Saaya hi sahaara mera (Episode 1)

Hii friends I am new here. I had read many ffs and I am totally fed up with the real track ,so I thought to write one. Please support me.

I took her head on my lap. It was her last hours. Unknowingly tears are rolling out from my eyes. Shreya,my wife. I love her moreover I respect her. Yes I am loving her but don’t underestimate me. I am loving her coz she is my best friend, My wife but but she is not my soulmate. She is living in my sweet memories but not in my heart. Coz I gave my heart to someone but she threw it into the dustbin. Sanskar Maheshwari a heartless human being. Hmm my blo*dy ex is calling me murderer,slapped me in front of this whole world. How stupid I am then too I walked before her like a slum dog. She is believing that blo*dy Saahil and others as cheaters.
Might be she loved me but something was missing in our love story. I slowly started to thinking from Saahil’s side. Actually what was his fault. He just loved her. That love made him a Satan. Actually our bonding was not much stronger. This thought is also taught me by my better behalf. It was our recent anniversary. I came to our room with a gift wrap. Suddenly I heard some voice like slapping. Her Mom slapped her…..”Shreya you are Sanskar’s wife now, you are his children’s Mom and you are still loving that Sunny”………
Tear droplets fell from her both eyes . That words made me realise what is love…”Maa bhale hi Sanskar mujhe Mangalsutra pehnaya ho,meri mang pharaya ho par meri dill nahi maana hai Maa. My heart is still desiring for my Sunny
I am Sanskar’s wife but I am not his soulmate. I will manage to do my each and every responsibilities as a wife and a Mom. I will live with Sanskar but I can’t love him Maa

Mom: Itni saal sath raha phir bhi tumhe pyar nahi hua???
Shreya: Pyar hone ke liye saath hona zaroori nahi hai maa aur saath rahkar bhi pyar nahi ho sakta.

Suddenly my mother in law noticed me there. She walked outside with her horrible face. Shreya stared at me with a disdainful smile…. Mrs Maheshwari, I am saluting you. You are an ideal lady… I said. She hugged me with a smile…Happy anniversary….She muttered, I also reciprocate. We both are conveniently giving each other a licence for loving an another one. Dad is happy, Mom is very very happy her bahu is a Maarwari girl na. And she is blessed with 5 grandchildren. 3 belongs to me and 2 belongs to Uttara. Uttara’s family are living in our recent house. Shravan, one of my best friend and my brother in law now. Actually in 2 ways he is Uttara’s hubby and Shreya’s elder brother. The list is not over. My best friend Gautam is also living in this Bangalore. And you know his spouse’s name???. Don’t worry I will tell you. Kavita!!! Yes at last I fulfilled my atonement. We are happy now but a sorrow is remaining. Our family is not complete still now. Bp,Bm,Raglak,Parineeta bhabhi,Adarsh bhaiyya. We are missing them. Oh I forgot to tell you about our little army. Sanjana, Sanjay, Sanjeevani, Karan and Keerthi. I think you had got it now. The first three are my products and the remaining two belongs to Uttara and Shravan.

I slowly stood up from the bed and walked towards the window. I had seen a huge flex board……
“India’s got talent season 11″…….I remembered that slap and touched on my cheek….”Sanskar are you remembering Swara”……She asked, I nodded with an insensible smile. Mom came into our room with a plate of Idli and Sambar. She doesn’t aware of her disease…….”Chori eat it please. I made it for you but not much tastier than yours”……Ohh I forgot to tell you something she is not a pure Maarwari girl actually her Mom is a Tamil Brahmin.Shreya and Shravan’s father is my Mom’s brother. Our home no no this whole apartment had witnessed Saas- Bahu dramas daily.If Mom will make Rasmalai she will make Rasam. If she will make Payasam Mom will prepare malpua. Their prey was me. I struggled badly to remain a bridge between them. If it will turn dangerous Janu(Sanjana),Jay(Sanjay) and Jeeva(Sanjeevani) will call Kavita. She will come with some fried fish or butter chicken. It will lead to a big peace between Saas and Bahu. Both of them will begin to bash Kavita. After all both clans are hating non veg na???. Kavita will began to laugh. Finally all of us will join her. Undesirably Kavita will throw that food items 10000 meters far away from our house. She isn’t obsessive like before. I took a look at Shreya. She is rolling her ring which was she wearing in her 2nd finger. It was gifted by Sunny. I opened the drawer there was also a ring there,which was gifted by me to my blo*dy ex. You know very well, where I found out it from…omg I am going to my past memories. I am not a traumatic lover now. I lifted Shreya and walked towards my car. I drove it and stopped in front of a Church…..”Shri go, he will definitely confess his love. He is inside”….
She went inside. I felt too bored and I began to play temple run 2
She returned to me, I think approximately after 30 minutes. Shreya hugged me with a lot of pleasure. “Sanky he confessed,he confessed his love”……. I didn’t had seen her rejoice like this before. I just took a look at the entrance of that Church and had seen a shade for a while. We reached our apartment area. And we started walking to our grape farm. It was already midnight. We accessed into the winery. She painfully stared at the huge underground wine barrel…..”It will take 5 years na Sanky but me”…..She downcast her head. I tightened my grip and gave her a fake confidence……..”You will have the first drop this wine”………She smiled disdainfully.
She began to notice each and every things. Our home, her home, Kavita’s home…….Dad,Mom,Amma,Papa,Naani,Shravan,Uttara,Kavita,Gautam,Ryan(Kavita’s son),Kirti,Karan……….

And our Angels, how can I console them in her long absence. Janu,Jay,Jeeva……… I can’t give you your Mom.
Approximately it was 12:40 AM………
Our family members learned about her condition. Tessa had told them. She is our family doctor……..”All of you have to do this”…… Shreya commanded. I didn’t know that what was the matter. All of them approved her request. They promised her something. She started to kiss our 3 butterflies.
Each hour left us like winking. It was early morning 4: 16, Yes I am remembering that each every second. She began to weep……”Sanky I want to see tomorrow”……. I couldn’t see anything coz my eyes were already filled. I kissed on her forehead. My first and last kiss for my Shreya. The next second!!! Her heart stopped beating. I felt that something gonna vacant in our lives……….. I started to pat on her forehead……..

To be continued……..

I know many faults will be here but please forgive me

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  1. What it was? Whatever it was l liked it. I always feels more for third person in a luv story. And u proved that they are not wrong from their pov.
    The three children are of shreya and Sanskar.

  2. Frm tis story I understand u fed up of swara right….so u r tamilian…I’m raglak fan but read it …gud one yaar…one thing I didn’t understand tey didn’t love eachother but having three kids???wr swara went??

  3. Jwala

    hey don’t make swara negative. . and don’t show her in a bad light.. is it swasan?

  4. Unique..

  5. I agree with jwala di dr
    Plz don’t say that the sanskaar easily moved onin his life and married shreya and have 3 children
    Its awesome

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