruelly destroyed her dreams.

The dreams she had seen with her sister, Ragini, seemed to crash right before her eyes.

The dreams of walking miles with her future husband; the dreams of dropping her kids to school every morning, running all around the house to search for their stuff… nothing would happen, ever.

"Di are you ready?" her sister's voice put a halt to her depressing thoughts and she quickly wiped her tears and picked up the eye liner from the dressing table.

"Ragini, I don't want to meet them.. I can't bear papa's pain anymore now," she softly whimpered, trying hard to not to cry and spoil her freshly done makeup.

"Be positive, Di. These people are from a good family.. I'm sure they'll understand.." Ragini took her sister's face in her palms and rubbed the corners of her eyes to wipe out the tears.

He fixed a gray tie around his neck and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

He had finally agreed to get married, making his Mom shed tears of happiness every day
The whole Maheshwari family were in search of a sundar-susheel bahu for their smallest son , and were trying their every bit to find a suitable girl.

"OMG Laksh. you look really handsome!" Priya cupped her brother's cheek and wiped a speck of kohl from her eyes and pressed the finger behind his ear.

"Di, I have this dress code daily since last three years! What's new?"

He chuckled at the overemotional behaviour of his sister and walked to the dining table.

Excited shadowed the whole family.

They all were going to see a girl for their smallest son

Some distant relative of theirs had suggested the girl's name; so without wasting a bit of time, they were ready to meet the girl, for whom they heard nothing but words of praise.


The doorbell to the Gaodia House rang and Shekhar Gaodia opened the door, holding a soft smile on his lips.

"Namaste" he greeted everyone along with his wife, Sharmishta , and made them get seated in their small living room.

"He's our small one " Priya started but stopped midway as she felt his angry gaze on her; clearing her throat a bit, she continued, "I mean our Laksh."

Laksh smiled and folded his hands in a gesture of respect, receiving a similar response from the other side.

After talking to Laksh about some general things and feeling satisfied, Sharmishta told Ragini to bring her sister in the living room from her bedroom. Shekar's eyes lowered and he let out a troubled sigh, closing his eyes for a second to compose himself.

An inaudible gasp escaped Laksh's lips as he saw Ragini pushing a wheelchair out towards the room in which they were seated, on which a girl sat. A peach colored anarkali complimented her fair skin and her black silky hair swayed as the wheelchair was pushed further.

Shekhar and Sharmishta saw Priya and Anapurna share a tensed look, and Anapurna pressed Sujatha hand to shut her up, even before she could speak something.

"She is our Swata," Shekhar's voice softened, and his eyes again lowered.

"How did this happen?" Anapurna asked looking in direction of Shekhar, then Sharmishta and then Swara

"Ji woh…" Shekhar started and glanced at Swara

"Papa," Swara nodded her head slightly, signalling her father to not to feel weak because of her.

She cleared her throat and looked at Laksh once, before speaking, "I met with an accident three months ago. The doctors said that both my legs had multiple fractures, and I would never be able to walk again.. ever."

Laksh could feel the pain in her voice, and felt sorry.

Swara looked at her parents, who had their heads bowed down, and felt pain seeping inside her, again.

This was the third family that had come to see her for marriage, and she had already been rejected two times, harshly. Her father had started to worry about her and she felt guilty, since her little sister too was on the list.

After a minute of awkward silence, Laksh stood up, making Shekhar close his eyes is despair, anticipating a clear rejection, while Swara couldn't hold back her tears.

"Can I talk to her in person?" His request shocked the whole of the Gaodia family, and he just smiled a bit.

Ragini nodded her head at Sharmishta's signal, and held Swara's wheelchair to take her to the room, only to be stopped by Laksh

He moved forward and gently pushed the wheelchair to the adjacent room.


"Swara" his husky voice shuddered her, as he closed the door slightly behind him and walked in front of her.

"Why are you crying?" He knelt down in front of her and placed his hands over her knees.

"If you are doing this out of sympathy, then please…" she tried to control her low sobs, but couldn't.

"No. I'm not doing this out of sympathy. I sympathise with those people who are weak and can't do anything on their own; but you are not weak. You are strong enough to manage your life on your own," he spoke in a soft tone, feeling her sobs lower down.

"They called me names. They taunted my parents that I've become a burden on them for the rest of their lives, because no family will want to have their bahu as a girl who can't walk.." She choked on the last words, bursting into tears yet again.

"The families who rejected you are those who care about what people say, rather than caring about the etiquette's of the girl coming to adorn their family" he said in a softer voice, looking intensely in her eyes, "and I think this doesn't even matter to me, or my family. Even my Di limps, people still say bad things about her, but who cares. People will say b*llshit, but you will hear them if you give your ears to them!"

Her eyes dug into his, and she swallowed back her tears, not wanting to cry more. It seemed her Durga Maa had finally blessed her and her family, with an amount of happiness, which couldn't be thanked enough for.

"I want to share your life," he smiled softly, making her smile hard through her teary eyes, "Will you marry me?"

Her insides screamed with happiness.

She just nodded her head in a 'yes' and felt him wipe off her tears and speak, "To me, you're perfect!" and he placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.

And at that very moment, she realised that her Prince Charming existed and she was his princess.

The Maheshwari’s and the Gaodia’s sat discussing more about Swara, when they saw Laksh and Swara come back to the living room. Laksh held a stern smile while Swara still tried to gather all the happiness showered by the heavens.

"Laksh , Anapurna stood up, looking at Laksh with expecting eyes.

"Di, it's a yes. I am ready to make Swara my wife," he spoke, looking at each of the member present there, finally setting his gaze over Swara

It took a minute for Shekhar, Sharmishta and Ragini to register what Laksh just said and they too stood up on their respective seats.

"Laksh beta?" Shekhar tried to be sure of Laksh's decision, he being unsure that this was happening for real.

"Yes, uncle. I really like Swara and would love to have her in my life, as my second-half!" Laksh answered with more zest, touching Swara's shoulders.

Sharmishta and Shekhar looked at each other and Ragini stepped forward and hugged Swara , all four of them shedding tears of extreme happiness.

"We too like Swara very much" Anapurna spoke up, moving ahead and touching Swara’s head lovingly.

Anapurna, gestured Sujatha who took out a dupatta from a bag which they brought, and handed it over to Dadi.

Dadi opened the dupatta and swayed it over Swara 's head and placed a jewellery set along with some money in Swara's lap, accepting her as their bahu.

The marriage date was fixed exactly three weeks later, and both the families were equally excited.

Dadi was busy in getting their khandaani jewelery cleaned for Swara, Sujatha was busy in preparing the guests' list, Shekhar and Sharmishta were busy in looking after all the things needed for their dear daughter's wedding .

Laksh and Swara, they were busy in knowing each other, talking over phone during the whole nights and sleep at wee hours in the morning.

The day of their marriage had set off a whole new kind of adoration amongst the Maheshwari’s and Gaodia’s for the couple when Laksh carried Swara in his arms to take rounds around the holy fire.

They both were in love: a kind of love that was not hidden from anyone.

"Laksh, at least put me down now" Swaralaughed, clutching his sherwani's collar

He had been carrying her since the time they had entered the Maheshwari Mansion after their marriage ceremony.

"I will not, never till I'm alive" he softly spoke, bringing his lips close to her lips.

"Don't speak about bad things at such beautiful moments, please!" She looked at him reproachfully, tightening her hold against his neck.

"Sorry" he smiled cutely, putting her down on the bed and capturing her lips the very next second.

"Laksh, thank you" she mumbled against his lips, smiling.

"For what?"

"For everything. For being there.." She closed her eyes, her voice choking up with overwhelmed feeling and a tear rolled down her temple.

"I promised Papa that I will not let a tear escape your eye..

I don't want to break my promise this soon, yaar!" He again smiled, wiping off her tears and she embraced him in a bone-crushing hug.

"You're perfect for me, Swara!" He spoke and pressed his lips over hers.

"She can't walk?!"

"There must had been some reason that they married their son to a girl who can't even walk!"

The gossips continued amongst the ladies on the mooh-dikhayi rasam, when they saw Sujatha pushing out Swara's wheelchair out of her room.

Swara's face was covered with the end of her saree, as the ladies were supposed to gift her something when they see her face.

Swara did feel bad after hearing bad things about her and her family, but she remained neutral, fishing strength in Laksh's words which he said when they met for the first time.

"Please come and bless our daughter-in-law for a blissful married life ahead," Anapurna smiled, completely ignoring the gossip-talks.

Some of them blessed Swara's happily, finding her really beautiful, while some just gave in to the blessing job for the sake of their own so-called reputation.

A year passed since their marriage and today, their was a kind of commotion in the Maheshwari Mansion. A doctor was in Swara's and Laksh's room, along with all the members of the family, except for Laksh
"Take care" the doctor patted Swara's shoulder and made an exit after examining her.

"Swara?" Laksh entered the room after sometime, panting, looking out for his wife amongst his family members.

Everyone looked at him and exchanged tensed looks, before leaving the room.

"What's wrong with you?" Laksh asked her after closing the door, walking close to her. He held her by her shoulders and asked again, "Why did you tried to stand up on your own? Kuch ho jata toh..?"

"Sorry" she bowed down in apology and a tear escaped her eye, "I want to walk, Laksh like everyone.. I'm tired of being like this."

He couldn't reply her back.

He just nodded and got up to change his clothes, leaving her yearning to hear a positive response from his side.

When he came out of the washroom, she was laid in the same position, her eyes looking at her feet continuously, making him feel bad.

"We'll go to a doctor tomorrow morning, fine?" He said and her face immediately lit up with a bright smile.

"I told you that I can walk. See?" She excitedly said while they both sat in the car, after meeting the doctor who gave them a green signal to give a try to walking part as the fractures were healing gradually and some practice would help them.

"When did I say that you can't walk, haan?"

"You didn't say, but you meant that only.."

"Come on yaar, now stop it" he gave up the argument, rolling his eyes and smiling.

"Okay" she smiled coyly and looked out of the window, that grin never leaving her face.

"I think I'm going to fall" she screamed as soon as stood up straight from her wheelchair, in their garden, the next morning.

"Don't worry! I'm holding you. Just be calm and focus!" He told her in a serious tune, holding her by her waist, helping her to straighten her legs more.

She took a step with her right foot and again screamed, not able to build up the balance, "It's aching, Laksh!"

"Okay okay wait," he picked up and again placed her back on the wheelchair, rubbing her legs with the medicinal cream to ease out the pain. "They've been stiff from so long, Swara They will ache a bit initially.."

"Let's start again," she nodded and looked up at him, and he again helped her stand up.

The same thing went on for hours, each morning showing improvement in her ability to balance herself on her own. Their cumulative efforts gave fruits and Swara was soon on her feet again, being able to walk on her own. The results took time and energy to be completely effective, yet their inner strength never allowed them to give up.

Everyone was elated by seeing Swara on her feet without the support of anyone, but the amount of happiness and overwhelming feeling that Swara felt, was beyond description.

Every glance at Laksh, would bubble an extremely emotional feeling inside her and they both would together smile at the perfection of their love, which became perfect after looking above the imperfections


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